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    Living room - this is typically a common room, a kind heart of the house where the inmates spend most of the time. It dominates the active principle of Yang. Seating is not only a gathering place for family members, where they watch television or just relax together, but also a center of communication, when guests come friends and acquaintances.

    Seating should be comfortable and welcoming, warm and well lit, but not too bright and noisy. It should be sufficiently large and hospitable, to attract the flow of energy. Since the living room - a room that suggests an association, mainly with the guests, it is in any case should not be on a higher level than the dining room or kitchen (it is a multilevel apartments). If so, all the energy collected will go to the visitors, instead of working on the hosts.

    Seating is less important than the bedroom or kitchen. It should be big and bright, without beams, girders and slabs on the ceiling. Odd corners of the living room may cause strange problems and disagreements. All projections and irregularities to decorate energy symbols ba-gua and color solution, try to trim wallpaper so that the visual space of the room was looked as a whole.

    If conditions permit, to the west the main room (not including extensions and ancillary facilities), separate from the neighboring main room seats provide living room, in the interval - connecting corridor. And in no case can arrange living room, looming over the first floor (above the arch). With enough money put three purple cushions on the sofa in the living room.

    Qi in the living room.

    Evaluate how the flow of qi energy moving in your living room. Are there any dark corners where negative energy can stagnate? Bring the atmosphere of energy, using crystals, hang a mirror on the wall, serving to create a sense of depth scattereth negative energy through plants and wall lights.

    If the ceiling in the living rough on it or cross beams, the circulation of energy is violated. To remedy this situation, you can hang on the beam, bamboo flute, tied with red ribbon; well dissipate the negative energy of bells or moving objects. Since the room is a pleasant time with family and friends with each other, you must create a supportive environment. Check - if there is no debris in the closet, be sure to remove all the accumulated papers. After reading the newspaper, immediately throw it.

    General recommendations.

    House and surroundings - Living

    If we impose a diagram of the octagon ba-gua to the plan room, its configuration immediately becomes quite clear in that case, if the room has a rectangular shape. This means that all elements are in harmonious balance. However, this equilibrium is disturbed, if the room has projections and alcoves.

    One way of correcting the negative Feng Shui a room - furniture arrangement. There are a number of principles, which you can follow in furnishing the living room. Center of gravity "should be created around one of the eight sides ba-gua, preferably" family "," relationship "," helpers "or" wealth ". For example, well in the corner, a symbol of wealth, a TV set, and the remaining furniture to place as shown on the left.

    House and surroundings - Living

    In such cases, the master of Feng Shui recommends that you install the seat for the "honored guest" or head of the family face-to-door, but not against it. It is very important, because otherwise it will create an atmosphere of confrontation. Anyone entering the room to face with you or your guest face to face, leading to a forced sequence of reactions and movements. Note that the arrangement of furniture, as shown in the figure, is well combined with the octagon ba-gua, and creates the impression of naturalness.

    Place "honored guest" - the best in the room, it is often placed adjacent to the fireplace if it is, but is also convenient to the TV. From there, may open a good view from the window, but only at an angle, otherwise there is a sense of vulnerability.

    One of the common assumptions that are usually taken without any explanation, is that the chairs and sofas should be to arrange back to the wall, not to the chairs or windows. The situation at the wall or next to it gives a sense of peace and security. But usually it is impossible to arrange all the seat backs to the wall. Where there is a chair by the window, the situation will help to correct the plant on a windowsill or a low bookcase.

    Chairs, sofas and chairs can be arranged differently relative to each other. If one put a chair in front of another, even on a low table, it will create a situation that is well suited to candid conversation, but not too good for the silent or not familiar with each other people. There is nothing worse than sitting in front of garrulous man, when you're not inclined to talk or do not want to respond in the same manner.

    If the chairs set at an angle to each other, it will create a more comfortable environment, and people can join in the conversation, when they so choose. The same situation is created and if the place the chair in front of each other, but at an angle to the couch (see fig.). Then everyone will be happy as can refer either to a single guest, or immediately to all present, and you'll avoid trouble.

    If the room has alcoves, for example, on both sides of the fireplace can be placed in the corners of ornamental plants, and they improve the circulation of qi energy. To be useful, and wall lamps, especially in combination with pictures or photographs on the wall. It is important not to overload the room too much furniture, plants and ornaments. The movement of qi energy should be free, otherwise you will create a feeling of lethargy and depression.

