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    House in Feng Shui.


    Followers of Feng Shui say that if the former owners of the house plagued with failures and disease, then the new owners will not be happy there. For example, if the former owner of the house failed and went bankrupt, then the new is unlikely to be successful in business.

    Everything that happens in the home, creates a wave, like a stone thrown into the water. Any recurring situations, moods, certain atmosphere leave their mark on the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, plants, animals and people in this space. It leaves a strong imprint any event, accompanied by strong emotions, physical or mental trauma. You probably will happen, entering the room, which had just occurred a dispute, to feel heavy, like a red hot atmosphere.

    The energy wave, the cost of the whole space, accumulate, as it were "stuck" in all corners and nooks. The house in which you entered, requires thorough cleansing, not only physically, but also on the energy level. Only after clearing space can improve its feng shui. Decontaminated space - a necessary condition for the effectiveness of any professional Feng Shui. In addition, after such a cleaning, you can distinctly feel the energy of the environment and understand what changes are needed.

    In each of us there are elements of the genetic memory of generations. Modern research confirms the idea that the indigenous population of any locality has long been aware that every person is a carrier of the genetic memory of the generations, which connects it with his ancestors and their origins, even if he does not know that.

    If your house you will never feel truly at home, it is quite possible that this is directly linked to the genetic memory of generations, which dominates your soul. If so, then try to change their housing, bringing into it elements of the home of your ancestors and see whether you feel the difference.

    We need to start, of course, with the destruction of physical dirt. Should be scraped, peel and wash off all that is possible: the old wallpaper, paint and whitewashing embody the energy of their former owners. Floors, if parquet, better re ottsiklevat. But do not cover them with varnish: a tree - a living material, it must breathe.

    Then you need to wet cleaning, as the cleaning power of water is very high. That can not be washed, you can spray water: spring, infused on spruce or pine needles or rowan branches. Good clean water with silver salts. You can use the pharmacy lyapisny pencil (a pencil on three liters of water). A negative energy can drive the water, which lowered the silver coin or spoon, or any other object of pure silver.

    To adjust the energy at home can use small pieces of wood. In places with negative activity need to put the pieces of aspen, birch, fir or oak - the tree to catch and absorb the negative vibes. Maple, bird cherry, rowan, hazel and juniper can even convert negative energy into positive.

    To stabilize the energy situation in the house will help poplar, linden, pine. But larch, hornbeam, beech and elm are able to bring the house is not very good energetic substances. As well helps power house fumigation of spruce needles, dried wormwood, wild rosemary, in severe cases can be fumigating burnt amber.

    After cleaning the area well for several days in a room lit candles, better brought out of the church. Traditionally used in Chinese bells can disperse stagnant energy in those places to which it is difficult to reach. Bells can not only dispel negative energy, but also to harmonize the energy flowing into the house, which is why they so often seen in Chinese homes.

    To cleanse the space suitable natural not polished crystals. First they are washed in holy water or buried in sea salt, or simply in the ground. Then the crystal must be programmed to a specific action: take his hand and firmly say that it is required, or just held it to his heart and let your feelings to flow into it. Such a crystal would be a good defender of your home.

    To cleanse often used different-sticks, for example, of sandalwood, but we should remember that spices act only when their smell is present in the air.

    Energy of things.

    The principles of Feng Shui, it follows that all objects are saturated with the energy of what is happening around them. The more we use those or other items, the greater may be coming from their radiation. Some items may bring happiness, destroying the evil influence, and some, on the contrary, unhappiness, reinforcing evil influence.

    Our house is a space filled with energy, and energy-structure is formed not only the emotional mood, formed by contact of living inhabitants of the house, but also inanimate objects, which also has its own energy. In the subjects of art: paintings, statuettes, porcelain, tapestries - could be on a huge charge of energy invested by their creators. And this energy is necessarily begins to interact with the energy of others.

    It is important to know that in the animate and inanimate nature has a permanent energy exchange. Mediator in it have spoken man and his image. You must be able to defend itself and its power even in such seemingly innocuous situations as posing in front of photographic. Any work of art a person perceives, showing some emotion. And no emotion - it is the energy component, which, adding to the other, creates a common energy at home.

    Remember how difficult it is to buy some thing in the Second Hand. Many even flatly refuse to wear the old, strange things. Perhaps we perceive the human energy that is literally penetrated the old things. They bear the thoughts, feelings and emotions of their former masters, creating around them a special background. Therefore it is desirable to give up things that have been in somebody's use. Therefore, if you buy such things, hold them under running water - is the best way to remove items from someone else's field. After that things should be carefully otparit, dry and fumigate spices.

