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    Often, trendy new items just cause protests professionals. For example, an excessively large soles forced to respond orthopedists, and the fashion for tattoos and piercings - immunologists. The latest novelty in the market of furniture - triangle (angle) beds and tables, especially the computer, but this furniture does not meet the requirements of Feng Shui.

    This means that the table-top table is in the form of a pentagon, and the right angle facing the corner of the room. Accordingly, if working at the table would raise his head, he sees a corner of the room. Pentagonal beds (instead of the traditional corner sofas) - rage. In this case, sleep in a corner room overlooking crown.

    Naturally, the furniture designer looking for new solutions that meet many requirements. Furniture should be practical, not too expensive, fashionable and original, save space or to create a unique image of the premises. Sooner or later the search was supposed to bring the masters of furniture "in the corner", where traditionally loses a certain amount of useful centimeters.

    But Feng Shui does not approve of Eyes on the corner - or on the outside (corner cabinet furniture), or the internal (corner room). In accordance with the teachings from the outside, the speaker angle in the living space directed flow of negative energy inside the same angle - a place of active outflow of energy. Man sitting face-to-corner or lying in his crown, inevitably loses some of its energy fighting the negative impact from the outside.

    No wonder the child put up to mischief in the corner: in places such energy is suppressed, the person feels miserable. So you should not push the favorite chair in the corner: instead, to rest and gain strength, you're in that corner became restless. But if you feel too excited, front, sit in a corner a little bit - you will be easier to calm down, get rid of aggression. In addition, the corners of rooms often become places stagnating energy.

    Where the energy stagnates, it becomes negative, destructive properties. Threat are not only pentagonal beds and tables. Potentially dangerous protruding angles: furniture, beams and so on. They also give rise to the so-called "poisoned arrows" - issued a negative light. Remember the old marks: not sit in the corner! Not only the ancient Chinese felt these negative effects.

    Negative energy can dissipate. If you already bought a bed or a corner, for example, computer desk, be sure to hang in a corner with lush plant pots, large plants, or attach it bunch of artificial plants.


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