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    The shape and appearance of the roof of the building also have some meaning and energy load. The neighboring house with a triangular or pointed roof will suppress Feng Shui as well as stacks or even a large tree.

    These items must be removed from sight as quickly as possible. Skates on the facades of the buildings may look aesthetically pleasing, but from the standpoint of Feng Shui energy they create sha chi, which symbolizes the vicissitudes of fate (like everything else, downward, traditionally considered to be adverse). If your house has such "decorations" are usually advised to paint them, thus erasing them. If your home, especially the front door looking at these arrows, set the octagonal mirror in that direction.

    If the house has a roof in the form of an acute triangle is aimed at another house, which stands across the road, planted a row of trees to block the flow of the unfavorable energy, or hang a large round mirror to reflect the threatening structure. Chinese in these situations often set mirror ba-gua (even a small amount of the remedy can reflect the energy kills).

    We can not allow the eaves of the roof or sun visor was "permeated with a tree" (ie, the tree just opposite). In one-story houses on the roof tiles should not oscillate. If storms and lightning storms or man zalezshy on the roof, split tiles, you should immediately repaired, otherwise there is risk of disease.


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