House and surroundings - Floors and carpets.

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    Floors and carpets.

    The floors in the rooms made to cover the carpets. Energetic properties of the carpet depends largely on its shape. Round rugs symbolize peace and spirituality. They are best put on the floor in the bedroom, living room, dining room, which should prevail calm.

    Square and rectangular rugs and carpets are connected with the material, intellectual and technological spheres. They are suitable for classrooms, offices, libraries, hallways and stairwells. Oval rugs have universal energy, and therefore always be the place.

    If you have trouble with finances, put it under the carpet of moss or a piece of dried seaweed. It attracts money. In no case should not turn over the carpet, if you accidentally put his seamy side up. Walk on the carpet, lying seamy side up - fortunately.

    Can not put a carpet on the floor nevymyty - underneath it all will end up accumulating in the premises of negative energy. Before vacuuming rugs, sprinkle on them Scatter herbs and salt. It also neutralizes negative energy.

    For cleaning the floor use the following procedure: in a bucket of warm water to pour a glass of decoction of eucalyptus, lavender, mint or lemon sage (all these plants are not like the newfangled ecosystems, deodorize and disinfect the well). Odor and substances contained in wormwood, distilled mole, mice and cockroaches. Linoleum smell hold on the day - two on the board or parquet floor - almost a week. Air fresheners in the cartridges - not the most useful thing in the house.

    What to spray around a good part of the periodic table - better make room deodorizer itself. Take two teaspoons of leaves of wild strawberry, black currant, mountain ash, and one teaspoon of poplar buds (a combination of these plants soothes and tones). Mixture brew two cups of boiling water. Insist in a thermos 6 hours, filter and spray the apartment.

    Scented pads: bundle of dried plants placed in a linen bag and then stitched into the pillow: rose petals or rose hips, chamomile pharmacy - good for headaches, neuroses, insomnia. Flowers of cornflower - with angina, hypertension, Peppermint - with heart attacks, high blood pressure. Birch leaves, sage, coniferous shoots - for the prevention of influenza, bronchitis.


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