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    The word mantra comes from the word manas - mind or consciousness and caused trayyati - release. Mantra called sounds or words that have the power to influence the state of the body, energy and consciousness. With the help of mantras purify the inner space so that it became God.

    Mantra can also heal, affect the operation of the internal organs, clear energy channels, activate the chakras, converting internal energy to cause the desired emotions, comfort, or to concentrate the mind, clear mind and immerse it in a state of meditation. Mantra in Feng Shui are used to enhance the vitality, the impact on relationships and enhance the useful energy.

    Bija-mantra (seed-mantra) - an untranslatable odnoslogovye mantras, each of which is the embodiment of the sound energy of a certain type. Each Bija-mantra corresponds to any action (expansion, compression, etc.), at the body element or any aspect of God.

    The name of an object or phenomenon in Sanskrit (and some other ancient languages) is that the combination of Bija-mantras, which make up the appropriate word, is exactly the energy that is contained in the object or phenomenon. When reading the mantras are very important, can only speak the truth: if the words do not correspond to reality, it also awaken their energy does not correspond to the energy reality.

    Energy, born of lies, does not find a place in the real world, and eventually turns against the one who uttered it. Conversely, if implemented by the master or saint says what is not, his words materialize: the energy, which he awakens with the words, so strong, that changes the reality. Many mantras have complex effects, influencing directly on the three spheres of human existence: body, energy and consciousness.

    For example, this property is one of the main Saiva mantras "Om Nama Sivaya". Translate it can be as follows: "Om. I will praise the name of the Lord (Shiva). Her inner and secret meanings are as follows. "Om" is merging pronunciation Bija-mantra "Aum". In Tantra, there is the idea that all creation is generated by the mantra "Aum", which is the Bija-mantra of the universe. In the "Aum" sound "a" refers to the manifested world, physical universe.

    Sound "y" is connected with the world of energy. The sound "m" stands for Higher Consciousness. For a man the same sound "and" connected to his body and the normal state of consciousness. Sound "y" is connected with the internal energy of man and mind in a state of dreams or dreams. The sound "m" is connected with consciousness in a state of dreamless sleep (Mundaka Upanishad). "Nama" symbolizes the direction anywhere or connect to anything. "Sivaya" represents the ocean of the Supreme Divine Consciousness.

    Thus, the recitation of "Om Nama Sivaya" means: "I am all - body, energy, and all states of consciousness - connect with God." Mantra is repeated not only in hearing (Japa), but also about himself (Ajap japa). There are practices in which the mantra saturate every cell of the body, so that the whole body into a vibrant mantra. Often the repetition of mantras combined with breathing exercises. For example, in the mantra "with ham", meaning "I am that (ie, God)" to breath say "with", as you exhale - "ham". Mantra is the embodiment of sound energy

    Usually the word "mantra" is explained as "Prayer," a formula of worship, "the mystic syllable" etc. Mantra - a force that is transmitted regardless of who uses it. A person can harm and even kill with the help of mantras. Through the mantras can be achieved and a certain connection with physical strength. Through mantras under favorable conditions can be ignited by fire for the sacrifice. Mantra man can be saved, etc. That is the mantra - is power. Strength in the form of sound. The root of "man" means "to think".

    The practice of "read the mantra"

    All mantras is desirable to read or sing to one hundred and eight times. If you do not have time and opportunities, the number of repetitions must be divisible by three: 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. Mantras can read about myself, but it is best to allocate 10-15 minutes a day to calm, concentrated, in a loud voice to repeat them. Soon you will feel that you have become more balanced, calm, confident, lucky, happy.

    Below we provide some very important mantras.

    The most important mantra called Mahalakshmi:
    Om HRIM Shri Lakshmi byo Namaha

    The mantra for success and prosperity:
    Om HRIM kshim shrim Shri Lakshmi nrisinhaye Namah

    Tibetan mantra for love:
    That's up to shiro Al-watt mono-wounds

    Tibetan mantra for health:
    Chunia-to Alma Runge-nint

    The mantra for gaining success in all endeavors:
    Om Namo dhanadaye matchmaker

    The mantra for achieving social success:

    Om HRIM shrim shrim shrim shrim shrim shrim Lakshmi moms Graha ruraye CHintio duraye duraye matchmaker

    This mantra works wonderfully, but it should definitely read the one hundred and eight times. This is the only mantra that is sufficient to repeat the entire two days. To achieve success in business projects, you can work with it about once a month.

    Mantra for prosperity and well-being:
    HRIM shrim Om Klim Namah

    Protective mantra:
    GATE GATE GATE threshold threshold som GATE bodhi matchmaker

    Mantra for understanding the scriptures (if not used correctly performs material desires):
    Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudeva

    The mantra should be withdrawn from the thin contamination of food:
    Om Astraya Bhat

    Mantra removal of undesirable effects:
    Om apagachchhantu those bhuta ya bhuta Bhuvah samsthitaha de bhuta-vighna-kartaras those gachchhanti adzhnayya hareh

    Read the mantra and be happy!


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