House and surroundings - water.

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    Water - a powerful force, absorbing and conserves energy. She cuts all the other energy flows, so the neighborhood with it requires prudence. Water may be concerned about different ways: to create health problems, cause sexual problems. It may hurt and the house itself, eroding the foundations and threatening to flood. If you really want to have a body of water, then better not to, but before the house: "rear" of the home should always be solid and durable.

    If a stream flows into the yard - is a great misfortune, but if a stream or river bend around the house - it was good. However, dangerous to live on the outside of the bend: the owners are not protected from the strong influences of power, they constantly aim for the bow. Do not settle and in stagnant water - a pond overgrown, unused channel - a dead energy is not propitious. But a small fountain, which rises from the stones, at some distance from the entrance to the house will act favorably.

    If your house is near the pond, it is better that it is visible from the main entrance door. Also favorably the natural flow of water (river) from left to right when viewed from the front door. If the water in your home, it means the loss of opportunities. It is undesirable to have a pool in the courtyard of a small house, because excess water has a bad effect on Feng Shui - You can suffer large financial losses. When the water overflows its banks - it destroys everything in its path. Therefore, some caution is needed.

    It should also draw up the roof in the color of water (blue, blue) - it can be called water on the mountain, which happens only when the disastrous flood, and therefore severely. However, if you own a large villa, the device is a small body of water (fountain) in front of or near the pool house is extremely favorable. Naturally, the main indicator - harmony with the surroundings.


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