House and surroundings - Roads.

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    The question of staying near the roads is very important. We have already touched on it in the chapter "Fundamentals of Feng Shui. It should be mentioned that such analogies (roads - river house - mountains, etc.) are very important, because often the wrong interpretation of the location of roads can greatly hurt you.

    Roads and streets are the main conduits of energy. Around them, life is unfavorable, especially if the road with a very rapid movement, aimed at your house, forks in front of him, or is at the end of the T-shaped intersection. Also, the adverse is the location of your house near overpasses, exits the underground to the surface, etc. There are many other unfavorable options, but enough of these.

    Combat the negative effects of roads can also like the other "poison arrows" by mirrors ba-gua or overlap of their review. But not all roads are bad. Very good to live on the road with a constant unhurried movement - like a slow river. In this case, qi is not accelerated, and manages to bring luck residents of nearby houses. The house, which bordered the road, to live safely, she, like a river, a good defense.

    But if the curve makes an angle and it is aimed at your home, it is always bad - angle acts as a knife. It is also bad when the house is on the outside of the arc: the energy of the road or moving vehicle could slide off and hit him in the direction of bending. You can not build housing on a T-junction, as well as at the intersection of streets; front of the house should not be a street, going straight at him - first of all, it means strong winds and fires. If you're not lucky, you expressly designed to house street can lead to the fact that the house will crumble, and people die.

    Latent effect is also largely negative: it may lead to injuries, loss of business. Avoid dead ends, sharply curving roads, straight roads, especially if the traffic is directed to the side of your house, or houses, the road from which goes down, taking with them all the luck. At the same time, it is desirable that next to the building above its median level, there was no way (as if the house was opposite the mountain). Real Estate can not be built at the end the impasse.

    Not only because, in case of fire, the neighbors will be difficult to evacuate, but because in a house like that conflicts often arise, litigation, and could lose the state to obtain personal injury. If the west of the house (flat) is a highway, it's a good situation, (but only if the house is not a facade facing west).

    The benefits of this arrangement the following - you can save the privacy of the family, that is personal lives will not be subjected to external aggression, no one will intervene from outside, because on both sides of the house very little outside doors and windows, and noise from the street is not easy to penetrate into the house (eg to the west goes blank wall, on the south and the north garden) - you can effectively use the space inside the house, since in addition to the parties directed to the road to the west, the other direction have little effect on the courtyard and the rooms in the house. If your house is under the influence of unfavorable road, it is desirable to conceal its next review of the trees.

    You can also dispel the influence of more massive and negative constructions, but the trees should be bigger. When you can not plant trees in front of his dwelling, or something like that - again apply the octagon ba-gua. This is a powerful shield is better not to use frequently. And it is very desirable location of the symbol inside the house.


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