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    Forms home.

    This question is quite closely connected with the definition of favorable provisions of land. This occurs because, by choosing very favorable area and absolutely correct orientation of the house, you may well build a house is not very favorable form (acting and missing corners, different levels of parts of the house, and so on and so forth). Of course living in a house would not be harmonious.

    Form - like color, too, has the energy (see "Color").

    It is bad when dwellings are built by the letter P, particularly when the crossbar is too thin and long - it threatens asthma. Energy enters the opening, stagnant, with no way out, and the inhabitants of the house there is a sense deadlock, frustration, hopelessness of existence. Bad and L-shaped house: energy flows into the inner corner of the strike, shlestyvayas here.

    If this corner is the front door, the possible accidents and other troubles. Any concave surface acts as a receiver, pulling energy. In such a house is better to live closer to the middle, and the room painted in bright colors. Convex surfaces, in contrast, dissipate energy, so the inner chambers are well protected. Generally, the ideal form for the house - a rectangle. But if you have a house "wrong", do not despair - you can fix this by breaking in "problem areas" flowerbed, garden or greenhouse.

    If your home is missing from the corners of the house is located below the road, an area to the left of the house below the ground to the right, your house is sandwiched between the higher buildings - in addressing these problems in adjusting the adverse effects of such situations will help you lights. Houses are located in close proximity to your very strong influence on him. Too massive structures or buildings that could "crush" him.

    This also applies to power plants and factories, which have tall chimneys, it is necessary to avoid the corners of neighboring buildings to your entrance (always take this into account, even if the front door of the apartment targeted in the other direction). It is important to assess the Feng Shui of the building as a whole, before considering the very flat. Be careful that your house is not to be aimed gun or any other weapon, particularly ancient or formerly in the battle, since the impact can be fatal.

    One woman, familiar with Feng Shui, put the gun from his old house, perhaps with no desire to bring harm to anyone. However, these tools have brought dire consequences to some of its neighbors. In the practice of Feng Shui gun is a very powerful tool, it is urgent advice: engaging in furnishing the home and having to deal with "poison arrows", make sure that the use of guns is a last resort.

    The more harmonious and symmetrical your home - the more harmonious your life in it. Because the most favorable ones are the right shape: round, square, rectangular, octagonal (as the ba-gua). These forms are not numerous, are relatively easy to follow, they are very practical. There are favorable all wrong, is not symmetrical, not balanced forms with missing or protruding corners.

    A striking example is the triangle (as it is whatever one - missing two corners of the square and up to three acts) and cross (lacking the four corners, and in general, this figure in Feng Shui is considered to be unfavorable), and the direction of the main entrance to the house just opposite corner of the house next door is also unacceptable (aimed at something angles always harmful). These common forms of housing is L-shaped, T-shaped, U-shape, etc. too unfavorable - lacks several angles. Missing angle takes a certain kind of energy from this place.

    Problems of this can be such:
    - Lacks the angle of education;
    - You have persistent problems in school;

    If you are still sitting in the direction of complete collapse, the situation is much worse. To improve the situation enough for learning to sit facing in the direction of personal development, but this does not solve the problem completely, but often the only solution. A well-solved problem of the missing corner as follows: goal - pull in the appropriate place (for the missing corner) more shen-chi, which is solved installing the lights outside the house (to cover the space of the missing corner), or mirrors on the walls, restricting the space of the missing corner.

    Bright light is installed at the intersection of conventional lines, transforming the shape of your home in the right. Lanterns are set so that all the missing space was brightly lit - light clean energy. Mirrors installed on the walls, no longer required to house the correct form. Mirrors must be in full growth - they create the illusion of the continuation of the room. But in the mirror should not affect the front door, toilet or bathroom, stairs, bed - it will bring misfortune. If you have an office or shop, it's good in the mirror when the ticket office or safe (income symbolically doubles) products.

    As for the acting parts of the building, then the beneficial determined depending on the shape and position on the sides of the world. If the form is the projection and the element that this form is, in harmony with the element of the corner of the house in which the projection is, the energy in this zone is favorable, if not - is negative (there is a confrontation of energies). Projection is a turret on the corner of the house (cottage), bay windows, porch, covered balcony, etc. etc. In places where there is a ledge energy (good or bad) increases. How do we determine where a corner, and it corresponds to what element? How to define an element of projection?

    Take a compass Lopan (see "Symbols and Talismans"). It will be your main tool and therefore should be quite reliable and accurate. Indications from the compass will be removed very carefully, because is the basic data for analysis. The accuracy of the testimony may substantially affect the presence of electrical appliances, including the powerful magnets, so be careful and do not be lazy to take readings at several locations and then compare them (the direction should be parallel). If all goes well, we can begin the analysis.

    Working is the compass heading from the center of the house (for the space - from its center), based on them, determine to which side of the world is or that he or missing a corner, wall, etc. It is easier to work with the plan of the house - in this case we can impose on him a grid oriented to the cardinal points, eight squares or rectangles (depending on the sizes and forms the main part of the house, ie house without speakers and in the light of the missing angles).

    The grid can also be created in the form of an octagon, this design is more versatile and does not require zooming - to work enough to put the grid center to the center of the house and orient the grid to the cardinal that was quite simple. This grid clearly delineate the house into zones around the world and you do not have to rack your brains. Responsible for what each zone, we have already mentioned (see "Ba-gua, and aspects of life"). If any angle is absent, then disappears and the appropriate type of luck. Harmonious ledge at the appropriate place naturally reinforces a certain kind of luck.

    Now the forms, it should also be aware of (see also "Form"):

    The square refers to the element Earth. Earth Element Metal Element increases, because the square shape can be located both in the Metal Sector (north-west, west), and in the sector of the Earth (south-west, north-east). With this placing square shapes bring good luck. If the square shape are located in the Water Sector (north), it promises to failure.

    Krug. Round shapes are an element of Metal. Favorable for metals (north-west, west) and water (north). Since the metal interferes with the tree, the placement of circular forms in the sector of wood (south-east, east) adversely and lead to the suppression of luck.

    The rectangle refers to the element tree (south-east, east), and favorable, when placed in the respective sectors. An unfavorable arrangement of rectangles is in the sector of the Earth (south-west, north-east).

    Triangle. These projections are characteristic of the elements of Fire. They are right at the location in the south (of sector) and increase the success of the Earth sector (south-west, north-east). Location is a form of projections for metals (north-west, west) unfavorably.

    Undulating forms are rare, but about them (a characteristic element of water) to know as required. They performed well in the sectors of water (north), Wood (south-east, east). Location of such protrusions, ornaments and all other decorative elements in the decoration sector of Fire (south) leads to a bright confrontation and simply destroy your luck. Avoid these situations - they are extremely negative.

    Also, frequent the house stepped shape, cruciform, with sharp corners - all negative form. They either do not have the central part, or they lack the set of angles, or simply are too aggressive form, and bring harm to others. Bad Feng Shui in such situations is provided.

    The above rules apply not only to favor the corners, but virtually all elements of design houses. Analyze the ornament of their wallpaper, carpets, etc. etc. Using the basics of symbolism, Feng Shui, you can analyze any room or even just a separate subject, to withdraw their own rules. Naturally, it is desirable to match your findings with millennial canons of Feng Shui.

    To do this, the analysis must take into account many factors, and investigate the situation, using not one point of view. You should always have a clear answer to the question "Why is it so, but not like this?" And, naturally, as a back up their opinions.


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