House and surroundings - Stairs.

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    House and surroundings - Stairs

    If the staircase is located exactly in the center of the home - take urgent action. Steps act as pipelines, Qi waddled through the house. If steps lead to your front door from the street, put a footrest or a special ribbed mat to the feet can not slip. Clearly, steps should not stagger or be too steep. Stairs in the house is extremely important because it connects the flow of qi of the upper floors with the bottom.

    Should carefully consider the number of steps on the stairs. Traditionally, the stages are considered to be either three or four. Score three stages - the so-called cycle of "gold - silver - death"; by four - cycle success - prosperity - failure - a decline. The last step in the ladder must be in its "gold" or "silver" or the "luck" or "prosperity". Thus, a positive number of steps - 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17 and 22.

    An experienced master of geomancy, or feng shui can help with the Chinese compass to determine the favorable orientation of the stairs in the house. In general, the different types of orientation can enhance the good or bad chi that can affect the fate, health and social status of the owner of the house.

    If the stairs to locate in a place where prevailing:

    - Qi life force - the fate of the owner of the house is much improved;
    - Happy Qi - the fate also improve, but slowly;
    - Chi flat - good luck would be volatile;
    - Fluctuating chi - good luck will gradually turn away from the owner of the house;
    - Unhappy Qi - success will vary greatly;
    - Qi evil forces - will be a lot of trouble caused by family members, who commit a wrong or shameful deeds, thereby destroying the reputation of the family;
    - Suffocating qi - the family is gradually coming into decline because of financial problems and diseases.

    Six basic rules associated with the placement of the stairs in the house:

    - Stairs must not be opposite the door of the front door.
    - Do not have a ladder in the center of the house.
    - Stairs must not be placed opposite the toilet door.
    - Stairs must not be situated opposite the bedroom door.
    - Stairs must not go in the direction of the angle of the wall.
    - In the house there should be two facing each other stairs.

    Additional recommendations:

    - Stairs must not be too steep and too narrow; undesirable large number of twists and turns, not recommended spiral staircase.
    - Do not put a stove in front of the stairs and under the stairs.
    - Stairs should be well lit throughout.
    - To bring good chi and ensure good luck to the owner at home, in the construction of stairs do not forget to put "five happy things" in every step (if the ladder concrete) or in the first and last step (if the staircase, wooden).


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