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    Audionastroy: "I am delighted with himself"



    Meditation - an adventure, a great adventure that the human mind can take. Every search in vain. Search - a by-product of the mind. Being able to non-index - is the greatest moment of transformation. Osho.

    Meditation in Feng Shui occupy a special place because it facilitates the acquisition of harmony, happiness and prosperity. The word "meditation" comes from the Latin «meditor», which means "meditate, mull. However, the Latin «meditation» has analogues in other languages: Russian "of thinking" or "smart doing," Sanskrit "Dhyana".

    Meditation - a state of altered consciousness, which is caused deliberately. Meditation - is a way to connect their spiritual energy with the energy of the Cosmos. In all cases, a long meditation means thinking about some object, phenomenon or process that occurs in a state of deep concentration of mind and the mind in which all the others, outsiders, the objects do not appear in the mind of the meditator.

    Try a long time to think about any subject, and you will soon discover that the thoughts are scattered and jump to other objects or phenomena. Along with switching of consciousness to other objects, many properties of the first object and remain unsolved, and to return to their analysis of a person must exert some mental effort.

    Clearly, it would be good on the one hand, without experiencing stress, meditate, so that none of the interesting properties of the object would have remained unsolved, but on the other side - to get the most information in the shortest time. All this requires upgrading the quality of thinking, the transition to higher levels of cognition, which is achieved through meditation.

    Between normal stress and the mental state of meditation is not an unbridgeable gulf, all the difference between them, obviously, is only as a concentration. Meditation - a collection of unusual kind of attention and effort, when a man as if fully merges with the object of meditation. This condition - mostly unconsciously - experienced writer of poetry and music, artist, actor.

    In the process of meditation as a way to the intimate depth of stratum of his being, to his so-called higher self. They begin to actively work plans of the subconscious, are effective mechanisms for intuition, and questions are lightning-instantaneous and clear decision. We used to call it insight, ecstasy.

    State of meditation - is first and foremost, the state of deep concentration of mind and the mind, which is caused by and occurs in a certain sequence of psychophysiological acts, emerging into a single, coherent and continuous process.

    Meditation - a state of pure consciousness. This is the most excellent and refined way to increase your personal energy. Meditation is easy and not difficult. This skill, which may possess with regular practice.

    Meditation assists in the transition: the intensity of attention, from stress to grace, from sickness to health, from fear to fearlessness, from dullness to sharpness of perception of rigidity to flexibility, from frustration to satisfaction, from restlessness to serenity, from complexity to simplicity, from the fragmentation of integrity, from vanity to sanity, from war to peace, from a sense of ownership in custody, from loneliness to a sense of unity, from suffering to bliss, from bondage to liberation, from indifference to compassion, from the conceit of unselfishness, from competition to cooperation.

    When and how to meditate?

    Meditation should be dealt with on a regular basis a minimum of twenty minutes to one hour each day. Over time, the duration of meditation can be increased even more. Well to begin with in order to meditate at the same time of day and in the same place. When you begin to understand what is important is the internal state, then any time and any place will be suitable for meditation. Meditation can occur in any comfortable sitting position, which is held back as upright as possible. The legs should cross or purse, hands should be put together, and eyes - close.

    This helps in obuzdyvanii internal energy by eliminating leakage or diversion of energy outward. Regular walks of mind should be terminated immediately, whenever they occur, and attention should always return to the currently selected action, ie, the conscious monitoring of respiration. Instead of too much thinking about how to start and when to start, just keep track of your breath - and you have already started their journey in meditation!

    There are certain "external dependencies", by which we mean: listening instrumental music, such as santur, flute, etc., music, dance, or catharsis, in any form, sending orders - either direct or via audiotape. The use of any special techniques of meditation, with or without the aid of various structures or toys, such as the pyramids, pendulums, crystals, pagodas, candles, bells, books, CDs, tapes, etc.

