House and surroundings - Front door.

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    Front door.

    Front door of the house.

    The front door - is the main entrance and exit for the flow of qi energy. In an ideal situation, the Qi is collected and distributed in space in front of the house, and its streams are activated by the movement of incoming and outgoing people. In ancient China, the front door called the "mouth house", through which passes all the positive and negative energy.

    First of all, make sure that at the front door is not directed "hidden hands", which we mentioned earlier. To do this, stand at the door and look around the sides. Pay attention to any sharp corners, drains, satellite dishes, light poles or spikes, directing the flow of negative sha qi energy to the front door.

    Obstacles to the front door worsen Feng Shui. If the door is not enough space for the accumulation of qi, it can be corrected by dyeing the door to the color of the direction where she goes, or hanging over her flashlight to illuminate the space well before the door.

    Location front door at the foot of the ladder is unfavorable to the health of family members. A simple way to avoid the negative impact - to raise the threshold of 1-2 centimeters, so you had to step over him at the entrance to the house. The same tool can be used, if the door goes to the elevator, because it also hampers the free movement of qi.

    If the front door is located on the top of the stairs, then the tenants may find that their money was not long delayed. In such cases it is recommended to hang over the door of a round or octagonal mirror medium sized to reflect negative energy.

    The direction of the front door.

    Sector home, where the front door, as well as the direction in which she looks, is connected with the head of the family. Traditionally, Chinese family head has always been a senior man. Nowadays, of course, is not always the case, so you need to think and decide whether this area of your needs and desires of your partner. If the front door opens to the north-west, it is considered a good direction for her father and older men in the family. It will be conducive to such qualities as leadership and dignity of the family member, trust and respect to him by other tenants.

    Doors leading to the north, creates a calm way of life of inhabitants of the house. However, there is a chance that peace will become a listlessness and apathy, and eventually grow to the mutual exclusion. If you are worried about activation of other characteristics of qi energy can enter the quality of the opposite element. Add a little element of the Earth to the elements of Water, for example, dyeing door ohryano brown or yellow, or hanging in the hall, a small crystal.

    In the north-east of energy rather volatile, and tenants of houses, the doors that go in this direction are likely to be actively exposed to external forces. But if other evidence favorable Feng Shui, this line is perfect for young people seeking to expand their knowledge and get an education.

    Eastern direction is also beneficial for young people, especially if they are just beginning their careers and dreams to realize their ideas and aspirations. It promises a bright future for those who engage in business and commercial transactions. South-east direction of the front door good for those who want to improve their financial situation. Progress will be slow, but sure, and the family will prevail peace and prosperity.

    The door, which faces south, promotes active living and social activities, helps those who seek recognition and even fame. However, in such a situation should proceed with caution, since indulged the whims can create a tense atmosphere and lead to quarrels in the family. If necessary, Moderate fire, adding to this line of characters the element of water.

    If the front door opens to the south-west, it is deemed most favorable to the mother of the family. South-west direction contributes to strong and harmonious family relations, although there is a danger that the identity of the mother becomes too dominant and intrusive, destroying the general harmony. To mitigate this effect to bring colors or symbols associated with the tree.

    The door, which looks to the west, good for families with young children, it provides the best opportunity for rapid artistic development. This trend, moreover, is associated with romantic feelings and pleasure. However, we must ensure that your passion does not lead to excessive costs. You can add a little stability, attached to the earth element.

    The shape and color of the front door.

    Set the direction of the main door of the house, you should choose a color or shade that matches the given direction to maintain the quality of an item. For example, if you want to emphasize the quality of the stability of the door, overlooking the south-west, you can paint in red, if the household in greater need of family harmony, you can choose brown or yellow. If circumstances change, you can always repaint the door, using the elements of the cycle of generation.

    If the door goes to the west or north-west, then the quality of basic elements - metal can increase the white, gold or silver hue, and yellow or brown can be used for support. Do not use red, blue and black colors. Doors leading to the north, you can paint in blue, black or white color of your choice. Avoid brown, yellow and green colors.

    If the door goes to the north-east or south-west, as the main color, use brown or yellow, but as an additional - red or orange. Not recommended for green and white colors. For doors facing east or south-east, the best flowers will be green, black or blue, but not white.

    Doors leading to the south, you can paint in red or green, you can not use blue and black. To a lesser extent, should refrain from yellow and brown. In addition, you can use the forms associated with the basic five elements to improve the quality of qi that passes through the front door (see Figure below).

    House and surroundings - The doors in accordance with the five elements

    The doors in accordance with the five elements:

    a) Water (north),
    b) Wood (east, south-east),
    c) Fire (south)
    g) Land (south-west, north-east),
    d) Metal (north-west, west).

    If the front door faces north, use the symbol of water to enhance its cleaning properties and characters of Metal - for strength and support. If the front door opens to the east and south-east, you can use symbols to activate the Tree of opportunities for growth and development and a symbol of water - for cleansing and renewal. If the front door opens to the south, symbol of fire will add liveliness and vivacity of spirit inhabitants of the house. Additionally, you can use symbols of tree items.

    If the front door opens to the south-west and north-east, symbols of the element Earth accentuate its stability. As an extra you can use symbols of the element Fire. If the front door opens to the west and north-west, the characters of Metal will give her strength and power. Additionally, you can use symbols of the element Earth.

    House and surroundings - Style door

    Style front door.

    Because the front door is designed to protect the house, it must be solid and strong, but in no case shall the glass. In addition, it should be the biggest in the house to maximize the flow of qi energy in the residential areas. In height, it should exceed the highest member of the family. In this case, no one will experience discomfort, entering the house or going out.

    Well, if the front door opens into the house. If it opens outward, it is better to outweigh her by placing a loop on the other side. It was considered a master of Feng Shui. If the sides of the door windows are located, then the energy of chi into the house through the door, can freely go through them, bypassing the house. In this case, you will protect the lace curtains on the windows or plants in pots on the windowsill.

    Where to open the front door.

    Ideally, the front door should be hung from the nearest to the wall of a house or flat sides and open towards the wall (Fig. right). This creates a sense of space and contributes to good Feng Shui hallway. If the door is hung on the opposite side, included a moment turns into a confined space and feels uncomfortable.

    If the front door is located opposite the back door (ie door "back door"), it creates a powerful flow of qi, which, passing through the house, practically does not stop there. To remedy the situation, should be in the path of qi to install barriers in the form of mirrors, screens and decorative bars. If you erect a physical barrier between the front door and the door "back door" is difficult, it can improve the situation, hanging in front of the second door curtain. And it does not necessarily have to be heavy velvet curtain, it is too expensive for the corridor, fit and regular muslin curtain, which has an attractive appearance.

    Entering any building, whether it's your house, the house of your friends or even a working space, you immediately feel how harmonious interior. If the entrance you will immediately come across a corner of the wall or the edge of a large closet, you will almost certainly spoil the mood instantly. This negative impact can be mitigated by using a decorative screen, plants or ornaments.


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