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    Windows and lights - sources of energy in your home. If the window faces north - do not restrict boring chandelier on the ceiling, play with lamps, wall lamps. Colors should not be many: two or three energetic spots - and has been active yang energy filled the room.

    It may be curtains, a couple of chairs, ottoman, pillows. Everything else is better to withstand the necessary, but the calm bright colors. The fire must be lit in the house regularly (except when it is contraindicated in the natal chart or table wandering stars). By the way, if you live outside the city, and you have a stove, a fireplace - drown them at least once a month to centers of energy is not lost.

    Short of everything:

    A unique phenomenon - the aroma lamp. It acts on the premises at once by fire, water (steam), aroma, which can meet the required elements. Furthermore, the majority holders - ceramic, that is, reflect the element of Earth. Is important to a well-chosen spot. It is important that your house was well lighted, both inside and outside. The play of light and shadow, light and sunbeams glare glass "revives" any premises. Poor lighting should be strengthened, including through the regular washing of windows - this will allow solar energy to improve the atmosphere in your home.

    Under the rules of Feng Shui house should be designed to pass a lot of light and air. The dark lobby and rooms cause stagnation of energy. Light brings a huge dose of Yang energy in the house, especially in the dark (Yin) time of day. Masters of Feng Shui, is strongly advised for those who can afford it, use brighter lighting crystal chandeliers, as they combine crystals and light, as a good means of enhancing and Qi circulation inside the house.

    As soon as possible, replace burnt-out bulbs and broken windows, so as not evaporated positive energy. Fluorescent change the traditional incandescent lamps: flicker violates the movement of energy. To create a sense of height with a relatively low ceiling, you can use wall lights with light directed upwards. Too bright lighting is not conducive to comfort and relaxation, so use switches continuously adjustable or lower power lights.

    In terms of Feng Shui for interior lighting are recommended spot lights - the symbol of the sun. Not enough room lighting suppresses qi. Bright light stimulates the Qi rights. Chandeliers activate and evenly distribute the qi in the room. Chandeliers, hanging low, suppress Qi tenants. Any artificial light - a symbol of the sun. And if the Feng Shui recommends that greater importance to you zone ba-gua (see "Octagon ba-gua") with lighting, initially it was natural lighting.

    The Chinese knew the location of a system of mirrors. They enjoyed not only to repel negative energy, but also to illuminate the room. If you position the mirrors on a certain scheme, we can illuminate even the darkest room. In ancient times strong sources of artificial light did not know, therefore, sought to increase their power at the expense of the number and location of the uniform that all angles were covered. However, with candles to do this is not so simple. And collecting a lot of candles in the correct location, thus strengthened zone ba-gua. Candles not only took up space in the darkness, they also destroyed the negative energy, because the fire burns the energy mud.

    Electricity - this is not a fire, then there is no actual cleaning, but moved to the quality of artificial lighting the fire and sun. Therefore, Feng Shui, and believes that the bright light accelerates the circulation of qi, affects the area ba-gua, and improves our lives. The crystals, which we set at the window, too, require light, they do not know how to work in the dark. Only light can overcome all the negative, evil. Artificial light can also enhance the positive chi, as the sun. That is why modern Feng Shui recommends the installation of bright lights, if you want to strengthen some areas, that is to improve the lot of man.

    If you want to find a girlfriend living young man, the area of love and marriage in his room (or the whole area in an apartment) has to be brightly lit, the light rays to soak those pictures or photographs, which he hung on the walls. If you want to improve relations between children and adults, the coverage area of children, so that the light fell on their photos.

    Malposed door "corrected", if it is installed in front of or suspended from strong light. The food gets a higher taste, if brightly lit kitchen. Room, where friends gather to sit in the evening, too, should be light, so something and put important energy center of the house crystal chandelier. This combined two essential elements - crystals, giving the whole house flow of positive energy, and bright light, which activates the crystals.

    Seen as a more precise location for the chandeliers, the more salutary will be the situation in the house. It is no coincidence accepted that the chandelier was in the living room, because it unites the family living room. Very good, loving each other when people sit in a room filled with positive chi, because their own bio is tuned to the radiation. This means that they are not only energy and harmonize the psyche, but to get rid of disease, develop spiritually.

    Light, like a mirror - one of the favorite tools of Feng Shui. To light as something magical came to us from the ancient times when bright light for many was simply unavailable. You can feel it when you suddenly be cut off electricity for quite some time. Imagine: no light, no spark, the phone does not work, technique, too. What a joy lit up your soul when you should be back by turning the switch, see the light!

    Immediately your room seem native and beloved, my soul will be fun, will be depressed. That's what the light. He turns away darkness, evil, enmity, hatred. He gives strength, joy, love, life. So, try to make your rooms were full of light. This will not only save you from damp, bad smells, depressed mood, but will create a strong, loving family.


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