    Use tools, toys and techniques like the use of boats to cross rivers. Use this if it helps you, perepravtes across the river and jump out of the boat on the shore of meditation. Get off the boat and be thankful to her. The problem comes when you are stuck in a boat and not ready to jump out of it. If you are canoeing on his head and continues to represent it in an attractive form of loudspeakers in order to impress the various groups of people, insisting that each have only used your boat, then it creates problems.

    This attitude creates an obstacle in your future journey. Regardless of the commitment to a particular philosophical school or professed religious teachings (such as Christianity or Buddhism) the practice of meditation exercises includes a number of general rules to be observed in all types of meditation. They are as follows:

    Meditative exercises should be performed in a quiet place, preferably outdoors or in a separate room. Noise of vehicles, loud laughter or a scandal over the wall, the possible invasion of the premises of others is unacceptable. The presence of outsiders is undesirable and even dangerous, if only they are not engaged in meditation. The ability to dive into a concentrated state (and when fatigue or lack of sleep is especially noticeable) very strongly influenced by a sense of moral-psychological security.

    A man must feel that no one can stop his activities or invade his psychic world. The room should be warm and cozy, before the training should be well ventilated. However, during the sessions themselves ventilator should be closed, any movement of air (more so - drafts) can not be as sharp odor. Meditation can help the music and the smells smoking sticks. Due to some slowing of blood circulation during meditation should dress warmly, it is important to prevent colds.

    The best time for classes - 4-7 hours in the morning. Possible to conduct meditation and 8 - 9 pm. Mantra meditation is permitted at any time of day. Meditation is after meals is not allowed. Since the last meal should take at least 2,5-4 hours, and after a large meal - at least 4-5 hours. It is strictly prohibited classes after taking alcohol or immediately after smoking, as well as after the ingestion of any sharp or salty products .

    Before meditation to clean teeth, then it is desirable to take a cool shower, and put his feet in the tub with hot salt water (good displays negative energy), to clean the fingers indigenous languages. All cleansing committed just before classes begin, but not in the interval between the individual exercises. Meditation is a pain in the spine says slagging of the organism. If the energy in meditation is not going to do a cleansing enema.

    In order to do exercises that require no less than 10-15 minutes, put the alarm clock far away, then thought little would relate to controlling the time and alarm clock is, however, the "exit point" of meditation. Before meditation seeks. Example: "I'm starting to meditation, in order to upgrade the energy sector, in order to feel better, be in harmony with itself, so that all bodies rejuvenated, and I always come back, because I, an earthly man, I'm waiting for people and I live on the earth. "

    After the exercise, do not hurry to get up and proceed to other matters. Stay for some time alone (approximately over 1 / 4 the entire duration of meditation). Preferably several times to read the formula of prayer (out loud or mentally) or a fragment of any Scripture. Moreover, we should not immediately begin to eat, worldly affairs, watching TV, etc. Allow all the positive effects of a foothold.

    What are the results of meditation?

    Thousands of systematic experiments in the field of scientific spirituality conducted by various groups, seekers and scholars in various parts of the world. Presented below information - this is typical of the results reported in persons practicing the preliminary stage of meditation. You can experience it for yourself while experimenting.

    The changes are manifested in the workplace and on a personal level: a sharp decrease stress, increase personal effectiveness, improve labor quality and productivity at work, time management is carried out thanks to better awareness of the moment, dramatically improves learning ability, improves memory, dramatically improves the ability to distinguish the "correct "and" wrong "; decreased need for sleep, practice helps to maintain a positive attitude towards life.

    Interpersonal relationships are becoming better and filled; understanding of human behavior in every situation becomes easier, the healing of body and mind is naturally and improve health at all levels, peaceful and joyous mood takes place over longer periods, increased patience, forgiveness, peace and happiness.

    The role of experience in meditation.

    Please note: all experiences are only transitional stages on the path to meditation. This is not true meditation! You - not experience, not the one who suffers. You are the one who shows all the emotions.