    Many of us have our favorite things that bring good luck. This family heirlooms that are handed down in the family inheritance, recharges us the accumulation of positive energy, chi. Take care of them, never throw away, much less sell. Remember that these things - part of you and your home. Their disappearance violates existing house energy space, which could lead to incalculable consequences.

    How can I protect my house.

    Man has always tried to respect the laws of security in their home. Driving into a new house, he always sanctified it - this is the key to future prosperity. In addition, long since there were various talismans, mystical symbols, protecting the house and driving away from his evil entities. Throughout its history, humankind has sought the help of mystical symbols (see "Symbols and Talismans"). In order for the house began to act this or that symbol, you can draw it on a sheet of paper, wrapped in silk, and hide under the bed or in a drawer.

    Image symbol can be hung on the wall or buy a sculpture or figurine in the form of a character. For the consecration of the symbol, made of metal, it can carry through the fire or wash in clean water charged. Paper character sufficiently to hold in the wind, or fumigate the smoke of incense. During the consecration of the symbol should be aloud to express their intention. Regular mat at the door, too, is a power protection for home, because it is not just an ordinary mud, brought from the street, but also energy.

    Getting rid of rubbish.

    As seen in the first stage you need to get rid of trash, which is available in your home. So, we shall understand: what is a junk? This is a pile of things that impede the flow of energy in your home. Junk is sometimes an integral part of human individuality. It describes the person in a certain way and points to some aspects of your life.

    For example, to such things or aspects of your life include:

    - Any item that you either do not like either one that you do not use;
    - Projects implemented only half. And as such projects. For that you have not yet were taken;
    - All that is broken or smashed, as well as those objects, some of which are lost or lost;
    - Gifts related to the number of those that you do not like that you hold in the event that someone to give them;
    - Those things that one "can be useful to you, but never you do not need them, and deep down you know it;
    - Personal letters and greeting the New Year from the people you do not remember;
    -empty pots of flowers that are either long since died or were transplanted;
    - Collection of cooking recipes that you will never be used for cooking;
    - Packs of coupons offering discounts on the right of certain groups of products, validity of which was long over;
    - Piles of old magazines and newspapers, which you will never be read;
    - Old half-used cosmetics;
    - Clothes that either do not fit you, or do not like;
    - Old worn socks and shoes and much more.

    By what reasons you accumulate unnecessary things?

    This course is for you a symbol of security, this kind of airbag in the event that if in this life is something you stryasetsya. You are not accustomed to using this thing. This pattern, which you have inherited. Because of the fear of the future. This is rubbish, which is sort of proof (eg, red ribbon graduate school).

    This course embodies your unrealized dreams. You keep it because of sentimental reasons. It is for you a symbol of self-esteem. Sense of responsibility for keeping some things. He (she, it) was always (was, were) in your family. The fear that without it you will not love or respect. At some point the price can rise to it. They are no longer produced.

    These items were purchased in hard times. They no longer do so because, as before. He's quite nice. Nobody else does not take care of him. If you get rid of him, then touches it hurts someone's feelings. This goes for parts. This may someday be useful. What are the consequences of the accumulation of unnecessary things in the house?
    They make you feel disorganized or fail. Limit your opportunities.

    Create havoc in your life. Can cause depression. They can make you feel bad, both physically and emotionally, and can cause your body weight. The more you do things, the more you have to "serve" them. In fact, the things own you, and you are not things. They can make you feel as though you can not breathe and can cause you to experience a feeling of excessive fatigue.

    They are the link that connects your past with your future, so you are having difficulty in order to remain in the present tense. If you keep stuff in the hallway, it can cause physical and emotional frustration, blockage of arterial blood vessels, disruption limfosisteme organism. If this is you on the floor, it consumes your energy. If the accumulated things lie at the top, above your head, they become a symbol that represents your unsolved problems.

    If you fold them under the bed, they can badly affect your sleep. Disassembly debris. The release of unnecessary things and Demolition debris can be a useful spiritual experience. Start small: choose one drawer, shelf or a small room.

    Begin to understand things, dividing them into categories:

    things for storage;
    things, to move to another place, things which must be disposed of;
    things that can be used for donations;
    things, in whose fate you are not sure.

