House and surroundings - a car.

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    As you already understood, Feng Shui deals with the space surrounding the person, as well as everything that affects it from outside. This space is the car. In your busy life a car has a very tangible impact on the rights, including in his field of energy. It is therefore desirable not only to your apartment, country cottage and garden approaching energy approach you and support your performance, but also a satellite of your life - a car.

    Power of any person described his personal energy card. It is based on data from its birth. Under the rules of feng shui initially makes sense to draw attention to the color processing machine - they should not interfere with each other - and very well could pick up a car with its owner-friendly color scheme.

    How color may conflict? This question is quite general and it is very much linked with the theory of five elements (see "The five elements and their interaction"). For example: a white car with red interior lining will not be favorable, because white color symbolizes the metal, and red - fire, according to the classical cycle of destruction, Fire destroys Metal. To pick a favorable colors for cars, it is necessary to make an individual horoscope, and is already using its data, according to the theory of five elements, to pick a favorable colors.

    These tips also apply to the home, office or other serious and substantial structure or object. Because a machine is a major purchase, it is necessary in selecting favorable dates. The same rule is extremely important in the construction, repair, as well as housewarming. For the selection of favorable dates requires the Chinese calendar and some skills in working with him. The practice of selecting favorable dates (hours) is very useful in all areas of human life. If you do not pay attention to a general rise in luck, we can say that this ability allows you to save time on making random decisions and relieve often not necessary reflection.

    Power car described maps constructed on the basis of the date of its issuance, which can be found in the Technical Means Passports issued by the store at purchase. And here there are two fundamentally-important question: on the one hand, keep in mind is favorable day of issue machine. Cars, released in a good day, has a higher viability, less break and enters in the accident and released in an adverse, conflicting day - will break down the bowl and get all sorts of unpleasant situations, and cause conflicts with the traffic police personnel.

    This is explained by the fact that in the production of machine passes through dozens of machines and workers' hands, which are conflicting Day bowl mistakes and inaccuracies in the assembly. On the other hand, the favorable aura car for a person depends on how correlated energy machines with human energy, it is harmonious to man or not. That is, in fact, this analysis shows the "compatibility" between man and machine.

    The car is not just a means of transportation, it is our extra energy shell. Many people buy used cars. Energy structure of such a machine will inevitably carries information about the previous owners - including the negative: about diseases, accidents, accidents. Anyone who wants to buy second-hand car, we can advise in advance to collect information about its past. No, it's not about the miles run and other technical characteristics. Bad if the previous owner was somehow connected with criminality, is gravely ill.

    It is better to abandon the purchase, if he died a violent death or died of disease, in the cabin if the crime was committed, if the car landed in the accident, in which the affected people. If you still bought the car, before you belonged to someone else, cast it in church or produced specifically clean energy using appropriate techniques. For machine undesirable brilliant color. Slide bright colors attract undue attention, but at the same time and energy of envy and ill will. Their drivers often fined, they usually get in an accident.

    When repairing check to see what parts are installed. If they are removed from the machine with the "dubious past", you can expect serious problems. Even a new car you can call down to misfortune. To prevent this from happening, never decorate interior symbols of death - such as pendants in the form of skeletons and skulls, and do not hang on the windshield of exotic toys, dolls.

    If the car broke the mirror, do not sit in it until it will replace. To protect the car from all sorts of trouble - breakdowns, accidents, thefts, use protective amulets, which carry with them in the car. It is well protected from misfortunes quartz crystal, the head of garlic, or anything red. It is better to keep the amulet in a secret place, away from prying eyes.

    I married is the custom to attach to the rear bumper of the car empty cans. Their sound "pushes" bad energy. Do not carry on the private car of dead animals. Do not ride it in the dusty storm or hurricane. This will not only damage to the car, but will make in your life chaos and disorder.

    In addition to selecting a favorable range of colors and the date of purchase you can still decorate the car with different symbols of Feng Shui. To improve the success can put behind the rear seat of a car a symbol of a turtle (figure) - a symbol of slow but steady progress. Another rule of Feng Shui indirectly referring to the machine regulates the preparation of itineraries for travel.

    It is based on an analysis of favorable trends. According to this rule should be to arrive at their destination from a favorable direction (the same rule applies to the entry of new housing). At the car interior is desirable to apply the net ba-gua (see "Octagon ba-gua") and place the necessary elements in the respective sectors. Should closely monitor the cleanliness of your car - like the cleanliness of interior and body (car body).


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