House and surroundings - Kitchen.

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    House and surroundings - Kitchen

    Kitchen - the most frequently visited place in the house or apartment. In China it is considered that type of cuisine reflects the welfare of the family. Many homes kitchen becomes the center of communication, and almost all the significant events are taking place there, especially if on weekdays kitchen also serves as a dining room.

    Kitchen should be large enough for one could walk freely, bright and at the same time, should have all the necessary amenities for cooking. Ideal - when being in the kitchen and working at the stove, sinks and work tables, you can see whoever is there. However, this is not always possible. To remedy this situation, the entrance you can hang a mirror and, besides, it will visually increase the amount of food.

    Kitchen should not be passing, as the constant movement distracts from the work. Often, especially in the homes of the old buildings, the kitchen is a door leading to the "back door". In such cases it is possible to separate the aisle, isolating the kitchen from unwanted interference.

    As shown in the figure, you can push the kitchen cabinet from the wall to create a natural route for those who need to pass from the back door to the dining room or living room. Such a simple solution would create an isolated space in the kitchen and enable communication with the entering person, especially if the buffet can be lowered to the height of work tables.

    In addition, the figure shows that, if outweigh the rear door on the other side, the incoming person will be naturally directed to "pass". If he wants to talk to those who work in the kitchen, this would be easy. To avoid the feeling of constraint at the entrance through the back door, to the near wall, you can hang the mirror.

    The five elements of Feng Shui in the kitchen.

    In the kitchen, special attention should be paid to the interaction of the five elements of Feng Shui, especially the Water and Fire. Not recommended to place the stove near the refrigerator or sink, as it leads to the accumulation of negative sha qi energy, which may contribute to excessive irritability, family quarrels or disorder in financial affairs.

    The role of mediator between water and fire does the element tree, so you can use it characters, such as a wall or floor tiles of green shades or ornament of the same colors. Improvement Feng Shui kitchen will always pay off handsomely, as this room is used very often, making a huge contribution to the welfare home. Also here the food is cooked.

    Order in the kitchen.

    The order of the kitchen reflects the financial condition of the family as the basic element that is present here - it is water, symbolizing prosperity. It is very important not to clutter the kitchen extraneous objects contain surfaces clean. Trifles can be stored in the pillars and on the shelves of the buffet, do not scatter them around the room.

    It should also be remembered that the protruding corners, open shelves and sharp objects create negative sha qi energy. If you are in the kitchen are open shelves or racks, better use round containers for bulk products. Knives and forks should be kept in a separate box, removing them only when necessary.

    Stove and electrical equipment.

    Kitchen play one of the major places in terms of attaining happiness, success and abundance. The main thing - to install a stove in the right direction. It is the most important energy center in the kitchen. Your food should be prepared taking into account the positive compass directions. Please be extremely careful in determining the direction of the slab. Make sure that her hands are in a favorable direction for you. Your plate is under the window? If yes, - Feng Shui advises rearrange it to another place, otherwise the energy of the fire will disappear through the window.

    If you move it does not, hang on a window frame pots with plants or place a number of wooden utensils. A plate is connected with the element fire. The Chinese believe that the board will certainly be facing facade of the south-east and, as a sacred object, it is necessary to keep clean. In the belief that outside board can not cry, swear, kissing and singing. You can not cut the onions, as the stove itself, and near it.

    In the kitchen, as a rule, are constantly working appliances, which are well stimulate some of its zone. So better to put a fridge in the south-eastern sector, as it will help improve your financial situation. Refrigerator, located in the south-west, will serve to strengthen family relationships. It is not recommended to put a fridge in the south, because the element of Fire is not compatible with low temperature.

    And if the kitchen is a microwave oven? Author of the book "Feng Shui for Lovers" Sarah Bartlett wrote: "I would not recommend to rely too much on the microwave oven: it operates with the help of cold energy, related to the element of metal, not fire. If you want additional difficulties in your personal relationships, can be no doubt: a microwave oven will give you them in full. Plate should be well lit, it is important that the plate and that is brewed, hit enough natural light. If this can not be achieved, it is recommended to hang in the kitchen mirror, to reflect the light of day on the stove and food. "

    Microwave easily move from place to place, so you can select which area of the kitchen is best suited for stimulation of qi energy. If a husband and wife belong to different groups (see "Number of Gua"), and both work, then you need to buy various appliances - kettle, toaster, elektrogrili, mixers, and arrange them so that all family members can benefit from good directions . Once again I draw your attention to the fact that it handles all the electrical appliances should be located in a favorable direction for you.

    Yin and Yang.

    The kitchen is always vigorous activity, so it should prevail beginning Yan. Tree inclines the balance in favor of Yin and Yang Metal emphasizes quality, so try to balance these opposites not only on the basis of personal taste, but in accordance with the requirements of Feng Shui.
    Excess element tree can lead to a surly and smug atmosphere in the kitchen, and an excess of Metal will give the room a technological view and will cause aggressive emotions.

    The colors and lighting.

    Lighting in the kitchen should be bright enough, but not sharp. The best movement of qi energy created by natural light, so the windows in the kitchen should not have solid frames, because they will hold part of the world. Day shifts curtains or raise blinds to let in the kitchen as much as possible light. Do not fill the kitchen abundance of plants, there is enough of a flower in a pot or crystal hanging in front of the window, to improve the atmosphere.

    If your kitchen is small and quite dark, paint it a light shade of paint or wallpaper, select the light, and Strengthen capacity of the upper light. The kitchen should be avoided scarlet, dark blue and generally saturated colors, better opt for pastel shades. Pure white is too harsh for the other rooms, there will be very effective because it creates a sense of space.