    Rely on yourself and get rid of those things that you no longer need you, and then you free up space for what you really need at this time. When you release your house of unnecessary things, you are free from clutter their lives, as well as your soul. But when clearing blockages need to be careful, because too early release from a very large number of things can cause a healing crisis. If you do this gradually and carefully, then your whole life will change very smoothly, easily, and almost by magic.

    In each house or apartment has a zone of prosperity, which, when activated, can improve the monetary status of people living there. This place is determined by the corresponding star. It should make thorough calculations to determine the field. The principle of Feng Shui states that "the mountains are responsible for health, and water - for the money" and refers to "mountain" and "Water" stars in the map "wandering stars" (see "School of Wandering Stars"). In the seventh period (1984 - 2003) is a dominant 7 stars. Thus, the place where the control 7-I water the star determines the angle of welfare.

    Where there is 8-th star - the second place welfare. In fact, we have two areas responsible for cash welfare, instead of one. Distributed by following a mistaken view: the zone of prosperity is in the far right of the door, because the energy going into the door, moving clockwise direction until it reaches the farthest corner and stays there. Therefore, this angle is considered the place of welfare. There be no mistake about it: simple methods can be harmful.

    According to Feng Shui, the location of objects in space is a whole art, and if they learn, you can easily make in your life, positive change. It turns out that in every house there are several main zones: a zone of creativity and recreation, the zone of love and eat. If these areas are mixed up, then everything goes topsy-turvy. Ideal for a bedroom located in the zone of love, food - in the area of food, but the study - in the area of creativity.

    Creating and modifying the spatial organization of their homes, people can increase the required energy flows, which will lead to physical and emotional well-being. For stimulation currents of sexual or emotional energy sometimes enough to make a permutation, change colors, add new interior items, just get rid of rubbish. And may have to reschedule housing, to move the bed in the bedroom, to invite the assistant candles, mirrors, wooden products, any tissue or stones, lighting and other important detail.

    Proper placement of furniture is of great importance for the harmonious circulation of energy. Beds, jobs, thrifty favorite chair placed close to the wall as possible on the diagonal. Mirrors that are in these rooms should reflect the incoming people. Undesirable to have a bed footboard to the door - in the Chinese tradition it is the same joyless association, as in Europe. Rounded forms of furniture promises a harmonious relationship in the family.

    Reasons some tips Feng Shui derived from the logic of everyday observations, others are built on the laws of nature and probability theory. The origins of the third - age-old wisdom of Eastern philosophy and folk epic. Is this advice valid? There is only one way to check - try to apply them. And, perhaps, to the house to return the love, health, well-being. Those who tried to argue that the way it is. And how could it be otherwise, because that was practiced for millennia, can not be rational kernel.

    The room was ordinary life (recreation room, celebrations) should not be placed in the south-west side. All that we are creating with their housing, we release a new space, organize a grand permutation, bring any new items or you get rid of trash, accurately reflects what is happening with our spirit. If you want to stimulate your marriage, find your apartment in the south-west corner, which will represent this aspect of your life.

    Make sure that it is not on site toilets, otherwise all your efforts will "scoot". Hang this beautiful area, bright crystal chandelier, leaving it included day and night. If you can not afford to buy expensive chandelier, put there shade or bulb, or simply place the natural crystal, symbolizing the element earth. You can hang the symbols of love and marriage, beautiful pictures and something like that, everything that comes into your head.

    Not normal and not natural to feel depressed and dependent on others, or to have slammed the door in front of his nose. Your life should be full of health, welfare and happiness as standing next to you and the surrounding environment - everything must conform to current heavenly life. It's easy! There are many things that are visible and are in any space. In the first place - is interior. The space that surrounds us, as soon as we open the eyes in the morning, sets the rhythm, tone, coloring all of our subsequent actions and decisions. The interior of any home, office, shop, restaurant, general, any room, begins with the entrance hall.

    Should have the right facilities, given that, in accordance with the traditions of Feng Shui, with its own premises in a certain way, as well as doors and windows in them, you can solve their vital problems. Should avoid any ceiling beams and ledges in the walls forming the "cutting" corners. Especially dangerous ledges, hanging over the entrance to the room. The most successful form of buildings, apartments, land plots - a geometrically correct: a square, rectangle, oval and round. Irregular forms create an unbalanced qi, various "turbulence" and "eddies," always possible to harmonize the energy flows. The main thing - to choose the fulcrum for the balance.

