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    Around the house.

    The first thing that should always pay attention - what the landscape around your future home. Ideally, this should be the area with low hills and tranquil river.

    Water brings energy into the house, fills his activity, prosperity and health of its inhabitants. And if you're bright and cheerful, you will have more interesting ideas. Accordingly, and energy to earning money from you, too, will be more. It is well to be visible from the windows of "incoming" water, as she always brings something new and unknown.

    If you keep an eye on "stretching" the water, then this form you will be associated with the loss. From this you can simply sink into depression. It is not enough energy just came to your house and then ran on. She, like a good guest should bring gifts, some stay with you and go on. Here's to ensure that it was delayed, and requires small hills.

    And ideally, well, to the rear of the house was a high hill to the right of the entrance - the lower, and left - even lower. Then right-hill - will supply the energy to the house, back - to delay, and the left - aside more. In addition, the hills protect the house from strong winds. It also provides comfort and tranquility in the heart. Imagine for a moment, as uncomfortable to live on top of the mountain, all blown by winds.

    But if you can not choose such a landscape, instead of the river, you can use the road instead of the hills - the neighboring houses and tall trees on the same principles listed above. Now you understand that the "open field" is difficult to choose a good site for construction. Must comply with several conditions to improve the Feng Shui in your home or environment in order to harmonize the energy flow around your home.

    First, the front of the house should be free space, to go out of doors, you saw before him all the opportunities that surround you in life. If the door of the house rests on a fence neighbors, you are daily confronted with this obstacle, secure it in your subconscious, and you would think that in life you have a mass of obstacles. First, this state is established on a psychological level, and then appear in reality.

    Secondly, besides the natural landscape need to evaluate the surrounding structures: to see whether they do not look threatening. Such negative patterns can be smokestacks, telephone and television towers, high voltage power transmission lines, which among other things create a strong electromagnetic field that is harmful to humans and generally for all living things, dead trees, as well as simply an acute angle or spire towers next door. All these elements are "poisonous arrows. It is important that the listed items were not directed at the door of the future house.

    Otherwise, you'll always unconsciously feel an attack on themselves, to feel an inexplicable threat. Their neutralization we have already mentioned in the section "Basics of Feng Shui." It should be noted that because of such "hidden dangers", you can simply spoil relations with its neighbors. You all the time would seem that they are from something you need and infringe your rights.


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