House and surroundings - Mirrors in the house and the interior.

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    Mirrors in the house and the interior.

    Mirrors are not randomly allocated in a separate chapter - in Feng Shui mirrors are top aides. Mirrors are a permanent attribute of the modern home. They are not only necessary object of our items, but the important detail of interior of the house.

    Mirror appropriate everywhere - in the hallway and in the bathroom, living room and bedroom, not rarely even hang it in the kitchen - someone as comfortable and that everyone will like. But few know that this wonderful invention of mankind can affect a person's life or bring him tangible benefits, depending on its location. Now we'll talk about what a mirror is to acquire and where their best to hang or place.

    First of all, they should hang so that we could see some space above your head - a place for the development of ideas. The most effective round and oval shapes. Mirrors, located in the lobby, can direct the energy in the neighboring room, but never place them against each other, the energy will bounce off there - here, not moving.

    Avoid mirrors in the bedroom: sleep, we are releasing negative emotions, and a mirror near the bed will reflect them back. It is believed if the bed sleeping reflected in the mirror, it contributes to family quarrels, restlessness, and adultery. Mirrors should always be clean and polished. Mirrors reflect the sha qi and harmonize the energy that comes into the room.

    Cracked mirror better throw. Mirrors should not reflect unpleasant places in the house: a basket of dirty laundry, garbage cans, toilet, electrical wires and sockets. Instead of square or rectangular, it is better to use smooth contours. Do not sleep directly in front of or under the mirror. The house can not use mirror tiles. She breaks into fragments of your reflection and can break your life or the lives of others, often coming to visit you.

    Mirrors - this is a panacea for incoming chi. They give her a positive focus, reflect and distribute light evenly. They are the door for good chi and when the occupant turns his back to the door, mirrors reduce the crushing effect of the closed walls. Mirrors harmonious balance of qi in the room, blowing the sunbeams on the front door. Mirrors should be hung in such a way that was visible head of the highest tenant, but not so high that everyone else jumped in front of a mirror.

    In Feng Shui is extremely negative position of the mirror directly opposite the entrance door. The fact is that after it enters the house the principal amount of qi energy, which is necessary for good Feng Shui home, which means for a successful life of its inhabitants. Faced with the very beginning of his way reflective surface, this energy, not having spread through the house, will be reflected back out.

    As a result of accommodation will almost always "de-energized, and the life of their owner - is very problematic. This can manifest itself in constant fatigue or bad luck man. It also plays a role, and some sort of psychological moment. When logging into his apartment and at the same corner of his eye is always seeing it as someone (reflected), you will unconsciously attract to her house uninvited guests, perhaps even thieves. In addition, reflected in a mirror in a dark hallway can cause fear. And if every time he entered the apartment, the person will experience stress, ultimately it could lead to the fact that he just did not want to go home.

    With regard to the bedrooms, we have already touched on this issue, it is best to do it all without mirrors. If you can not go to such drastic measures for the sake of peaceful sleep and good health, at least, make sure that is not reflected in the mirrors of your bed. See yourself awake, and even in the dark - always unpleasant.

    In addition, a mirror hanging in front of your eyes, will return to you the whole negative, you have gained the day on which you were supposed to get rid of the night. In the case of reflection in the mirror of your bed will be provided a fertile ground for the destruction of marriage, or (too bad) will cause the appearance on the horizon opponent. Mirror also should not hang directly above the headboard. Especially these tips relate bedrooms most impressionable and fragile residents of the house - your children.

    Mirrors are a very effective tool for redistribution of qi, but work with them to care. In Feng Shui, there are several taboos associated with the mirrors (the mirror opposite the entrance door, a mirror in the bedroom, use of mirror tiles, etc.). But with the help of mirrors can achieve good results in the "restoration" of the missing angles and hiding toilets. There are several examples of effective use of mirrors in stores, offices. Mirror - is a powerful tool, but you need to know how to properly use and do not make mistakes.

    Mirror has a long reputation as a magic attribute. By belief, break it - seven years experience misfortune. But this terrible consequences can be avoided by breaking the mirror, do a ritual: to throw salt over my shoulder, turn around three times counterclockwise, and then set fire to the splinters of the mirror. Blackened by fire debris should be kept for years, and then bury them. Then you wait just one bad year, instead of seven.

    And yet it is believed that the mirror brings good luck. The more of them in the house, the better. In the hallway mirror is necessary to: it absorbs negative energy, which can bring into the house owners or guests. No wonder there is a sign: if he returned half-way for a forgotten thing - must see in the mirror, otherwise the path will not be. If you have a bad mood, stand before a mirror and closely look at myself in the eye. The mood will improve.

    It is recommended to hang a mirror next to a table in the living room or kitchen - it will attract in the house wealth and riches. In the dining room you can hang a mirror so that it reflects all that appears on your dinner table. This way you will attract into your house a permanent product abundance. By the way, if you want to double the amount of money for himself, put a few large bills in front of a mirror and wait for the result. Through our subconscious, it works fine at the level of characters.

    Never hang a mirror in such a position that it "cut off" the head to any of the household. In this case, he will suffer from headaches. But on the other hand, do not hang it too high. Recently among fans of Feng Shui have become very popular to use the so-called ba-gua mirrors. Often they recklessly hang in the house or over the entrance door to the apartment hoping to scare off evil spirits or attract more luck.

    In fact, it is by no means be done. In China really believes that the ba-gua mirror to catch a variety of harmful spirits, and trigrams, all around him, not allow these spirits to break back and hurt people. But in the ba-gua mirror is enclosed so strong is the energy that it can be used only to reflect the external negative influences at home (for example, from the cemetery), but not for internal correction of Feng Shui.

    If necessary, hang a mirror on the window or on the front door, but necessarily mirror surface. Otherwise, you can only hurt yourself. It is mandatory to see where it is sent to the mirror. If it reflects a house or a tree, it is better not to use because you can hurt people living in this house, and the tree may simply dry up.

    If the situation is hopeless (for example, should reflect the stream of cars aimed at the door of your house, in front of which a tree grows), it is better not to use a mirror ba-gua, and usually round or oval mirror, which must be concave (such mirrors are sold for shaving) . In this case the negative energy will return back to that subject that hurts you, and will be scattered in space.

    With the interior mirror, check to see that they were not directed at the walls of the fireplace, or, worse, on the mouth of the furnace chimney. If the mirror is directed to the stove, it reflects the Qi back and this side of the furnace will be bad for warming the room.


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