What is Feng Shui - The origins of Feng Shui.

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    The origins of Feng Shui.

    Nature is not dead, lifeless structure, it is - a living, breathing organism. This chain of spiritual entities permeating all forms of existence so that one living body combines all located on the top - in heaven, and bottom - on Earth. All beings on Earth has its own prototype, its original cause, heavenly ruling force.

    If you are the creator of his own happiness, then follow the following precepts:
    - Sky controls the Earth.
    - And Heaven and Earth together affect all that exists and we can reverse this effect in the maximum benefit.

    It is on this understanding is based the whole system of Feng Shui.

    A happy combination of all celestial and terrestrial influences provide a happy life, health and prosperity of man. Thus, it is for humans and because it was created all this complicated system. Man and his body is an embodiment of all the laws of the universe. And studying space, we will eventually return to power of the man himself.

    Feng Shui - is not about luck, and not the system will and superstitions. Feng Shui - a system that confirmed the practice of feng shui masters, who have at their disposal a rich literature and practical tools. In China, Feng Shui - a traditional way of life. This art and science, is a living force that is present in the environment. This flow of the universe. And if you follow them, you can reach the three great benefits - health, happiness and prosperity.

    Today Feng Shui is becoming popular around the world. Today Feng Shui is known in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Chinese cities. He came to America and Europe. Feng Shui adds traditional geomancy deeper measurements and calculations, making the understanding of the relationship between people and organizations with their environment. But while most people find it strange that before buying a house or renovation of premises must pay for an expert Feng Shui.

    Currently, the increasingly visible manifestations of Feng Shui in their everyday lives. So, for example, in front of the house or on the windows from the outside you will notice a small mirror, framed trigrams, designed to ward off evil spirits (ba-gua mirrors, we'll talk about them later). Music and singing wind chimes are an indispensable attribute of many houses and public institutions. But not always enough mirrors or bells, to resist bad Feng Shui.

    May require structural changes, and sometimes reconfiguration of space. But more often, according to the principles of Feng Shui, the course of fate can be improved by a simple rearrangement of furniture, change the interior design and small structural adjustments in the home or office. Feng Shui can make a comprehensive analysis of geographical, meteorological, geological, environmental, ethical, aesthetic and even philosophical aspects in relation to the human being.

    By the provisions of the oldest art of Feng Shui, a person must not only live in a harmonious place, but after the death of resting adequately, for the benefit of their descendants. It is believed that this positive impact on family members living today. "To live in health and prosperity, we must have a well-buried ancestors, only then can we expect help from higher powers." A Feng Shui leaves no hope of "dark forces".

    We must not forget that the world is united, and cultural and putting things in order in one part of it, we are actually harmonizing it as a whole - and vice versa: a personal "pigsty" infests the whole universe. Live in harmony with nature. For thousands of years ago the Chinese communicate with the supernatural. Living with them in good terms, people keep our own happiness, wealth and health. In doing so, they helped to Feng Shui. The Chinese have found that life becomes more pleasant if you live in the house, the facade which faces south, while the back side is protected by a hill, taking the cold northerly winds themselves.

    Before such a house have to be a water source. Hills protect the house from the cold, harsh winds, which carry the energy of qi (later we will look at types of energy and their interaction). Slowly flowing water creates an abundance of qi, which contributes to the health and well-being. An ideal place for housing, where harmonious Qi is plentiful. Feng Shui is both a science and art. Feng Shui teaches us how to live in harmony with the surrounding world, to go in the flow of energy related, and not fight with them.

    For several thousand years in China, Feng Shui is used in the construction of houses for staff selection and placement of office furniture, etc. According to Feng Shui, luck, health and prosperity of the people largely depend on how rehabilitated his home and workplace. By creating a harmonious atmosphere in the house, a man consciously builds a power structure and this attracts the corresponding energy of the universe. Thus, the purpose of Feng Shui is to establish harmony in the environment, space flows of space and time - to improve the human destiny.

    Every day feng shui is becoming more popular in the West. Feng Shui - the most ancient practices of divination, of course works, which gives information about the person at the time of birth and predicting the future, about the past and present, analysis of the energy surrounding the person in a specific period of time, as well as the compatibility of different people and events. Technique Feng Shui helps to identify "good" place and you can select "favorable" time.