    The central zone of the living room should be free of furniture. If you put it low table, decorate it with a vase of flowers, preferably yellow, the color is the element earth. It will be a symbol of prosperity and the prosperity of your family. Should beware of "hidden hands" that can create open bookcases, shelving and other angular furniture. Use bookcases with lockable doors or Disguise particularly dangerous corners of climbing plants and drapery.

    Yin and Yang.

    We have already mentioned that the balance in the room shifted in favor of Yang energy, because it is a place of communication and activism. When you're relaxing in the living room, make sure that this influence Yan was not too strong. This can be achieved using a combination of energetic forms and smooth lines, as well as neutrals and saturated colors.

    Room to let in as much natural light. Lighting should be bright enough, but not sharp. Using switches with smooth regulation of power for chandeliers and table lamps allow you to adjust the lighting depending on what you do.

    Electrical equipment.

    TVs and stereos promote Yang energy of the place where they are located. Therefore, they should be placed, given the directions for the correct activation energy. For example, in the south-east they will contribute to wealth and prosperity in south-west - will help maintain good relationships in the south - have expressed your desire for an active social life and acceptance outside the family. If you do not want to emphasize a particular aspect, then place the electrical appliances in the most neutral northern or north-westerly direction.

    Elements of Feng Shui in the living room.

    The hotel is living, you must take into account the properties and color of the five elements of Feng Shui. For example, located on the south-east of wooden objects will stimulate growth and development, and the characters element water support them. The excess of red in the west or north-west, may create unwanted stress, weaken the male half of the family.

    Avoid too pronounced emphasis as one element. If you paint the entire northern area of the room in blue and black tones, and even put in a corner of a large aquarium, it is likely you will be in the depths of the underwater kingdom, than you travel through life untroubled. It is better to put the aquarium on the south-east, where the water will stimulate your physical well-being. In the eastern part of living is better to have plants. Before draw room, think about the interior colors and symbols of the five elements of Feng Shui.

    Stimulation of individual sections of the living room.

    Seating is very well suited for stimulation of certain aspects of your life. If you want to improve their position in society, can activate the energy of the southern sector, using crystals, lamps or symbolic objects. You can light a candle, it will increase the energy of the room perfectly. If you build certain plans and hopes to implement them, stimulate the eastern part of the living room. This suit pictures, ornaments or decorations.

    But, hanging them, do not forget about those images that they create. For example, it would be inappropriate picture, awakens a sense of loneliness or abandonment, located in south-western sector. It is better to put it paired objects or hang a picture depicting the joyous scene. Beautiful mountain and water scenery, look great on the north side of the room.

    Improve the quality of Qi in the living room will help a vase with flowers. Remember that the flowers in the vase should always be fresh, and the water should be regularly changed. Pay attention to their position in society, placing flowers predominantly red and orange hues in the south, or to make emphasis on the creation and support of children in the family, putting white flowers in the west.

    As a dining room.

    If a large room in your home you use as a living room, and as a dining room, try to separate these two functions. Otherwise, none of them will not be completed, and you lose a certain quality of qi. Use the walls, sliding screens, or put the furniture so as to separate these two zones. Approach these areas also need to separately - as the living room and as a dining room. Central to the dining room - a dining table, but it does not in itself may be a good separator for a large room. He only unbalance in both residential areas and prevent their use for its intended purpose.


    Almost all the peoples of East and West regular meal - the event for the whole family. Creating in the dining room a good feng shui, you can strengthen relationships between family members, help to create a solid foundation for success in other areas of their lives. Ideally, the dining room should be located next to the living room and as close as possible to the center of the house.

    General recommendations.

    Virtually all the recommendations that we presented to the living room, fully applicable to the dining room. The space of the room must be organized so that the energy of chi can circulate freely inside, and all those present to feel free and confident. As mentioned above, if your house dining room and living room are located in the same room, dining area is recommended to isolate from the living room. This can be achieved using a wooden lattice with climbing plants, a mirror and paintings or photographs.

    Bookcase, bookcase or other similar piece of furniture can also serve to create a kind of dividing line. In combination with warm, inviting colors, preferably different from the living room, this arrangement can be a good solution for your apartment. If the dining room one large window or multiple windows, this is in terms of Feng Shui is unfortunate, as a distraction from the food and may cause a vague anxiety, especially among children. Regardless of whether the cafeteria is located in a separate room or allocated in the living room, she must have no more than two doors.

