House and surroundings - Aisles and corridor.

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    The entrances and corridor.

    House and surroundings - Aisles and corridor

    From the entrance hall of qi energy is distributed throughout the house through the passages and corridors. This is reminiscent of its flow along the meridians of the body. Qi should move freely, but not randomly. Long empty corridors usually operate on people's nerves and make them unconsciously to speed up a step. If qi stagnates in remote corners, it creates a feeling of gloom and despondency.

    To the Qi energy is not flowing too fast and in a straight line, you can hang on the walls of mirrors, creating a ripple effect of movement (Fig. right). You can also use wall decorations, dim lights, hanging pots with climbing plants, space permitting.

    Typically, the corridors are causing problems more frequently in the office than at home. But if you have a big apartment or a house, this should be addressed. And in the hallways, and corridors need to maintain the purity and balance of Yin-Yang, using a relatively neutral tone wallpaper or wall upholstery.


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