    One or another hour of the day, one time or another, the influence of nature and man, and, respectively, and the economy, culture and politics of entire countries and continents. Everything has its time, but the meaning of these words, we sometimes do not fully understand. Feng Shui is used widely: from the smallest of spaces - for example, the location of the bed or even a chair - to the extent of the city. His philosophical framework covering all the achievements of Chinese thought, from Taoism and Buddhism and ending with the traditional magic. It operates on many levels: the superstitious and the pragmatic, the sacred and profane, emotional and physical.

    The well-known Feng Shui in the modern world are no longer just the Chinese. Secret Doctrine, previously available only to a narrow range of masters becomes widely known, because it's time for it. The most famous masters of Feng Shui is Sarah Rossbach, Nensil Vidro, William Spear, Lillian Tu, Chao Hsiu Chen, Lam Kam Chuen, Yap Cheng Hai, Lin Yun, Raymond Lo. Ancient Chinese sages have argued that the meaning of human existence consists in the enjoyment of life, and as if we did not abuse her life, she is beautiful with all its shortcomings.

    So should not go looking for the meaning of life, and need to organize their lives to be happier as soon as possible. To do this, and there is the art of Feng Shui, which can bring happiness, abundance and satisfaction in our house, allowing you to live in harmony with itself and all that surrounds us. Feng Shui involves the doctrine of the cosmic energy flow, the location of buildings and landscaping of residential premises, methods of spatial orientation, astrology, numerology, psychology of color.

    To solve this problem at home and offices need to have a favorable in terms of feng shui field, in which case the environment will bring good luck, prosperity, abundance and appeasement in our lives. Feng Shui is also exploring the configuration items, defines the relationship of form and a prisoner in her values. So what is Feng Shui? The answer to this question is very difficult. Feng Shui in the modern sense, is a means of balancing the internal energy of man and his environment.

    Good Feng Shui determines the state of equilibrium between man and the energy of qi, or the five elements of nature: Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Earth (a little later we shall deal with these five elements and their interaction). The word Feng Shui - are two Chinese characters, which is called Wind and Water. The winds are taken from the Sky, Waters pressed her to Earth. Wind - is the energy flows of the sky, and water flows in the space of the Earth, changing the topography and obtachivaya big mountains. From the strength and direction of wind, as well as on the width and depth of the water flow may depend on the joys and sorrows, happiness and misery of man.

    Feng Shui is a system for measuring the flow of energy in time. Wind and Water - original forces that shape the landscape and the hidden influence on the destiny of man. They have different effects on each point of space, change the flow of qi and the harmony of Yin and Yang. Wind and water together constitute the force of flowing natural elements and the effect they produce on the landscape of the earth. This doctrine recognizes that the Earth's surface modeled by water and wind, and argues that we must live in harmony with the winds and waters of the Earth, if we want to see these energies, we have worked for good.

    Feng Shui is known in China, at least since the Tang Dynasty, ie, about 5000 years. The oldest master of this art, Yan Yuen Tsang, commonly known as the founder of Feng Shui. He is survived by his writings, which survived until our days. Master Yan Yuen Tsang was the principal adviser to the court of Emperor Hui Collet (888 gg. BC. E.). His books have become basic texts on which entire generations of his followers later formalized system of knowledge.

    Master Yang stressed the importance of the forms of mountains, the direction of water flows and, above all, the location and understanding the influence of the Dragon - the most revered heavenly creation in China (more about dragons, you can learn from the section "Celestial animals"). Theory Master Yang was detailed in three well-known classical works, which describe the teachings of Feng Shui by colorful metaphors.

    The first one, "Han Jin Lun", contains the art of awakening the Dragon, the other, "Chin Nan Ao Chi", contains methods for determining the location of the dragon's lair, and the third, "And Lung Ching, translated under the title" canon Anonymous Dragons "and tells us about how to recognize the Dragon, which is implicitly expressed in the locality. The pioneer of Feng Shui is the same and the great Confucius (born in 551 BC. E.). According to his teachings, in the world there is a force that connects people with the environment - qi.

    However, each point of space is a point of intersection of a large number of energy flows, as well as in the human body that function is performed acupuncture points. If the energy of bad passes through these points or different energy flows encountered in them, in the human body having the disease. Earth, according to representations of the Chinese geomancers or of teachers of wind and water, too, is a living organism conductive waves of time, just as the body holds itself through the power of the night and day.

