House and surroundings - Aquariums and symbols of water.

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    Aquariums and water symbols.

    Contemplation of open water is always good. Aquariums, vases with flowers, water fountains, ponds and mikrobasseyny, even something like this always help you. It is especially good water movement. It interacts with qi, gurgling, calms. However, too much calm (stagnant) water can cause in your life, stagnation, loss of the problems in the care of themselves.

    If you do not type out the window at a pond or pool, Feng Shui recommends that you have in the house painting, which depicts a waterfall, babbling room fountain or aquarium. Water represents the energy and wealth. In Hong Kong, routine maintenance is a goldfish in the house or office, and wealthy people can afford to provide for the express purpose of Feng Shui fish, called "arrovana. This is a very elegant "dragon" fish, also known as "fish Feng Shui".

    Usual environment of their habitat - deep rivers of Pahang, and the color - silver, which this fish is usually changed to red or gold, when the owner expected the unthinkable wealth that, consequently, affect the market price at which it is sold. At home they are held either on one or in groups of five or nine pieces. In addition to the wealth of fish symbolizes success in exams and careers. In Chinese legend speaks of carp, which, going with the flow reaches the "Golden Gate", overcomes them and turns into a celestial dragon.

    It symbolizes the student, who having passed the state exams, entering a period of wealth and success as a public servant. Fish mean achievement, so paintings and statues of fishermen catching fish - a symbol of knowledge and the victory. Chinese New Year cards also contain this theme. Contents of the fish in the aquarium with water saturated with oxygen, stimulates the creation of energy, life and activity.

    Masters of Hong Kong recommended a ratio of fish: eight gold, or red and one black, in the sum of the number nine. Eight goldfish symbolize the growth, development and prosperity, and black - defense. The Chinese believe when adversity are knocking at the house, it protects the tenants, collecting over all hostile influences, so if a black kills a fish, it is a sign that its owners have avoided a very unpleasant events.

    Few on this topic:

    In Feng Shui dimensions play a special and quite a significant role because divided into favorable and unfavorable. It is important to have a bed, as well as working and dining tables favorable sizes. The same rule applies to the size of other things, aquariums at the numbers. How do we know these favorable size?

    In the aquarium should be 9 fish (better vualehvostki - classic goldfish). Out of these 9 fish, one must be black - for a symbolic withdrawal of misfortunes. Based on the fact that the aquarium would bring wealth, the most suitable dimensions: length 38 cm, 38 cm and width 26 cm

    Why 26 and 38 cm?

    Size (26 cm) falls in 4 part 5 of the segment, entitled "Authority" means prosperity, power and honor for the whole family;
    Size (38 cm) falls to 1 part 8 of the segment, entitled "State" means a large influx of money.
    Here's an example for the 30 adverse centimeters: (3 Г— 3 Г— 3 = 27 - the most simple solution to an aquarium of 27 l):
    Size (30 cm) falls in 3 Part 6 of the segment titled "Bad" means that "you can be expelled in disgrace from your village."

    Order to achieve a favorable result for you:

    - To reduce the interval of 30 cm by 4 cm and then get 4 Part 5 of the segment, entitled "Authority" which means prosperity, power and honor for the whole family;
    - To increase the segment 30.0 cm by 8.0 cm, and then get 1 part 8 of the segment, entitled "Status", which means a large influx of money.

    The size and the inhabitants of the aquarium - quite important factors of success, but it's not all. We still pick up a form and place. Place an aquarium in the south-east of the sitting room or hall (do not put a tank in the south). Here's what to shape - several individual question. General advice - use the correct forms - square, rectangle, circle, octagon (triangular Aquarium is better not to do).

    But we can choose the form of an aquarium and, accordingly, the elements of your personality (so you can also determine whether you need an aquarium in general).


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