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  • The origins of Feng Shui
  • The historic appointment of Feng Shui
  • Lao-Tzu
  • Lamaism
  • Taoism
  • Confucianism
  • Zen Buddhism
  • Qi Theory
  • Influence of subtle energies in the human
  • Yin and Yang
  • Chinese calendar
  • The five elements and their interaction
  • Means of correction
  • Ba-gua and vital aspects:
  • Octagon ba-gua
  • Vital aspects:
  • Career
  • Wisdom and knowledge
  • Family
  • Wealth
  • Glory
  • Love and marriage
  • Children and Creativity
  • Aides and Travel
  • Health
  • Numerology:
  • Basics numerology
  • Heavenly stems and earthly branches
  • Gua Number
  • Five and Ten
  • School Wandering Stars
  • The influence of external factors:
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Sound
  • Odor
  • Basic tools
  • Ruler master Feng Shui
  • Symbols and Talismans:
  • Symbols and Talismans
  • Celestial Animals
  • Mandala
  • Mantras and meditation:
  • Mantra
  • Meditation
  • I - a magnet for money
    Audionastroy: "I - a magnet for money"


    Super Audio Technologies (audionastroi).

    Here you will find a unique sound recordings, which will help get you or you want other people to positive change. The uniqueness of the proposed product is that it makes the necessary changes, napryamuya acting on your brain, bypassing the protective filter of consciousness, such as evaluation, comparison, criticism, doubt, etc.

    Ease of implementation of the proposed instruments is that, for the use you do not need to make special efforts to carry out any exercise to allocate specific time, etc. You can listen to our setting at any time, doing their main activity, during rest or even sleep during the drive, etc.

    Audionastroi of the most popular:


    "Self-Esteem" This audionastroy allow you to easily and effortlessly increase their inner strength and self-esteem. Build the foundation for success.

    "Fantastic business success"

    Fantastic business success
    "Fantastic business success" audionastroy This will allow you to quickly get better results in business and professional growth.

    "I am delighted with myself!"

    I am delighted with myself
    "I am delighted with myself!" Program for women. Audionastroy This will allow you to remember their true nature and depth change your attitude to yourself. Disclosure of feminine charm and appeal.


    "Self-confidence!" This audionastroy allow you to easily and effortlessly improve self-confidence, be used effectively in the life of every given opportunity, trust your instincts and feelings!

    "I - a magnet for money"

    I - a magnet for money
    "I - Magnet for Money" This audionastroy change your attitude toward money. From now on you will truly love and money everywhere the opportunity to see their money.

    "I - master of sales"

    I - master sales
    "I - Master of Sales" This audionastroy ever will in you a positive attitude to sales, and they will become for you a pleasant and exciting affair.

    "I - master of persuasion"

    I - master of persuasion
    "I - Master of persuasion" This audionastroy allow you to easily and effortlessly forever change your attitude to the negotiations - and hence to improve your financial situation, your relationships, your life.

    "I organized and efficient"

    I organized and efficient
    "I organized and efficient" audionastroy This will allow you to develop the traits of organized and active person. Active motivation and effective decision-making will always be your lifestyle.

    "Freedom from fear, depression and stress"

    Freedom from fear, depression and stress
    "Freedom from fear, depression and stress," This audionastroy allow you to believe in themselves, calmly accept change and learn to manage their emotions and be happy to look into the future.

    "Creative thinking and creation"

    Creative thinking and creation
    "Creative thinking and creation" This audionastroy allow you to develop a creative attitude to everything that you create in life. Enhancing creativity, motivation and willpower.


    "Stoptabak" This audionastroy change your attitude to cigarettes. From now on you will become indifferent to smoking and get rid of nicotine addiction.

    "I - the source of sexuality"

    I - the source of sexuality
    "I - the source of sexuality." Program for women. This audionastroy will help you develop your natural sexuality, and allow you to feel the absolute freedom to enjoy all the manifestations of your new irresistible feminine energy!

    "True love of self"

    True love for me
    "True love for me" All good things in life begins with love for yourself. This audionastroy help you recall your true, divine nature, to change attitudes towards themselves, and thus, improve life in all its manifestations! Lack of self-love is the cause of many failures, disease, poverty and tragedy. Love yourself, and you show off your divine potential in all!

    "Freedom from negative past"

    Freedom from negative past
    "Freedom from negative past" I live joyfully and happily - here and now! This audionastroy allow you to get rid of heavy thoughts about the negative past

    "Path Casanova"

    Way Casanova
    "The way Casanova" This attitude will change your attitude towards him in the field of sex. You will become confident in their abilities, will leave doubts and memories of bad experiences. You will win victory after victory!

    "The secret of this Goddess"

    The secret of this Goddess
    "The secret of this Goddess" in every woman sleeping goddess, but many of us do not feel it. The goddess has amazing strength. To neglect this force - ignore the most valuable in itself. After listening to this setting, you can wake up your inner Goddess and start using its magic power.

    "Live easy!"

    Live easy!
    "Live easy!" How to stop living in the tension and fear. This attitude will change your attitude to the situations that you perceive is too tragic or too responsibly. You will become easier to treat myself and others, eventually start to live easily and with pleasure.

    Enter Shop!

    Positivity of the proposed instruments is that they are directed either to the emergence of the necessary skills to you, or to refuse unwanted and harmful skills, states or dependencies. First, our tools are designed to make the necessary changes in you, that is for your self-improvement and self-development.

    If you listen through the speakers setting the player, then together with you they can listen to other people who are close to you. In doing so they also will occur the same changes as in you - this is the mechanism of influence on another person. In this way, there are various moral and psychological complexity, please consider them.

    Our setting is not curative drugs and do not replace the doctor. They only facilitate your path to the desired changes and enhance your independence from incompetent professionals. We used recording technology necessary equipment is widely used in the world, it is used by millions of people in developed countries. Now this technology has come to us.


    House and surroundings:
  • House in Feng Shui
  • Forms Home
  • Front door
  • Hallway
  • The entrances and corridor
  • Kitchen
  • Seating
  • Bedroom
  • Cabinet
  • Bathroom and toilet
  • Windows and doors
  • Mirrors in the house and interior
  • Floors and carpets
  • Lighting
  • Ladder
  • Furniture
  • Stoves and fireplaces
  • Aquariums and water symbols
  • Houseplants
  • Sources of danger in your home
  • Neighborhood:
  • Landscape
  • Around the house
  • Roads
  • Yard
  • Roof
  • Garden plot
  • Plants in the garden of
  • Pond
  • Cars
  • Garage
  • Gallery Feng Shui
  • Dictionary of Feng Shui
  • Super Audio Technologies (audionastroi)

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