Home and environment - Sources of danger in your home.

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    Sources of danger in your home.

    TV. Number of electromagnetic waves emitted by television, can vary considerably depending on the type of TV, etc. Some studies have shown that those children who for a long time under the influence of electromagnetic fields, more at risk of contracting leukemia. However, there are studies that show that this danger is not so great. In any case, should not sit directly in front of a TV and allow your children to do so.

    Even if the TV is off, it still emits a fairly strong electromagnetic waves. Must be a complete misanthrope, in order not to have a TV in the house. Yes, we curse on TV, loudly assert that not watching TV. But ultimately it is in every house. This is where miracles begin. A new generation of white kitchen televisions, of course, support the element of Metal. But the black - the element of water. Brown - the element of Earth.

    If we look at television in terms of functionality, it is consuming electricity, should refer to the element of Fire. But no such luck. TV - this is first and foremost a moving image. A movement - it is water. From this point of view more favorably all TVs in black or white case - they create the smallest "difference of potential" elements. TV can be used as an aquarium - in the south-eastern sector, to enhance the zone of luck and success.

    While in the bedroom, for example, television is undesirable - especially if the sleepers are reflected in his off-screen. Bedrooms generally treated Feng Shui as a very special place. But what if there he is a TV, and so want to see before going to sleep? Learn from grandmothers and nabroste on TV patterned lace cape. When you go to save it, brush your teeth, extinguish the light and always close the screen curtain.

    Stereos. Stereo equipment typically emits a weak electromagnetic waves. However, do not let their children keep the CD or the player next to his bed. In addition, make sure to it when they work, the children were not with them.

    Lighting. Lighting usually emit a very weak electromagnetic waves. However, as a precaution, do not spend too much time reading, if the light source is located directly above your head and very close to you. It is best to have a strong flow of light aimed at the text, with whom you work, than a weak, directed on your head.

    Computer. Now computers are an integral part of our lives. But they have a negative impact on our health. To reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic waves that they radiate at a time when the computer is not working, are pushed away from him. Protective shields only protect from the effects of electric field and light effects, but do not block magnetic fields that affect us the most adverse effects. It is better to install inside the machine specific equipment, providing protection against magnetic fields. Built-in appliances and electronic clock electronic analog. During sleep, keep them at least at a distance of 1,5 meters.

    Microwaves. Is a strong source of electromagnetic fields. Most older models of microwave ovens are a source of microwave radiation, whose effects on the human body can cause damage to the chromosomes. After using the microwave oven to turn off from the mains.

    Electric ovens. Reduce to a minimum stay of about a running electric. If possible, use gas stoves. Not the source of magnetic fields. Refrigerator. Do not stay long with him, as it generates a strong electric field. Small appliances. They also are sources of electromagnetic fields. Do not abuse their use.

    How to reduce the harmful effects to a minimum?

    - Rarely use a mobile phone;
    - If a long telephone conversation, it is better to use conventional, not the electric telephone;
    - Watch TV from a distance of not less than two meters;
    - Do not allow children to sit long at the computer;
    - Stay away from operating microwave ovens;
    - Not blow-dry;
    - Not to put the bed electrical appliances;
    - Not be under the bed, electric wires and cables;
    - Do not keep running a laptop on his knees;
    - Put in places that can come from the harmful rays or waves, plants, contributing to their disposal: fern, vine, etc.


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