    Experiences at the physical level are manifested in different ways: a headache or pain in any part of the body (this is very typical of the experience, in meditation, we obtain the cosmic energy that cleans the diseased part of the body, and it causes pain which is felt only when you are in meditation) , the body becomes very light or very heavy, the body felt very cold, or it could sweat, the inside can hear the clear beating of his own heart, felt the hot gases coming out of ears, the body goes into various yoga positions or movement; experience sudden laughing or crying; body sways back and forth or from side to side.

    Or the spinning sensation is perceived, even when the physical body is stable (it derives from the fact that the astral body is trying to separate from physical) sense that something came out of the body, and the resulting fear (this is typical of the fear, and no no need to worry especially because of such fears, the best way to deal with fear is to meet him face to face immediately, as soon as it happens); feeling sonnosti and drowsiness (it's not a dream - a state free of thoughts the mind produces a first feeling).

    Experiences of hearing and smell: hearing voices, words or letters; hearing sounds or musical tones, gaining awareness of different environmental scents, hearing his own snoring is very clear (which means that you realize that your body is relaxed sleep).

    Experiences of different energies: the feeling that the body becomes very small, the feeling that the body is greatly expands and becomes a giant, loss of bodily awareness folded hands, loss of awareness of time spent in meditation, fly like a bird or a plane (astral travel), the feeling that you meditate in new places, a sense of movement "chills" through the body, "creeping" up from the base of the spine, a sense of healing from illness, deep satisfaction, a great peace and happiness lit up the personality.

    Spotting or light experience: total darkness, shining lights or different colors are observed even with closed eyes, the horrific images of contemplation (the teacher give the experience to address complex of fear); Seeing snakes in the astral visions, contemplation and experience of moving at a fast pace in a dark tunnel, ending bright light (commonly known "tunnel experience"); contemplation of friends and relatives who are still alive or already dead.

    Seeing dead friends and relatives (to comfort them, ask them to seek help from enlightened souls and move to higher worlds); contemplation of teachers and astral deities (ask them to give their knowledge, listen to their messages), contemplation of the hills and forests (as part of astral travel) ; contemplation of books and pens (tip: try to write from dictation over) adherence to light (mean follow spiritual teachers, follow them wherever they take you with me), contemplation of all kinds of visions and pictures of future events, visions of past lives and contemplation and awareness of past mistakes.

    Before learning the meditation exercises should be good to learn the basic limitations and contraindications, playing the role of "safety". We should not meditate in the vicinity of strong sources of electromagnetic fields (eg, substations, transmission lines, etc.), in a severe air pollution. We should not meditate after eating when the body is busy digesting food and assimilation of food. Between the gastric nerves and mental activity is a direct connection, and a violation of this principle will lead to the fact that neither of meditation, nor to eat will be no good.

    With strong emotional or mental overload and should not perform meditation exercises. In some cases, when extremely tired do not have to any lessons, it is useful and may be sufficient simply to take a meditative pose of sitting or lying down, relax it and feel above all that had happened the day - above the bustle, empty troubles, fatigue because all the problems will eventually be resolved. The mental strain, a sense of moral discomfort in the process of the implementation of the meditation exercises are not allowed. Remember that meditation is for a man, not man - for meditation.

    Compliance with ethical principles - a framework for the course. To practice meditation exercises with the desire to harm anyone is unacceptable, because it can cause mental disorder. General use meditation exercises in clearly unsafe for selfish purposes in dealing with mentally. The criterion of "selfishness" is one thing - the infliction of harm or suffering to someone as an end result of your meditation sessions.

    Time required for execution of an exercise should be increased gradually. The disappearance of a sense of comfort, the emergence of various kinds of pain or the appearance of a disturbing sense should be regarded as a signal to immediately stop the occupation.

    We should not meditate on the objects of carnal love, t, k. sharply increased dependence on them. Life problems are solved by normal means, and meditation is not to blame. In general, before performing the exercises and more so - during practice is strongly recommended to get rid of any thoughts about your sexual partner or objects associated with it. We should not interfere in one pile completely different areas of your life.

