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    Windows and doors.

    The energy enters the house, as a current of air. It can enter through the window, rolled coil and exit through the open door. Man on the path of this flow will feel uncomfortable. But in the corner, it will be fine. We noticed that coming to someone's house, we instinctively avoid places at the open door, crawled inside the room?

    But not every corner is good: if the energy is there does not reach, lean fatigue, malaise. Bad as, if the room has one door and no windows. For the energy input is and output, at the door there is a permanent "disorder" - the collision energy flows. This chaos will affect the mood and feeling.

    Inside the doors are very important because they produce effects microdistribution of vital energy and are mini-hallways. You see three doors in a row (from room to room and down the hall). Know - qi moves too quickly. Divide the space shirmochkami, screensavers, artificial plants. In general, make a "dam" to attract chi to each door to each room.

    If there is a boarded-up, unused doors, be absolutely sure that they zadekorirovany from both sides. Hang up on them, paintings, tapestries, posters, carpets. In general, that it was impossible to recognize in this object is a former door. Otherwise, you have a chance to step into "nowhere" or, you may be visited by guests from "nowhere". Large doors must be opened in large rooms. If a big door opens into the bathroom, resident spends most of the time.

    Large door not only attracts your attention, but "attention" qi. If you have more than just "take" bathroom, you have the chance to become empty and vain, you can walk to the narcissism and arrogance, and sometimes it leads to the development of certain diseases. In any case, this bathroom is very busy point of your home. And, of course, loose or improperly attached deadlights doors are a source of danger to your life.

    If you have sliding doors with a lock or door, with the slope, you should hang a curtain that obscures the slope or rollers. WAGS when you open the door to each other can contribute to deepen the differences in your family. One of these doors should be kept permanently closed. If the doors are located opposite each other face to face, draw a small red dots on the middle of each door. The points act as the eyes, looking out at each other.

    Even on a perfect Feng Shui home may be damaged badly oriented under the influence of sha chi or disharmonious with the positions of Yin-Yang balance of the front door. Typically, in this case to afflict all sorts of people into trouble. Well located in the door usually opens wide, bright room or hallway and leaves a feeling of joy, space and comfort. It must open inward, and to ensure the maximum review of the interior. The corridor should not be anything that could prevent the penetration of free energy in the house.

    Front door to be opened in a small hall, but at the same time, ensure the maximum review interior. Enter the dark, narrow corridor, or unfavorable, as "strangling" the flow of energy. Usually this can be fixed by hanging a large mirror on one wall and well illuminated that room. The entrance door should also open in a corridor with a low ceiling or bulky overhanging beams, which causes frequent illness among residents of the house. In this case, the overhead lighting can, to some degree, solve the problem.

    The Chinese prefer not to have three or more doors on one line, especially if it's front and rear doors, as it is believed that the energy that went in, and immediately went to the back door and holds your luck in the house. There are several means to solve this problem. The first - to hang on the upper doorpost of bells, the second - set the screen or a screen in front of one of the doors to "swirl" flow of energy to keep her at once to leave the house or premises.

    Doors must be the correct form and not slanted, otherwise it will cause adverse effects. Doors leading to various rooms within the house, being opposite to each other, should be the same shape and well positioned on the same line. Offset doors and disharmonious sizes, as well as their very close proximity to each other, is usually a family quarrel.

    A few words about the seldom-used doors. They become "dead" and slow down the flow of energy in the house. To resolve this problem, hang a mirror or a colorful picture on the unused door, and these funds will provide the necessary volume and support the flow of qi. The mirror can also be used to align the two doors, whose axes are not on the same line.

    Beveled door or the door of irregular shape can be disguised by curtains or bright picture. The Chinese are very sensitive to the location and design of toilets and bathrooms. Usually, they should not strike the eye, and the bathroom door should not go directly to the dining room or office. More conservative approach is to calculate the location of the toilet so that he was not in the zone of well-being or health, and that the door can not be found opposite the entrance door. If so, then there is the danger that a good energy that entered the house, will "run off" in the toilet. To prevent such leaks, always keep the toilet lid and door leading to the toilet, in private.

    One of the most radical measures aimed at correcting bad situations - change direction of the front door. Sometimes this may be due to the harmful effects brought to bear any of the poisonous arrows of sha qi, and sometimes because of the mismatch element door element chapter house or company. If these conditions create a permanent failure, the only way to combat them is a reorientation of the entrance so that he was not on the dangerous line. Perhaps one of the most striking examples for improvements as a result of repositioning the front door is the story of the hotel "Hiatt" in Singapore.

    Once the direction of all its doors were replaced, this hotel has experienced an unprecedented rise in their affairs, which continues to this day. In a separate dwelling can not have a back door, otherwise it is impossible to live there for a long time, because it will harm, mainly spouses.

    The door frame or door pillars should not be distorted, otherwise the disease will occur easily. In the system of knowledge of Feng Shui house is comparable with the family. Windows - children, the door - it is the parents. If the windows than doors, children predominate. Hung a bell or something that produces sound when the door opens, you will attach the energy your parents. Windows can not see but can hear.

    The windows open only half, give a distorted view of the outside, they "Radiation at. The windows should be kept open or fully closed. Zashtorivayte windows overlooking the West (the West - a place of dying after Qi midday sun - the sunset). Also, if you have a bad view from the window, especially if you are below the intersection or corner of a building, or pole, and even worse, if the window goes to the cemetery (fortunately this happens very rarely).

    It is also important that your house was well lit both inside and outside. You should not be anywhere locked doors and windows should be opened and closed without any effort. House - this is your castle, so it is, first and foremost, should be safe for the hosts. If the window inside the home opened to the east, this is best. However, this leads to an irregular monthly women that is bad. If the house where lived in the western part, the windows can be opened to the south, the joy of growing, and sorrow decrease.

    Very nice stained glass windows of stained glass (remember, for example, his impression of stained glass windows of Gothic cathedrals of Catholic churches). Liven up your room, and it will revive and will support you.


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