    House and surroundings - Living

    The main items of furniture in the dining room - dining table and chairs. Ideally, the chair should stand by the wall, but in practice it is not always possible to implement. Around the table is recommended to arrange an even number of chairs, as in Feng Shui, the even numbers are considered to be particularly favorable, perhaps even because the paired objects are associated with symbols of love and partnership. But regardless of how many chairs there are certain places for furniture, creating the most convenient configuration and allow chi energy to circulate freely around the room.

    Dining-room door, opening inwards, should not be faced with a chair, however, this recommendation applies to other rooms. As in the living room, dining room should be places of "honorary guest", they should have a face-to-door, but not directly in front of her.

    In a rectangular room is the most advantageous position of the diagonal of the table, when his bumpers are not parallel to the walls. In this case you will have two seats, which can be considered "honorable." Figure two chairs, facing the door, are in the "honorary" position, none of them is completely back to the window, and no one sits with his back to the door. You can also use additional elements, for example, put a vase of flowers on the mantelpiece or hang a mirror in the far corner of the dining room.

    The number of other pieces of furniture in the dining room should be minimal, in addition to tables and chairs will be sufficient or sideboard, for example, cupboard.

    Lighting and mirrors.

    For the dining room is off to a feeling of spaciousness, as people usually feel better when dining in a room with high ceiling. If the ceiling in your dining room is relatively low, for a sense of height can be used for wall fixtures with light directed upwards.

    Too bright lighting will not create comfort and relaxation, so it is best to use the switches continuously adjustable lamps or less power, at least for everyday meals. Good Feng Shui in the dining room create a mirror. They not only enhance the natural light and create the illusion of more space, but also doubles the number of dishes on the table, making every meal twice more impressive.

    Yin and Yang.

    Food - a calm and soothing occupation, so the balance in the dining room should be slightly shifted in the Yin. In the dining room should be more soft lighting and muted colors than in the living room. Try to avoid angular furniture with a pronounced Yan: it prevents home and guests to relax and makes them very active. Too soft chairs and very dark, heavy curtains can create an atmosphere of despondency and apathy. If you aspire to home comfort combined with lively conversation, try to find a point of equilibrium.

    Colors and elements of Feng Shui.

    Colors in the dining room should be soft and muted. If you want to stimulate certain areas of the room, just add a few strokes of the corresponding color. For example, a small red ornament, located on the south-west, will support the symbol of the element earth in this sector, and the picture in blue on the north wall accentuates the successful career of head of household.

    Dining table.

    Table for the dining room should be as much as possible the area, of course, depending on room size and the number of people who usually enjoy it. Free space at the table creates a sense of abundance and support a good balance of qi energy. Constraint for food, on the contrary, causes tension and, moreover, leads to digestive disorders.

    Has meaning and form of the table. Recall that the square shape represents the element earth, and the round - the element metal. Of all the tables, only rectangular and oval shape will create a special position for the head of the family, and, consequently, they are considered more formal.

    To create a sense of equality in a large family, of course, it is best to use a round table. The best material for the dining table is wood, because it has the properties of Yin, which contributes to a peaceful meal.


    Feng Shui recommends that you use the traditional form of the dishes, but good and octagonal plates, simulating the shape ba-gua. Metal cutlery should be well polished, it stimulates the energy of qi. The same applies to the faceted crystal glasses, repeatedly refracted and reflected light. Stuffed transparent liquid (such as white wine or champagne), they form a "personal crystals, which have a beneficial effect on sitting at the table. Glasses do not necessarily have to be expensive, even a simple cut glass stimulates the energy of qi.

    Color cloths should be selected in accordance with the zone of the room where the dining table: blue - in the north, green - on the east, etc. If you always use a white cloth, try to put on the table colored napkin rings. Napkin holder must be combined with the shape of the table: if a table is round and napkins should be round, if the oval - oval.

    Plants and decorations.

    In the dining room should not be a thorny plants, since they are strongly shift the balance in favor of Yang and hinder relax sitting at the table. It is better to put this plant with smoothly rounded leaves, pale green tones. Vase with flowers, located on the table, will stimulate the energy of qi. For the dining room is very suitable aquarium with small moving fish. However, it should not be placed in the southern corner of the room, because it faced the elements water and fire.

    If you dine with people in the household or with close friends, the conversation at the table will create enough sound background. However, if you invite new friends or work colleagues, to create a cozy atmosphere will help quiet music, it calms bodily qi your guests and mitigate any awkward pauses in conversation.

    Music should be chosen, given the present. Quiet instrumental music has an overall tonic effect and contribute to a frank conversation. The clock in the dining room is better not to: their constant ticking and a reminder of the time will cause a hurry and distract from the meal.


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