    The practice of meditation exercises often reveals unexpected intellectual or spiritual faculties, the existence of which man can not guess. However, the illusion of a different nature, the imperfections in the perception of the world or some of its effects do not disappear completely. Often in parallel with the qualitative growth of consciousness and intellectual forces are more subtle in nature, or the illusion of such, which deals not yet accustomed. They who are the main source of danger for the further development, and this should know and remember.

    Consider the most typical for dealing with "deviations" and their main causes. If, after meditation, there is high anxiety, discouragement, this suggests that not all requirements for classes met. Rather, insufficient rest after exercise - too little time you spent in seclusion after a difficult exercise.

    Do not turn meditation into "obsession": for most people is - not the purpose of life, but only exercise. Not be allowed to meditation became a spontaneous process, devoid of any control. One thing - the sudden revelation, not affecting the depths of the foundations of your life, and another thing when crushing the revision has the entire system of philosophy and life systems. The development of meditation - not an easy process. Need time and sustained training.

    The proper implementation of techniques of meditation is necessary to observe certain rules:

    Not to conduct meditation: on the background of physical or mental fatigue and emotional overdrive, with full stomach (you do meditation is best on an empty stomach or, in extreme cases, an hour after eating);
    since when meditation circulation becomes less intense, to dress warmly enough; mat should be comfortable (not too soft).

    Meditation is desirable to hold a certain time: in the morning between 4 and 8 hours in the evening between 19 and 20 hours;
    during meditation spontaneous thoughts should disappear of themselves, do not resist these thoughts, they leave the brain, the desired amount of training during the week - 3-5.

    Passive meditation.

    When dealing with passive meditation takes a certain attitude. The most comfortable postures are:

    - Sitting on a chair with a comfortable backrest (back should be straight);
    - Sitting "in Turkish" (with legs crossed);
    - Lying on his back;
    - For those who have mastered the Hatha yoga poses are recommended diamond, lotus or polulotosa.

    Meditation for the development of certain qualities of character.

    The thoughts of man, his feelings and actions are interrelated: the physical action is accompanied by certain emotions and thoughts, and, conversely, thoughts and emotions cause certain actions or the appropriate body posture and facial expression. Independent View, straightened his shoulders lead to the rise of the spirit and vivacity, the oppressed look and lowered his shoulders - to the distress.

    To acquire certain character traits (corrected character) should not only do special exercises - to meditate, but also as a preliminary action before meditirovaniya lead to harmony of thought, emotion and action, guiding them towards a certain goal. Suppose you have a weak will power and timid. The first step will be your course of action, feelings and thoughts to one goal.

    Action: Lift your head, Stretch shoulders, speak loudly, clearly, slowly, look in the eyes. Feelings: try to feel strong and resolute. Thoughts: Imagine a man strong, energetic, self-confident. Confident gestures will cause the appropriate emotions, which, in turn, will influence the thinking. In turn, the content of thought reinforce the emotions that will influence the actions, behavior, change the look.

    Thus, each element of the chain, action - emotions - thoughts, enhances the next and affects the nature of man. After this preliminary work on yourself you can start meditirovaniyu. Meditation technique is as follows: take a comfortable position and focus on a particular character. Then say the autosuggestion it (4 times in a whisper, whisper 3 times and loud 2 times), expressing the desired quality of character (for example, "I am resolute and confident").

    To attach the paper thought the impact of emotions and actions (given the relationship a chain of thought - emotion - action): while uttering phrases visualize the desired (imagine that already possess the desired quality) and then in the process of pronouncing mills Give emotional mental image (try to cause host such a sense of what a man feels, with a relevant quality).

    Meditations on the Universe.

    Meditations on the Universe are effective: they contribute to the expansion of consciousness. The object of one of such meditation can be a star. Running meditation in a clear starlit night. Appliances meditation: Imagine a small lake, which is reflected in the depth of the star. Looking at the stars, which from the outside and inside the star (first look at the stars, and then start to let it in yourself, why close your eyes and imagine it as a reflection of its lake).

