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    Chinese thousand-year observations confirm that some places bring more success and happiness than others. Every hill, building, wall, window, corner, and their location in relation to the wind and water impacts on human life in its own way. Word of life experience and wisdom: each local area sees the spirit of those who in this place is because the spirit of this man leaves an "imprint" on everything that regard.

    Therefore: When choosing an apartment or building a house at first appreciate the surrounding landscape and the overall situation around the house: to be avoided or be in places where there are dangerous objects, aiming in this direction, the so-called poison arrows, or sha qi energy. This may be the church steeples, aimed directly at the entrance, carrying too large a charge the Yin energy in your direction or transmission, or other towers that spread harmful radiation

    If the landscape is completely flat, it might not be specific hazards, but will not give anything good, place unprotected from the winds, has bad Feng Shui because they have no time to produce energy. The most favorable is the hilly terrain. Hills do not give the raging winds, and river valleys provide the necessary moisture for all life - is the habitat of the Green Dragon, and they are considered most favorable for life.

    At the same adjustments need to be too flat terrain (the predominance of Yin), and too hilly (the predominance of Yang). On the plain to arrange the rise, make a few boulders. If too hilly terrain should be somewhat level the terrain - to fill ravines, etc.

    Mountain behind the house embodies the support and brings good luck, but if the mountain in front of the main entrance - must be corrected. Move or re-orient the main entrance door so that the mountain was not in sight. Remember that grief is senseless to resist, much better to take advantage of its protection and support. In the city as a mountain in front of the entrance can be a massive high building or just a blank wall.

    Regarding the relief is another important rule - the level area left of the house should be slightly higher than the right. The dominance of the Green Dragon over the White Tiger is one of the most important factors. If the party is still below the Dragon, then you can set it high bright lamp. Perhaps this is a simpler solution compared to the artificial change in topography. If you live in the city, then by analogy with the hills, the building, located on the left should be higher than the building on the right.

    But these buildings should not hang over your house. By the way, the most favorable is a house built in the middle of the hill. House on the top, like the apartment on the top floors of the skyscraper (especially when it is the highest) has a bad feng shui - a home with open and has no support. If you live on the top floors of the tallest building in the city but still in its roof has a large swimming pool, you provided just terrible feng shui.

    In the trees, as is known, powerful energy fields. Some species can even convert the energy. The big tree in the north-west of the house - a happy omen. (North-west of the scheme later the sky (houtyan) refers to the pure-Jansky trigram Chien-creation). Seeds of the tree can defend the inhabitants of the house, bring all the joy. If you cut the tree, you may have problems with the appearance of progeny.

    In the yard of a dwelling house can not put big trees. Between the houses (especially when the base horseshoe or square yard) in any case not plant trees or to concrete yard. Courtyard houses are not recommended to pave dimensional brick or stone slabs, drawn negative (Yin) energy - decreases the fate of the family. Just before the entrance there should be no large trees, because they not only impede the arrival of positive (Jansky) energy (Yan-chi) in the house, but the negative (Yin, Yin-chi) is removed with difficulty.

    In addition, there is the threat of lightning strikes, and falling leaves can easily be recorded in the house. Before entering in any case should not be dry wood, the more so - a large, standing or lying on the ground. This is especially harmful to older people, but also leads to depletion. Existing roots the same best uproot.

    But here, Feng Shui recommends that adhere to certain rules. There should be no large trees directly in front of the entrance. They prevent the penetration into the house of a positive - Yana - energy, and block the exit of negative - Yin. Can not plant trees and between buildings in the yard - it brings misfortune. If the house faces south, it is better to arrange a garden on the east side.

    Do not try to "stick" garden in a narrow corner, let him take a place behind the house. Well, try to separate it from the home. Well, if along the walls of the house stretches a greenhouse or a greenhouse - it will emphasize the "squareness" home. But the path in the garden is better to make fancifully-twisting: straight as an arrow, the path to home is not allowed - too great pressure energy.

    House in no case can not be built on the crest of the mountains or to enter or leave the mountain gorge, as this would not only not good luck, due to geographical factors, but on the contrary, it is easy to get a variety of illnesses. If the south of the house is empty space - stay here calms the heart.


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