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    In recent years the number of people working at home, growing at breakneck speed through the development of computer technologies. Homework solves many problems associated with time lost in traffic jams, stress of big cities, with children.

    If your house has a study, you can significantly improve the quality and productivity of their labor, using the principles of Feng Shui. Ideally, the cabinet must be located on the south-east, north-west, north or north-east of the house or apartment.

    The Cabinet is the room in your house where you show your activity, where you work creatively and where you implement your opportunities. If the energy of this place in your home or locked in a state of stagnation, it can affect your performance, as well as your creativity. This is a place where you can symbolically express your wishes, hopes and ambitions. Work is one of the most intimate ways to express themselves. Having made his office a reflection of your personality, you can achieve truly extraordinary results in improving your performance and success in all areas of your life.

    Cabinet in your home should be a space where there is unrest or collapse. Qi energy should move freely in the space of your office, and there is nothing that prevents this, as a mess. Therefore, start with "parse rubble. Your home office or study to create a sense of safe haven. It should be located separately from the other rooms in your house in order so that you can concentrate on work.

    If your home is not enough space to make a separate cabinet, it suits his purpose in the room where I usually gather all members of your family, and it enables you to create some sense of privacy and separate from other rooms in the house, especially if you use for the curtain or screen. For decorative painting, or cabinet, use slogans and objects that symbolize the work that you want to finish, but because they may be useful for achieving this goal.

    Do not forget to hang the diplomas there, because they are the symbols you have already achieved results. Also, think about what might be for you a source, giving force and support. This may be portraits of people on whom you want something to look like, as well as photos of your children, your business partners or friends. Choose to his cabinet such furniture and accessories, which will be for you a symbol of wealth, prosperity and success, and then you suddenly see for yourself that you yourself begin to perceive themselves more positively, and everything will start to appreciate you.

    Yin and Yang.

    Since the cabinet is designed for active mental activity, it must dominate the energy of Yang. As a rule, it is the case, since the office furniture is different abundance of straight lines and sharp angles. In addition, in the office with computers, telephones and other electrical devices that stimulate the qi energy.

    The colors and lighting.

    Making out the study, preference should be given strong and rich colors. Do not choose for cabinet pastel shades. At the window is better to hang curtains and blinds, because they better emphasize the element of Yang, the denser the curtains. Cabinet shall be illuminated better than other rooms, and be the best possible use of natural light. This is not only practical, but also helps to enhance the various energies, creating a favorable working environment. When you're at the table, make sure that the overhead light was not located directly above your head, because in that case, you will experience the psychological discomfort.


    The main subject of the situation of any cabinet - of course, a writing desk. It should be located so that, working for him, you might well see the front door. If not, hang on the opposite wall or put in front of a mirror, which will affect the front door. So you'll see outside the room of people.

    It is not recommended in the cabinet to sit facing the wall, since it hampers the movement of bodily qi energy, and ultimately can lead to isolation and even claustrophobic. However, if the other options you do not, hang up before the table now with a pleasant landscape. It will give a sense of depth and dissipate negative emotions from the enclosed space.

    If your office has no windows, use the objects that attract the energy of qi. This may be a rotating fan on the ceiling, table bell, or a collection of shells, collected during the summer vacation.

    Impact energy sha qi.

    Offices and work rooms are potentially dangerous because of "secret arrows" created angular furniture and open bookshelves. Therefore, in the office is better to use glazed shelves or bookcases with lockable doors to books, reference materials and office supplies were not kept in view. In addition, it will help calm your personal energy of qi, as untidy room cluttered with different objects, it is difficult to maintain clarity of thought.

    You can mitigate the negative impact of sha chi, using mirrors and creeping plants. Crystal or glass paperweights, located on the right hand, will reject any unfavorable energy. The compositional and semantic center of the Study is a table. Its location and shape have a direct impact on business development for your future career. If your activities do not involve constant communication with customers and such a position is contrary to your favorable direction (see "Number of Gua"), it makes sense to put a table in a very calm and very supportive in terms of feng shui area of the cabinet - on a diagonal, in the far corner of the front door. This will give you a steady income.

    You should not sit back to the door or window, the energy of qi is too high. In Feng Shui, this situation is called "empty door" and suggests a lack of support. The table should not stand under the ceiling beams, as well as the negative impact of sha qi inevitably affect your career or the fate of a commercial organization. You can not place the table at an acute angle to the walls. This position is in the Feng Shui incorrect, as the delay represents financial development.

    Desktop to install such a way that behind you is a wall (a symbol of the mountain), which will provide you the support and protection. Polezno hang on the wall picture or pictorial image of a high mountain. This tool Feng Shui you will create a reputation of a wise and fair leader. Around the table should be enough free space, so you can get up and sit down, held together without interference.

    If you closely to you, and the qi will feel constrained, its promotion dangerously slow. Stagnation of positive energy leads to its rebirth in the negative, malicious. Working in close, cluttered, densely cluttered office furniture, you will never succeed. You will always be concerned about financial problems, relationships with the staff will not take shape as you wish, etc.

    If you feel uncomfortable in the workplace, you will not work, change the position of the table, because this is what most affects your mood and good fortune (see "Number of Gua"). The space before the table should remain free, sitting behind him must have a good overview, see included in the study. Table size should be proportional to the size of the premises, and certainly consistent with her position of its owner.

    In Feng Shui design of the table, too, is symbolic, and therefore subject to special rules. It is desirable that it was a steady table, made of durable material, symmetrical design. If this table stand for paper and stationery, the left and right tables should be identical in shape and size (the strength of the White Tiger and Green Dragon in harmony, see "Celestial Animals"), and the internal space between them must be protected from Eye outsiders (table, having a solid panel on the outside). This design will provide you with reliable support of the White Tiger and Green Dragon, Black Turtle protection, create the harmony of Yin-Yang and good Feng Shui cabinet as a whole.

    You can not combine the study and bedroom. Different types of energy will collide and reduce your progress in both areas. Can not sit back to the door (you doom yourself to the "dagger stroke" from people you trust) and the window - you will miss the support in the work. If you experience difficulties when chewing granite science - to hang a mirror in his office in a blue frame.


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