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    Gallery of Feng Shui.

    Gallery Feng Shui
    Gallery Feng Shui
    House and any other building can not be built on the T-junction, that is before him should not be the street, just going at him.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Gallery Feng Shui
    House can not be built at the end of the impasse is not only because in the event of fire will be difficult to evacuate, but because in a house often conflicts arise.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the main entrance is located just opposite corner of the house next door - big trouble (to something angles always harmful).
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Directly in front of the house should be large trees, because they impede the flow of the house of a positive (Jansky) qi energy, and it stagnates in the room.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the front of the house is withered tree stump or the trunk is dry, they should be uprooted and removed.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    A large tree, growing to the north-west of the house, brings great happiness. Seeds of the tree can defend the inhabitants of the house, bring all the joy.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If your house is above the surrounding buildings - tenants will be a feeling of anxiety, as if they were put on public display. Yang energy - in abundance, Yin - a lack, and their disharmony leads to disease.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the wall is home to the right (when viewed from the entrance) long, and the left - short, is born sons are orphaned or poor.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If housing trapezoidal shape, growing from the front to the back wall, then living in it can greatly enrich.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the house wall to the left of the entrance door is long, and the right - short - is a very bad sign for all tenants.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If a house or room in terms of a square, then stay here - a great happiness, the whole family looks forward to the wealth and prosperity.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the south of the dwelling is vacant space that life in such a house will be measured and calm.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Not recommended to concrete yard, or had an accident.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Yard can not be spread with stone slabs, as this may attract negative (Yin) energy.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the fence is too high - tenants will feel in a house "like a caged animal.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the staircase is located exactly in the center of the home - a bad omen.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the center of the home has unused space - this is very bad.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    The bedroom is not recommended to put a cupboard or chest of old, unwanted clothes, because it brings misfortune.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Kitchen or stove is desirable to have the east or south-east.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the satellite is aimed at the house, located opposite - it is bad Feng Shui.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Gallery Feng Shui
    The central areas of large cities, where the nightlife is in full swing, full of energy Yang. In order to restore equilibrium in the interior, you should add an element of Yin - pastel colors decor, large-plants in pots, the interior details of natural materials.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    In the suburbs, where already in the early evening stop flurry of activity in order to achieve harmony, you need to make to the surrounding landscape element Yang, boldly using the design of the house, for example, bright, contrast, and unexpected color.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Severe environments are considered to be at home, standing near busy highways.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the fence or outside wall of the house from the front lower than the rear - this is very good. If on the contrary, it is a bad sign.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Bend of the road may be favorable for the movement of qi energy: it seems to be gently embraces the house.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    But if the house stands at the outer bend of the road, there is a danger that residents will be disturbed. Chi energy will be powerful jet hit the walls and windows of the house.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    The house that stood near the overpass, bridge or overpass, most suffer from lack of qi: it will be carried away by walking traffic, and most of all it will affect the tenants, whose windows are located at or below the overpass.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    The house, located next to the railway, it is possible to secure a natural barrier in the form of shrubs or pots of flowers set on the windowsill.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If your house is sturdy and solid, and as a giant towering over the squat nearby structures - it means that people will live in it apart from its neighbors, and the atmosphere around the house is unlikely to be friendly.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the house is on architectural performance very much stands out, in this case the energy of qi will dissipate, and the harmony of human relations in such a place can hardly be expected.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    The most preferred form for the house - a building in the form of a cube. Square in Feng Shui symbolizes the Earth, which bears, nourishes and supports.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Buildings, outlines resembling the letter L, considered to be disadvantaged, since this form was associated earlier with the butcher's ax.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If a house overlooking windows on the south or south-west, he would receive a strong dose of energy Yang, and to compensate for her need to be used in the decoration of cool colors.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If on both sides of the entrance are growing trees - is not only adorns the facade, but also serves as a direct invitation to come to the house.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Cluttered area, or neglected garden before the house can create an obstacle to the flow of qi energy.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    The path leading from the street (the fence) to the house, should not be too straight, otherwise the energy of chi will rush through it too quickly, and just as quickly umchitsya away.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Best of all - a winding path, bordered by various ornamental plants. This will slightly slow down the movement of qi to the house.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the track is narrower on the approaches to the house - the flow of qi energy, as a stream of water directed into a narrow channel, will accelerate the movement, which is undesirable.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    If the track at the entrance is wider than at the gate or at the gate - the energy of qi will quickly slip away from your home.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Entrance door should be strong and happy look.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    The staircase, located directly in front - bad Feng Shui.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Outdoor bookcase - bad Feng Shui.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Adjust the negative influence exerted by open books, you can use light shades of organza.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Clutter and a large quantity of various items submitted by different elements in one sector - an unfavorable Feng Shui.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Bed, reflected in a mirror - bad Feng Shui, because it contributes to family quarrels, restlessness and infidelity.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Computer and TV, located in the bedroom, contribute to the accumulation of unfavorable energy sha qi.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    The worst thing that can be in the bedroom - it beams over the bed. If they are placed across, you can not avoid health problems. Their longitudinal position for married couples facing divorce.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Construction cranes are "poisonous arrows, negative impact on the occupants of houses, which are aimed at those cranes.
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Gallery Feng Shui
    Buildings with sharp angles, designed to neighboring buildings, create bad Feng Shui.
    Gallery Feng ShuiGallery Feng ShuiGallery Feng Shui
    Aggressive television tower - "a poisonous arrow, aimed at the neighboring buildings - very bad Feng Shui.


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