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    Favorable direction for the bedrooms are north, east, south-east, west and north-west. Bedrooms, perhaps the most important places in the house as tenants in a third of them spend their lives in a dream. We must try to ensure that bedroom was comfortable and gives you a complete rest. Bedroom - most intimate bath, a stronghold and fortress of family life. And how harmoniously, we have arranged this room depends above all: whether to keep the love in the house.

    First of all, you and your loved one in the bedroom should be cozy and quiet. Therefore, the farther from the entrance to the house or apartment to a bedroom - the better. No random sounds from the living room or a child, no extraneous odors should not violate your peace of mind. Choosing a place for the bedroom, try to make this room did not have a common wall, not only with the kitchen, but with bathroom: at least, do not put in the adjacent wall bed.

    Where should a headboard? Common recommendations "sleep all, without exception, head to the north" have nothing to do with this Feng Shui. Do not rely on universal recommendations: a direction favorable to your loved one, can be detrimental to you. To avoid negative consequences, follow the simple rules - what is your bed - this is your life:

    - The door to the bedroom should not be directly opposite the bed. Your bed is kicked to the door? This situation beds in many countries is considered a bad omen, this is - "a corpse pose", and explained the superstitious attitude to the fact that a deceased person render his feet forward. It is recommended to move it to another place or even hang the mirror in the headboard.
    - The adverse position in which a man lying on the bed, do not see the door - this creates discomfort, generates a feeling of anxiety.
    - If the bed is located under the load-bearing beams overlap, then there is also better to leave. Or pick bed linens with a linear pattern.
    - The head of the bed should be elevated higher than the back, which has legs. Large lush curtains and table by the bed "scare" qi, they should not be placed near the bed.
    - Try to keep your head focused on the east or north, when you sleep. Set the bed of the compass to get the optimum result.
    - Also, avoid hanging around (in front) bed mirrors, because they scare the spirits of your dreams, and you may develop insomnia.
    - Do not install cabinets and mirrored ceilings in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Perhaps this is juicy, but will complicate your life is almost certain. In general, in the bedroom mirror should not affect the surface of the bed.
    - Bed and rate your married life. Perhaps the reason for such a large number of divorces is foldable (fold) furniture in the bedrooms.

    Bed should not be folded into a sofa or transform into anything. This kind of "sacred" place, the altar of marriage. This subtle energy qi must move smoothly and without turbulence-free and uniform flow. There should be no "holes", "Falls" and "swirling." The bed rest and love should be as little as possible "signs of separation."

    First of all, forget about the two beds, composed together. The overall bed should be one big mattress, not two "individual". Preferably, as a large common blanket. You sleep on a folding bed? In terms of Feng Shui, this is not the best option: try to get a spacious double bed on four legs. A sofa bed if you replace it with no opportunity to cover the bed with a thick soft blanket.

    - A good option when the bedroom and the main entrance are on the same line.
    - But if the bedroom is next to the kitchen - this must somehow fight.
    - Do not advisable to hang over the bed lamps and lamps; energy of such coverage will be focused tight beam on a certain part of the body, may occur as a result of pain. A bright light fills the bedroom a charge of dramatic energy, soft dimmed lights fill the room eroticism and quiet, and candles energy, ability to initiate sexual relations between partners.
    - Do not sleep directly in front of or under the mirror. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom - in a dream we are releasing negative emotions, and a mirror near the bed will reflect them back.
    - The L-shaped bedrooms Do not place your bed along the long wall, otherwise you can not avoid stress. Rooms with uneven (not under 90 degrees) angles of "shocking" qi energy and can cause various problems. Fill in the corners of plants or furniture.
    - It is undesirable when the bedroom is located next to the stove or oven, especially for children.
    - The bedroom should not be put in closet with clothes, obsolete.
    - Bedrooms for older people to arrange in a south-eastern part of the dwelling.
    - Bedding in the bedroom (cotton blankets, pillows, blankets, etc.) than the drier, the better. If the bed is very high, although climb, climb down awkward, it is still better than too low, as the moist air is very heavy.
    - If you are not lucky in love - put in the bedroom pink roses.
    - The worst thing that can be in the bedroom - it beams over the bed. If they are placed across, you can not avoid health problems. Their longitudinal position for married couples facing divorce. Of course, they can not get away, but you can protect yourself by using a false ceiling. But it is better to sleep in another room.