    If the base of the home or room shape on the north-west - with a groove, although it does not harm the valuable chi, but still leads to a decrease in the sons (the trigram Qian - creativity as it has affected and daughters in the old China was not appreciated). It is also very unfavorable for the respiratory system.

    Freezing only from the east is probably a hidden influence, leading to a lack of clothing and food.
    Freezing only from the west belongs to the great misfortune to live here can not under any circumstances.
    Notch only in the south - there is a strong tendency to wealth, but the family are constant disputes and scandals, no peace.
    Freezing only from the north - unhappiness, the constant threat of fires.
    Freezing in the south-east - are unfavorable for the birth of sons and daughters to grow, but does not harm the enrichment.
    Freezing in the south-west - bad for the stomach and intestines, but in social terms (career, salary), on the contrary, it is useful.
    Freezing in the north-east - will not be big trouble, but could adversely affect the digestive system.
    Excavation and from the north and south (in terms of - as the letter В«HВ»), - are constantly arising litigation, and people are sick.
    Notches on the east and west - all is quiet, but it is necessary that life was ordinary.
    Freezing on all corners of the 4 th base of the home or room shape is a notch - to live in a room not quite.

    Form rooms in terms of:

    The right is long, left short - born sons or become orphans, or poor.
    Front broad, narrow behind - forming a view on the inverted ladder, after living here hard to save money, many people also decreases.
    Front narrow, broad back - forming, in appearance like a ladder - after their stay here is not only rich, but thunder.
    Triangle - the front edge of the rear extension is called "upside-down with a brush. After living here and the people and the state bear the loss. Especially easy to problems brought by women, or problems threaten women themselves.
    The point of the rear, front broadly - "Mars is dragging its tail" - very bad: possible suicides, incurable illnesses.
    Left long, short on the right (looking from the front door) - after living here suffer the whole family.
    Rectangle, which stretches from north to south - a very favorable form - will be living rich and noble, to have many children and grandchildren to live in joy.
    Rectangle, which stretches from east to west - unfavorably, especially bad in the northern and southern sides.
    Square - very favorable, the whole family looks forward to the wealth and prosperity. The front is rounded, the back square - after their stay here will and wealth, and greatness.
    The form is also correlated with the five elements, see ( "The five elements and their interaction).

    Most rooms have an irregular shape - with from the standpoint of Feng Shui is not correct.

    It is always better to have an office, apartment, house or one room of regular shape - there are no missing and protruding corners may inconsistencies and bearing trouble. In order to become irregularly shaped rooms into the rooms of regular shape can use the screen or just build a wall, which, naturally, expensive. Screens can be applied in other situations - is a powerful tool for the redistribution of qi. Screens have many advantages, but the main thing is their ease and efficiency. We should also draw attention to the patterns shown on the screen. They should be no sharp corners - a classic favorable.

    For example, the circular structure has the energy properties of the metal itself and energy is directed inward. This form works well in that case, if you limit yourself with the color of Metal - white. A rectangle with a broad base - such as our five-story building - comply with the "soil" for his perfect brown and yellow tones. Curved, wavy lines reminiscent of the flow - the energy of "water" in colors - black, dark blue.

    Triangular, conical shape of concern to its rising energy flow - it is light, and hence the color - red. Tower represents growth, strength - the typical energy of the element of wood, fit all shades of green. Good option, when the room is directed to the south, living room located on the west side, a garden - to the east. Number of rooms in the home affects the joys and sorrows. One room - a happiness 2 - no harm, 3 - trouble, 4 - the same trouble, 5-7 - happiness 8 - misfortune, 9 - Happiness (inclusive, kitchen, bathroom, etc.).

    Very well, when the first living room or lounge is located in the heart of all facilities. It is unacceptable to have a home room for the most part the area of 8 square meters. If the center of the home have a room that size, then the children and grandchildren will become unruly, lazy, resulting in the loss of property. If such a room is not in the center, and elsewhere, it would still be a tendency for the family gradually zahireet. In the center of the home can not have unused space. If located in the center of the patio (in Chinese - "heavenly well"), kitchen or bathroom, this is also considered to be unlucky placement, this should be possible to avoid. Best place in the center of the bedroom.

    Rooms inside the house, their ratio, size, level relative to each other to attract and influence the circulation of energy. Recommended regular shapes of rooms, proportional to size (too big or too small size justified only functionally). Ceilings in rooms must not be too high, so that tenants do not suffer clamping discomfort.

    Master of the house should have a very large and impressive bedroom. Master bedroom in the center of the home - a great happiness. The other rooms are to be selected and planned in accordance with horoscope home for better use of its potential.