    If you want to stimulate some kind of zone in the kitchen, using color, it is better to do it without changing the color of furniture or wallpaper, but with the help of small objects. For example, in the south can stimulate the Fire element, putting it red jug or a toaster. This will contribute to your successful career. Element of water, located on the north and conducive to spiritual development, can be activated by placing there any black object or black decoration.

    Using different shades in the kitchen, avoid the color combinations of opposite elements. For example, black element Water must not fall into the southern zone of fire; colored Metal element should not prevail in the eastern and south-eastern areas, as they relate to the element tree. The Chinese have never meet you a question: "How are you?". Instead, it asks about: "How do you eat?" Or "Are you hungry?". Why? Because food and cooking are the equivalent of a good life.

    Kitchen - a place where we nourish the body - very important in terms of Feng Shui. To the energy acquired in the kitchen, remained good, consider the following recommendations.

    - Unwanted entry into the kitchen right from the hallway. Kitchen should be protected from the entrance to another room;
    - Ideal location - a central place in the house. It is better if the kitchen visually separated from the rest of housing - a curtain, step (kitchen - above), the door.
    - In the kitchen is important is a good circulation of energy.
    - Well, if the kitchen is located on the central axis, and not on the diagonal - to simplify the path of energy.
    - Bad - if the kitchen once bordered the toilet. This affects the health of the family, as the good energy flowing into drains. Wall, with a common bathroom, it is desirable to close the foil (reflectors).
    - In the kitchen you need to maintain perfect order. Particularly bad effect on the health of family members glassware with cracks, broken-out of the corner. This is unacceptable.
    - Home - harmony of elements in the kitchen. Here you can easily cause conflict: plate - fire, sink - water, kitchen utensils (especially ceramics) - the Earth. Balance of elements should be calculated, and possible conflicts extinguish color (curtains, floor, walls), textures (metal tableware, especially stainless steel), plants.
    - The hostess at the stove should not stand with his back to the door, and her eyes should not rest against a blank wall. If you still can not change the position of plates, then before the hostess should be a mirror reflecting the front door.
    - Fridge should stand in the kitchen. If a family has problems with overeating, overweight, then the refrigerator should "cover up", such as whips plants (natural or artificial).
    - A plate should be located not in a straight line from the entrance - attack, and not under the window - energy dissipation.
    - To harmonize the situation in your kitchen - donate or throw away the old and useless. Keep only those appliances and cutlery, which you use constantly.
    - Cranes should not leak. Leaking faucet - flowing Health (carries good energy) and well-being. Not allowed to flow plumbing anywhere in the house.
    - You can not swear in the kitchen or watching TV moment the dark - all eaten, and does damage.
    - Windows cuisine. South, South-East or East: a long and happy marriage. West - the degradation and decline. South - eternal cook (always a lot of tasty food). North - inhibits development. North-East - soothes, reduces mood. North-West - a perfect location of the window. South-West - activity, scandals.
    - Knives, forks should be placed so that their tip is not looked into the room, even through the walls of the box and lay the tips where they are at no point. And never keep knives with forks (and indeed piercing-cutting items) in a conspicuous place in the sector corresponding to the direction of harm to the woman. This can lead to unnecessary, petty quarrels within the family.

    Kitchen is also important as the bedroom. Table for cooking, a chef who works should be positioned so that the hostess could see entering the kitchen. Place a mirror or a silver tray on the table so that the front door was reflected in the surface. Then the cook would not be afraid of the unexpected visitor. Remove excess furniture from under the feet, cut down all protruding corners, on which you can hit. Never hang shelves above the dining table or over his head sitting.

    Ideally, the kitchen should be located on the right side of the house or near the dining room. If the kitchen is too far from the place where the family eats, then the very high likelihood of conflicts between parents and children. Kitchen to be ventilated and clean, and the energy in it - gently circulate, and not stagnate, as it is - a place where all the food is prepared.

    Dining should be small and round shape table is preferable to the square. If possible, install a mirror on the wall next to the dining table to food, visually doubling, symbolizes abundance for the family. You can also hang pictures of fruits or vegetables, symbolizing the constant availability of food for the family. Location dishes or plates in the east or south-east - a great happiness. In the south-western part of the home kitchen have not.

    No less important attribute in the kitchen "magic" - a dining table. It symbolizes the home altar, so you need to place it parallel to the wall, so that energy flows around the house foundation, and it flowed. On the table can not sit down, put on his money, keys. It will only bring misfortune. To speed up the results in search of work can be placed in the kitchen a work of art in black tones, and with tarnished reputations needed red kitchen curtains.

    Manipulating the five elements can be made on any action to find resistance. And if we can not radically change the situation (let's say, in our model homes shamelessly adjoins kitchen with a toilet) - that can neutralize her, hanging on the wall between the trinket, a symbol of the element, namely the one that will restore harmony. Here is a rule: each element generates the next, but inhibits the second by himself.

    Arrangement of furniture in the kitchen - sink - the element of Water. It generates a tree, so close is butcher's table. The tree produces "Fire" - followed by the stove. Fire generates Earth - on a windowsill flowers in pots. In the corner - a refrigerator, and the metal produces water, so the circle and closed. This is a complete harmony. If the cover is a metal table - put it on something green, or blue, it will match the wood. If the plate next to the sink - Water extinguishes fire, that is in the kitchen will always be conflicts.


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