    The furniture in the bedroom.

    Here we must try to understand how to affect all sorts of dynamic forces on the human at the moment. So, you - the owner - always snake and always in the center. Since all parties are protected by other animals and manage them. The head of the bed - a place Turtle symbolizing stability, security and longevity. Compliance by these requirements, if the pillow is located directly under the window? No, of course.

    And if you put there the night table and lamp for reading? Also no good - the light sends a powerful stream of energy to the bed, even when turned off the light of this influence continues. Even worse, if planted in the locker mirror, it's constantly running device to amplify the reflected image of the object. Therefore, you should not put the mirror opposite the door to the bedroom: it will reflect the energy that comes here, and hinder its circulation in the room, creating anxiety.

    The mirror on the wall opposite the bed, throw the flow of energy directly to the sleeper. And much mirrored walls and ceilings, which suits lovers of spicy erotic act as a powerful, constantly running reflector, there can be no calm before the deep sleep. If u put a mirror in the bedroom, the best thing on the inside of the cabinet.

    Location bed.

    Head strap must adhere to the wall, free of objects, including the paintings. For the rest, this space are kept clean. On the opposite side, in the footboard, located Phoenix - a legendary bird. This is a symbol of shrewdness, keen ability to see through the senses to gather information about the surrounding space and the events in it. This bird flies away, she needs space, because the place is not worth the Phoenix also clutter. But the left of the bed, where the dragon is always best to put the high, massive closets.

    The right - the place of the Tigris, that is, low furniture - cabinets, lockers for bedding. In what style to choose for the bedroom curtain, rugs, wallpaper? Here rest our body and mind, and therefore should not be anything that would irritate them. It is clearly inappropriate patterns with high energy, for example, a carpet on the floor, resembling the skin of the animal.

    The natural skin - the same tiger or a sheep - also should not be placed in the room harmony. And the wallpaper is preferable to soft tones: warm pink, pale peach, eggshell, magnolia, beige, pale purple. But pure brilliant white color is not suitable for either a bedroom or other rooms - and modern science - videoekologiya - it confirms: monotonous white surface is extremely tired.

    Mirrored wardrobes in the bedroom.

    Feng Shui does not approve, when the sleeper partially or wholly reflected in the mirror. This is bad. Often "cut off" part of the mirror (the one that is not reflected in the mirror) is suffering - suffering. Not bad, when reflected in a body without a head.

    How about those who have already made a repair, reconstruct his bedroom and put the wardrobe with mirrored doors? Prevent the reflected in the mirror while you sleep - that is, to put the lenses or barriers. Normal cabinet can be decorated with artificial or real living plants, so they blocked off the plane mirror (thereby reducing its negative impact).

    Between the bed and the mirror can be placed large-sized plant, but not next to the headboard. On the dressing table holding a bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers. By the way, keep in mind that the bouquets of dried flowers are not too good for the energy, if they stand a long time. Better to use artificial, if your bedroom does not grow lively. Sleek and lightweight folding partition screen, which is common in the eastern tradition and very fashionable now, hide you from the mirror and give the room an extra kick.

    It mirror in the bedroom, properly placed, too, should be special - to you and is proportional to the size of the room. Bad, for example, if the mirror is located generally in front of him reflected a man "without the crown, without shoulders. This means that the mirror must outweigh so look into it was convenient to increase the husband and wife to two meters of growth of about fifty meters. And, of course, it must be large enough.

    In the practice of Feng Shui is a must to work or sitting at the dining table, or lying in his bed a man saw the front door. If for any reason impossible, place a mirror so that you are not getting out of bed, could see the reflection of the door and entering the guest. In the room where you spend one third of your life, all the furniture (and especially - the mirror) should be placed in the light of your individual features, as well as the characteristics of the premises (his geomantic table). Therefore, to lay a bedroom must be treated carefully and cautiously.