    If a row of rooms are located - the energy flows through them freely, but all too quickly and does not get into the side "compartments". But in the last room of the flow is very strong. If this is a bedroom - a place of solitude and rest, do not expect a good holiday. If the child - the child will always overexcited. And the kitchen is bad: a meal - a sacred thing, because along with the food we get the energy of the universe.

    And if, in preparing food, you feel some discomfort, then the energy will be relevant - in this situation, put somewhere obstacle - the screen, bamboo curtain. Here you and eased the flow of energy: twisting the rings, she will calmly proceed through all the rooms, filling them and then click Remove. Energy flow can be increased or decreased by opening the windows or curtains, rearranging furniture.

    Example: when the bed is opposite the door to the corridor, it is impossible to sleep without closing the door - all the time there will be a feeling of anxiety. Fans of village-style loft lovers often prefer to leave open ceiling beams. Looks very effective. But beams located above your chest, the night will push, causing breathing difficulties. A series of beams in the ceiling will create a ripple, causing concern in the silent "wind" bedroom. Pressure from the beams - as painful blows with a hammer. Because smooth ceiling is always preferable.

    Strive for the smooth space wherever possible. Avoid the beams or ledges on the walls, because they suppress the qi. If, for example, has a beam above the kitchen table, the whole family life will consist of evidence and arguments. If the beam passes over the bed, there may be health problems or even divorce. If the beam passes through the living room (above the table), spent or borrowed money will never return. If you can avoid staying under the beam, hang underneath any shining (shining, blinking) or a moving object.

    Most importantly, beam does not pass across your body when you sleep, or across any object under it. Unwanted in the room does not occupied niches and corners, not "disguised" lugs - they interfere with the free current of energy. Therefore, the niche better to put a three-dimensional furniture to align space. In general, the choice of interior - is the choice of vibration, the choice of energy.

    Let's try to beat the canons of Feng Shui, a room in the house. Choose a home. According to Chinese tradition it is the master bedroom. If the bedroom - not a place of harmony between husband and wife, then the consequences would be devastating for the whole of their lives. It is best if this room is located in the center of the house. The fact is that Feng Shui is considering housing as a model of the human body and its functions: the front door - "the mouth" cuisine - "stomach", bathroom, toilet - "allocating organs. And so, the location of all premises must be in some degree correspond to human anatomy, because we feel comfortable in something like themselves.

    In most cases, the houses the bedroom door is always closed. This triggered our genetic memory: if the bedroom - our "refuge", so it must be protected - and from the eyes of strangers, and from irritating odors. So, without knowing it, we embrace another requirement of Feng Shui - the principle of "cave" - is only preserved in our genes experience of ancestors who had studied to survive in the wild: the back should be protected, and the face - an open space to in time to see the danger and have time to react.

    Effect of missing or speaker angles for each family member:

    More recently in the CIS countries, most people no longer sleeps, eats and works in the same room. Totalitarianism has ended, and all again want to live in their own homes, where each family member will be allocated a separate living space. The effect of the location of these sectors on its residents still desirable to explore, use, prevent. Scheme of the most favorable location of living spaces of all family members:

    Place the second son in the north. This sector in Poslenebesnom ba-gua is responsible trigram Kan (three horizontal lines: dash, solid, dotted). Place father, head of the family - the north-west. This direction corresponds trigram Qian (three solid lines). There is desirable favorable salient angle, especially if the landlord - the family breadwinner. In the west - the youngest daughter. Here trigram DUY (dash, two solid). Place mother - the south-west. Immediately trigram Kun (three dashed lines).

    The owner, especially if it is the head of the family, a favorable angle of the speaker in this sector will bring a lot of luck.
    In the south of the place of the second daughter and a trigram (solid, dotted, solid). The eldest daughter should be located on the south-east. There is also a place trigrams hsun (in the form of two solid and one dashed lines). On this and the following points should be emphasized, as in Clause 2 and Clause 4. Place eldest son - the east. Trigram Zhen (two discontinuous and one continuous line).

    And the last line - the north-east, a place the younger son and trigrams gen (depicted as solid and two dashed lines). Analyzing the plan of the house, can accommodate a family as the most harmonious and beneficial. Careful arrangement will bring luck to every family member. Naturally maximum attention should be given to items: 2,4,6,7. As this is always the main family members and their success most strongly influences all other family members. In large families, of course, should be given much attention to the situation and the younger family members.


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