    Between you and the star will be some kind of agreement, because we, like the stars are made of light. We radiate exactly the same light vibrations that star. Feeling a star in his inside, you soon will feel the glow from the inside starts to proceed. After meditation around, too, will notice this glow, your face will seem illuminated from within them.

    Another object of meditation - the universe. Imagine that you are limitless, that the boundaries of the universe and your borders have merged. Feel like now expanded your consciousness, like everything has been included in this sense: the rising sun, the movement of stars, the birth and death of worlds, the growth of trees. Feel what this blissful state - the state of expanded awareness. Get rid of the borders, jump out of them. Meditate so before bedtime and fall asleep with moving you inside stars, are born and die worlds. The morning after you wake up remind yourself that feeling of expansion of consciousness.

    Dynamic meditation.

    If passive meditation can be considered as a kind of disconnection from reality, dynamic meditation is an exercise related to the actual flows at the moment activities. Dynamic meditation is a means of enhancing the sustainability of mental processes, as well as a means of supersensitive perception. The best time of dynamic meditation - morning.

    Meditation associated with increased movement.

    Meditation 1.

    Meditation lasts 1 hour and consists of five stages, the first 3 stages of a duration of 10 min., The remaining stages - 15 min. First stage: Breathe chaotically through the nose, concentrating all the time to exhale. The body takes care of inspiration. Breathe in as quickly as possible and deeper on the rise, yet not come a moment when you all become one breath. Use natural body movements to facilitate breathing. Feel the increase in energy, but do not let yourself be carried away by this.

    Second Stage: Explode! Free yourself from all that hinders. It obezumte, scream, cry, jump, shudder, dance, sing, laugh, turn the whole of himself inside out, do not hold, keep moving. Often, even a small activity helps to start. Not for a second did not allow the mind to intervene.

    Third stage: jumping with your hands and while shouting the mantra "hu! hu! hu! ". Give it all the energy, which still remained, come in complete exhaustion. Fourth Stage: Freeze in a position where you were, did not fit the body comfortably. Cough, any movement would dispel the energy flow, and the effort will be wasted. Fifth stage: a joyful dance to thank the outside world. Carried this happy state through the day.

    Meditation 2.

    Three hours before meditation can not eat and drink. Being in loose clothing and bare feet. Spin around in a counterclockwise direction (but the direction can be changed, if the swirl will be difficult). Right hand as it gathers energy from the sky, and the left returns it to the ground. Start slowly, build up speed until it does not blow you away completely. Eventually, the body itself will fall; lying, belly pressed to the ground, as if you were resting on the breast. Lie quietly, as if sinking into the ground, at least 15 minutes.

    Meditation associated with relatively calm movements.

    Meditation 1.

    Meditation consists of two stages, repeated three times, which is 6 ten minutes stages. First Stage: Sit calmly. Focus your eyes on the blue color. Second stage: close your eyes and gently and slowly swayed from side to side.

    Meditation 2.

    In the morning, waking up, before opening his eyes, stretch like a cat. Stretch all the cells of your body. After 3-4 minutes, still with eyes closed, begin to laugh. Within 5 minutes just laugh. First laugh will sound unnatural, but soon the sound of your attempts to cause a real laugh. Repeat itself in this laughter. It may take several days before the laughter becomes natural, because we are not accustomed to laugh just not accustomed to the naturalness of laughter. But soon it will happen spontaneously, and change the nature of your day (make it more cheerful and optimistic).

    Meditation with the sounds.

    Meditation is held in four stages, each stage for 15 minutes. During meditation, the eyes are closed. First stage: sit quietly, preferably under the light music. Second stage: first let the words are formed with the usual "la la" until you see the unusual, not like the word sounds. Words must appear from an unknown field of consciousness, like a child's jaw, not knowing the words.

    No need to shout at the top of his voice, do not cry, laugh, overstrain. Must be a calm, conversational tone. The third stage: getting up, keep talking, and let the body gently moving in space in accord with sound. If you relax, will unfold, then the subtle energy will move your body without any control on your part. Fourth stage: go to bed and lie still, silent, motionless.


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