    Color, as well as light - a big influence on the quality of our lives. This energy is in one of its obvious forms. And your reaction to the color a lot of things can tell you the master of Feng Shui. Five colors in Chinese philosophy associated with the five energies. Blue, like the green - is the element tree, - thinner peace and freshness. Is the color of nature in spring and a sign of a healthy earth qi.

    Red - "Fire" - the Chinese - the most favorable, symbolizes happiness, strength, fire and heat. Therefore, many of them wear red ribbons on the wrist, waist and neck, so that qi is preserved and can circulate freely. Because the color red - the color of "heart", then all its shades - bright red, purple, purple, etc. means life force and a profound respect.

    Yellow - earth, - the color of sunshine and optimism - a symbol of long life. Wearing golden clothes and beat them at home yellow tile was a privilege of the imperial family. White - Metal, - is the most frightening and uncomfortable for the Chinese. It symbolizes the deep mourning, then, which corresponds to black color in Western culture. Chinese architects do not use in their projects, white and blue (which is being cold, mean pain) colors.

    Black - Water - is also not recommended. It symbolizes the failure of the dire events. So popular is not so long ago style "white wall" for the Chinese symbol of death. It is believed that the color of the house, clothing, etc. can give some shade of man's destiny. To prevent "white event", meaning a fall, illness or death, the Chinese "paint" offices of Europeans with red flowers, dots, green plants and so forth.

    How can I emphasize the romantic nature of the situation bedrooms?

    Moderate use of red and purple in the bedroom (passion flower) can be very successful. Put a vase of red flowers or hang a tapestry in which the present pattern of purple. For added effect, place some more red object in the western part, and purple - in the southern part of the bedroom.

    What should not be in the bedroom?
    - Acute angles ( "poison arrows").
    - Materials that were in themselves signs Yang (hard shiny surfaces such as glass, metal, polished stone surface). These objects speed up the movement of qi energy and can cause insomnia.
    - Workers' notebooks and things associated with the work of mobile phones.
    - TVs and music centers.
    - The door of the bedroom should not go to the bathroom.

    Try to clean the bedroom:

    empty bottles of perfume;
    jars of cosmetics;
    used tissues;
    old shoes and unnecessary clothing;
    old unwanted magazines and newspapers.

    A bedroom should not be a storehouse for unnecessary things, should not also turn it into a cabinet. Clothing, sketched on top of chairs and stools, gathers dust and creates the unpleasant feeling of something unfinished. If over the bed hang shelves of books and things, it could adversely affect the health, because such elements reminiscent of the effect of the construction beams, which we have already spoken.


    Bed should be in one of the enabling provisions, ie, a headboard of the bed needs to indicate to you in the right direction (see "Number of Gua"). But what if the spouses belong to different groups? In this case, it would be reasonable to accept a compromise: let the location of the house (front door, windows, etc.) satisfied one of the spouses, but the bed is oriented in a direction favorable to the other.

    Under the bed should be no bales of old clothing or magazines, which are sometimes pushed into a bed, so as not to interfere with the passage, clog the movement of qi, which is extremely undesirable. Bed must be made of natural materials, structure of which "breathes". It is better if the bed is made of wood. But people belonging to the elemental metals, can choose a bed made of metal. Fashionable expensive bed water pillow harmful in terms of Feng Shui, as they far from harmonious combination of conflicting elements - fire (electric heating element) and water (filling the mattress).

    How to draw the bedroom?

    The bedroom can be to lay a large carpet, a soothing energy of qi. At night curtains, especially if you leave the window open. The curtains on the windows should be extensive and go wide folds. Color linen should be consistent with the overall color bedrooms, and that the energy of qi flowed your body while you sleep, use bedding made from natural fibers. Do not leave the bed, pulled down during the day, obscure or remove it. All jewelry in the bedroom should be paired, especially if it belongs in the south-western sector.


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