House and surroundings - Furnaces and fireplaces.

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    Stoves and fireplaces.

    In urban apartments on such beautiful elements of the interior can not speak, although the recent good professionals, architects and designers who successfully implement a fireplace in the solution of the interior. But any country house, cottage or villa certainly not do without these wonderful sources of heat.

    Fireplace and stove create one of the primary elements of the universe - light, which, in turn, creates strong flow of qi yang type, ie, positive qualities of energy, energy, heat. Therefore, to locate the source of fire should be so that the qi spread around the house freely, never accumulating and uletuchivayas, uniformly filling the room with heat, creating comfort and coziness.

    This can be achieved by performing a number of conditions at the design stage.

    For heating and cooking stoves main oven is to place in space relative to the kitchen and thrust her cooking stoves. These are two completely different concepts that should not be confused. Furnace itself as the source of fire, is placed in the worst place kitchen just for the suppression of this negative influence. A plate on which food is prepared, should be aimed exclusively at the most favorable direction.

    If the hostess, standing at the stove, saw the entrance to the kitchen - stove is ideal. And if you can not see, you should hang a mirror so that standing at the stove, it was possible to observe the entrance to the kitchen. This is to ensure that the appearance of another person was not unexpected. Otherwise, the hostess can get frightened, and this negative emotion goes into the food.

    Let us turn to the general recommendations relating to heating stoves and fireplaces.

    Basic requirements are as follows: the very center should be placed in a disadvantageous place, and the mouth of a furnace or oven fire door should be directed solely to the favorable zone (negative space - the corner), the most favorable place for the location of the source is the southern side of the house or room, as the element Fire on the geomagnetic distribution in Feng Shui, has a southern part of the home (an ideal case - the southern corner of the room), it is important not to send the furnace chamber outside the house, especially towards the front door (otherwise, the chi will symbolically depart to the street, never stopping ).

    Inquire this is not possible, then you can put a screen or wall between the wall and the firebox, hearth should be placed at a safe distance from the taps and water containers, as well as water and fire side by side in a cycle of destruction, it is always bad for water and fire; In no case did not focus must be on the drain (sewer or drainage pipes). In addition, the house will be above the underground aquifers, rivers and other sources (this geopatogeny).

    Determine the following during the selection of sites under construction with biolocation if back of the oven is located close to the outer wall, make a wall display of foil or galvanized sheet metal, the Qi to be reflected inside (by the way, the same demand and firefighters) are not very recommended have the furnace hearth in the bedroom, the hearth should be as small as possible angles, serving in the room (corner creates the effect of "poisoned arrow" sha qi, frustrated with the qi from the corner and bisecting the space, making it a disharmonious). If the terms of planning the angles can not be avoided, it is possible to simply cut off - at Pechnikov professionals have the necessary tools.

    In the process of furniture placement Make sure that the mirrors were not directed at the walls of the hearth, or, worse, to the mouth of the furnace chimney. If the mirror is directed to the stove, it reflects the Qi back and this side of the furnace will be bad for warming the room. If the mouth of the furnace is directed toward the outer wall and close to it, on the contrary, hang a mirror in front of the furnace.


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