    Geomancy is divided into two large sections of Yin geomancy or the science of choosing a favorable time and place for the burial of the dead, and Jánské Geomancy - the science of linking them to areas of the home or any other structure. Jánské geomancy can be divided into internal and external. external works with forms of land surrounding terrain, the external architecture of the house, etc. Internal Geomancy focused on the distribution functions for the areas of the house and location of objects in each room.

    There is another type of Geomancy - Geomancy body. Feng Shui can not be viewed too narrowly: not merely as a science with a set of certain magical formulas, no art, based solely on feelings. Feng Shui - a sort of mixture of both. For effective results a conceptual framework borrowed from the ancient manuscripts must be reconciled with reason and rational judgments. In order to understand more deeply these teachings, you need to remember people's beliefs, which are organically woven into the system of principles.

    Symbolism and folk beliefs are now often used by old masters in the diagnosis of Feng Shui is mainly because these so-called superstitions are telling, which is absorbed and brought us knowledge of antiquity. Many aspects of these teachings were passed down orally from father to son and purchased shade of superstition in the eyes of other people. From childhood, we firmly learned that you can not sit on the corner of the table, leave through the door, stretching his neighbor the knife and fork, sharp end, etc.

    And we have not explained why this should not be done. But intuitively, we had a feeling that this is not just a whim of our grandmothers and grandfathers, and only a minor part of the ancient science of how spiritual development, the laws of nature, the interrelation of all phenomena and objects. Feng shui promises full abundance of life to those who followed the principles and requirements of this doctrine in the regeneration of his home and office. Feng-shui - a way of life, following which a man rises to a higher level of perception of the world.

    Modern Feng Shui, the following tasks:

    - Mapping of Feng Shui for the man, the definition of its potential areas for action, enabling and problematic periods (from hours to decades), place of residence, the nature of food, clothing style;
    - Compatibility Rights and surrounding objects;
    - Diagnosis and mapping of Feng Shui in the building, external and internal design of flats, offices and commercial premises of houses, land, commercial and warehouse premises in order to identify them in a favorable zone for accommodation, welfare and revenue, and enhance these areas, orientation on them furniture, furniture, aquariums, plants, lighting, appliances, fireplaces) and elements of domestic architecture;
    - Definition of the premises the health sector, children and creativity, assistants and Travel, Career, wisdom and knowledge, family, wealth, fame, love and marriage, as well as the harmonization of the premises with the help of specialized tools and symbols;
    - Addressing the relationship between partners or spouses; assessment and recommendations on the compatibility of staff, placement of staff in the office, location of offices of the guideline;
    - Definition of metaphysical reasons for going with the people of events, the calculation of moments of greatest success and causes of chronic diseases, methods of their removal with minimal losses and stress or increased. Consultations selection of logo in accordance with the primary elements of the customer (correctly chosen logo will intensify business). Determination of the optimal size of documents, their shapes, numbers, diagnosis of color, characters, logos, artwork and more.

    That is the main goal of Feng Shui is to analyze the situation and change it so that a person has had some success in the desired area for him - in health, love, work, relationships with people, etc. Feng Shui can always change something and knows how to make inharmonious harmony. Feng Shui is not just for space and with a man, but over time. In different periods of life, teaches Feng Shui, the man opened various possibilities, fate gives different opportunities.

    And it is also possible to calculate. After a shame to spend all the time and energy on individual creativity in a time when success is waiting for you in financial activities. In addition, Feng Shui enables pinpoint the most favorable time for important events, coming to you in life. If you are interested in this ancient science, you can make the first steps to success: harmonize your environment, workplace, attract a mate and financial income, as well as create an enabling environment conducive to your well-being.

    Luck, as we know, the lady capricious and unpredictable, however, and it can be tamed. This is what teaches Feng Shui. Let's try together to slightly change the world around us - and it will sparkle with new paint. Started to harmonize the space around you, you'll soon notice that Feng Shui is really "works". Strikingly true all your secret desires, suddenly, as if out of nowhere appears a promising job offer on the horizon appears a man of your life, normalized relations in a family disappear accumulated problems of children and parents.

    The whole world will exist for you. The main thing - to believe in their strength. In offering you a encyclopedia of Feng Shui, you will learn what is Feng Shui, the energy of qi and sha chi, how to use symbols and talismans, color, sound, in order to achieve success and prosperity in life, as rationally design and finish your house in order to achieve harmony and prosperity in life. We sincerely hope that this will help you our advice.


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