House and surroundings - Bathroom and WC.

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    Bathroom and toilet.

    House and surroundings - Bathroom and WC

    Bathroom symbolizes purity and cleansing. She is also a symbol of liberation from the fact that you do not need in this life. Since the teachings of Feng Shui originated in China in the days when the bathroom was usually the most neglected and dirty place, many traditional concepts associated with its location, which emits negative energy. Nowadays bathroom is the place where we can relax and unwind, it is a place of purification, so the negative symbolism is no longer applicable to it and do not correspond to reality.

    Kitchen and bathroom should be divided, if not, use the screen (blind) or permanently keep the door closed. If the bath is located at the end of the corridor, keep the bathroom door is also closed and hang on the door now. Also not good in the south-western side of the home to put the bathroom, and in the north-east - is even worse.

    Bathroom - it is absolutely necessary accessory of any modern home, and must be treated with due respect, bearing in mind the invaluable services it provides to you. Typically, planning and interior of the house bathroom the most neglected. The actual location of the components in the bathroom rarely leaves room for choice, but if you buy a new house or apartment, the latter, how you reach the hand - is a complete reconstruction of the bathroom.

    In the bathroom as a general whole-house rule: whatever you may be doing, you should see any incoming person. Of course, it is unlikely that anyone will go there when you take a shower or sitting on the toilet. Nevertheless, each item of the situation must be located so that the person who uses them, is not back to the door.

    Ideally, a bathroom should be well ventilated, well lighted and should be filled with beautiful colors that have a positive impact on your energy. Every time you clean yourself in the bathroom, you symbolically started the implementation of new plans. Use candles, aromatic oils and a good soap, soft towels and other items that you embody the concept of comfort and health.

    Entering the bathroom, you should immediately see the toilet. This can be avoided, move a door in such a way as to "cover" the toilet, but did not open his direction. Fig. shown good position for the door, if the toilet is not possible to move to another location; dashed line indicates a disadvantage.

    Flowed water is unfavorable in terms of Feng Shui. In addition, it is considered that it takes away from your house money. Therefore, we must always ensure that the taps in the bathroom, shower, the water in the toilet is not leaking. If it did, you should immediately eliminate breakage. This applies to faucets in the kitchen.

    The Chinese say that all the holes in our body should only see a beautiful and clean. This means that the cleanliness of toilets and bathroom should be ideal. At the same time, avoid all kinds of ornaments of these places. All that was moved into the bathroom and toilet, symbolically washed into drains. Because never decorate these rooms with flowers. Even artificial, because it spoils your romantic luck. The best bathroom decoration - perfect cleanliness and good smell.

    Bath and shower.

    The main part of the furniture bathroom is a bath - or without a soul, or with combined with a shower. Usually bath has a rectangular shape, which, of course, very saves space. However, if you have the opportunity to establish a semi-circular or oval tub, take advantage of it. These baths are especially good, since the curves reproduce the coin, and in combination with the element of water, symbolizing the money, it contributes to wealth and prosperity.


    The bathroom should prevail white or very light pastel colors. Avoid bright colors. To stimulate the qi energy in certain areas, you can use small objects. In combination bathroom with bath, shower and toilet must have the same color and design, with white faience and chrome metal better than dark colors. Floor bathroom to be tiled, but not too cold to the touch. If the bathroom has a window instead of curtains, better use of blinds. The curtain for the bathroom should be made of waterproof material that couples do not hurt the fabric.

    Drawers, shelves and tables.

    These items should be simple, functional and well combined with the style of the bathroom. Perhaps the most important feature of shelves, cupboards and cabinets in the bathroom is that they want to use. At first glance, it sounds strange, but in Feng Shui, there is nothing worse than a bathroom, choked lotions, shampoos, creams and all sorts of trifles, which are not used. Chi energy should move more smoothly as possible, and the ranks of vials and bottles that do not contribute.

    If you have enough free space to store these items in wall cupboards or lockers, you can either buy a bigger, either, and this is the easiest solution, leaving only what is truly needed. In many bathrooms you can see the current exhibition detergents and cosmetics, but not all of them are used daily. When you remove all unnecessary things and put things on shelves and cabinets, energy, chi will circulate much more freely, and the bathroom will have more to rest.


    Since water is associated with wealth and the flow of qi, regular flushing of water in the toilet makes approach to Feng Shui of the office with great care. In whatever area of the house or apartment was no toilet, some of the qualities of this zone will "run off" with water, if you do not take precautions. Therefore the best position for the toilet - where excess energy can compensate for its consumption.

    Toilet in ancient China was a dirty place where bacteria multiply and, consequently, cause health problems. When a person is sick, he needs to spend money, and plenty of opportunities for earning money is lost. This also affects the relationship between family members, in particular, between husband and wife. Therefore, WC should be at a remote location. In modern homes and apartments, if you keep a toilet clean and regularly carry out cleaning, it has no harmful effect. It should be noted that many of the ancient rules of Feng Shui should be passed on to modern conditions.

    If the toilet is located in the center of the home, the tenants, especially the owner, can easily fall ill. If the toilet in the bathroom is directed to the north, this is a great tragedy that is difficult to measure. If the toilet and main entrance to the housing in one direction, will be hidden impact on the living, which promotes tumor diseases.

    Toilet bowl - a place where families can leave the well-being or good luck, so the bathroom should never be an eye-catching or placed at the end of a long corridor.

    The Chinese have always attached great importance to the well cover is locked toilet. The reason is that if the lid was left open, to break free bad energy can take away your pot of gold coins your wealth, either together with the waste into the sewers go your ability to earn money.

    Therefore, pressing the lever drain, do not forget to close above the cover to your personal energy is not found in wastewater. Moreover, if the area of your well-being, according to the map, is located in the bathroom. Even better on the outside doors to put a mirror, which does not allow the energy to leak into the sewer. And as soon as possible, you fix the current valves, which can deplete the health or welfare.

    If the toilet is located in a separate room from the bathroom, it will be more noticeable. The lid toilet and the toilet door should always be kept closed, especially if the toilet is located near the front door or bedroom door. From outside the toilet door you can hang a mirror that will reflect the flow of energy. This mirror creates the illusion of a lack of space. All this should be done if the toilet is in an unfavorable spot.

    Toilet making in their environment strongly influenced by Yin, so you can, if necessary, supplement it with some elements of the interior Yang, to create a balance. Good air circulation (and, hence, qi energy) plays an important role, regardless of the location of the toilet, so the lavatory should be a small window or vent. All bathrooms or toilets in the house should be located in front of other doors or, worse, the front door.


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