House and surroundings - Hallway.

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    House and surroundings - Hallway

    There are houses and apartments, after logging in to the street, once you get into the living room or kitchen. Yet in most modern apartments and private homes has a hallway, maybe a little. If the size of your hallway, very modest, it is important not to overload it unnecessary belongings and furniture.

    Hallway should be well lighted and kept clean, that the energy of qi does not stagnate, creating a sense of apathy and fatigue. Bad if in a small hallway is a staircase leading to the second floor. Qi energy in this case would not cover the first floor, right way up. You can correct this situation, hanging bells, which slow the movement of qi energy.

    Because nowhere to hang a mirror, you can diagonally from the entrance to establish an ornamental plant, which, moreover, improve the interior. If the staircase is located on the side of the entrance, you can put a partition or a moving screen, which form a barrier to entry qi. If you hang the side of the door mirror, it will increase the size of the vestibule (Fig. right).

    Hallway is not the center of family life, so this should keep a neutral balance of Yin and Yang as the artwork, and in the light. If the hallway is very light and angle, it can soften the pastel shades and curtains or decrease the brightness of light. If the hall is too dark, use a more saturated colors, Turn up light and hang on the wall paintings or photographs in the rectangular frame.

    You can use the mats to attract beneficial Chi energy. Choose a color that corresponds to the entrance door: to the south - red for the south-west - brown, etc., as well as additional colors: in the south - green, on the south-west - red. Some Feng Shui masters recommend to put under the mat three gold coins for good luck. It must be Chinese coins with a hole in the middle, strung on red cord.

    To attract good luck into the house, the master of Feng Shui advise brightly illuminate the area, located in front of the front door and directly behind it.


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