House and surroundings - Garage.

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    Often the question arises about the location of the garage in terms of Feng Shui. Location garage directly in the house is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It creates the effect that the machine cuts straight to the building, and the smell of gasoline deters. For these reasons, better to arrange a garage on the site or, in extreme cases, the building, separated from the residential part. This is the case, if you live in your own home.

    The machine itself, and the garage should not be located in the most conspicuous place, otherwise, they are "forced to" slum home to live at a pace car ride. We must carefully monitor the order in your garage. Even innocuous things that are there, can send powerful signals to your subconscious.

    You will take care to avoid entering there. May be a feeling that you do not control this sphere of life. Neither is it prevents you feel confident behind the wheel? Easy cleaning in the garage will fundamentally change the situation. So do not turn your garage into a warehouse of useless, old and outdated items.

    Nevertheless, such situations occur when the garage is in the house. The most unfavorable in this case are those rooms which are situated directly behind the garage, ie, those where the car as it enters. It turns out some analogue of "poison arrows". It would be better to locate there closet or toilet.

    Less adverse rooms are located above the garage and the adjoining sides. In these rooms, as in previous ones, will be present over-excitement, and they will be environmentally and energy-contaminated. It is better equipped billiard room, library, bedroom for guests. That is, non-durable room stay.

    Even if your guests will live there for a week, they still do not have time to soak the negative so how could you, living in these rooms than one year. When you leave the house in the morning, hurrying to work, do not always see in the same direction - toward the garage or car. This will make your life a one-sided and limit opportunities. Create a site is something cling to the eye, look in other directions.

    Or do the twisting path that will make you go through the plot, and enough of the fresh air before Labor Day. If there is a private garage, in front of the garage must have a broad area, a narrow market - compresses the soul.


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