Tools and symbols of Feng Shui - Celestial animals.

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    Celestial animals.

    There are two classical schools of Feng Shui - Compass School and the School of Landscape. This school belongs to the landscape concept of the four heavenly animals. The concept is derived from the differentiation of four types of landscape formations, which were considered the guardians of habitats. These species are called Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Turtle, in honor of the four spiritual counsel, which turned the ancient shamans.

    According to the teachings of the landscape school of feng shui, the forms of landscapes are of vital importance to the welfare of the inhabitants of the house. In medieval textbooks on Chinese Feng Shui, there are hundreds of landscape forms with colorful names, separated by category of five elements and the Nine Palaces. Another division is on the grounds of the mountain or water changes, but all forms of one way or another relate to the four celestial animals.

    If the features of the landscape around your home there are four types of "celestial animals, is a sign of a favorable location of dwellings. However, it is important that the animals - or their symbolic location - were in harmonious balance, and enjoyed a perfect location. For the ancient Chinese, these symbolic images meant real forms of the hills around the settlement or place for habitation. Urban residents but do not have to look for analogues in the living landscape, and among the buildings and structures.

    The dragon is the most powerful symbol of protection and has several meanings. The whole earth is sometimes seen as "the body of the dragon", and extended areas or stripes, which was concentrated earth energy, called "dragon veins". It was believed that dragons live among the winding mountain ranges and avoid open areas and flat landscapes.

    Dragon - the main symbol of good luck, ensuring happiness and prosperity. It expresses the male principle, and therefore its energy entirely Yang. "Structures" dragon located to the left of the studied area, if you face him. In the compass school, he meets the eastern direction (it should be remembered that the geomantic compass on top is the south), associated with spring and dark green. Therefore, it is usually called the Green Dragon.

    Green Dragon in the ideal case is a building greenish or bluish tint. This may be a house with a green stone or plastered facade or window frames, painted in green or blue. Buildings surrounded by trees and twined with ivy, too, is a successful form of the Green Dragon.

    On the left side of your front door, if you look from home on the street (ideally - in the east). This animal brings all sorts of luck in all types of material success - wealth, position, prestige and power. The dragon is the supreme symbol of good luck and the most important celestial animals in the Chinese pantheon of mythical animals. In Feng Shui, the level terrain of the dragon should be slightly higher than the right side. This allows you to dominate your personal environment influence the dragon.


    The strength of a tiger, symbolizing protection, always subject to the power of the dragon. It has rather a deterrent than monitors and controls the action. "Structure" of the Tigris to the right of the studied area, to achieve perfect harmony, they must be combined with the structures of the Dragon. Since the dragon symbolizes the male principle, Tigr - as mutually complementary opposite - symbolizes femininity and yin. In the compass school, he meets west direction, associated with autumn and white. Therefore, it is commonly called the White Tiger.

    In urban reliable White Tiger may be a house with a stone façade, or simply painted white. Because it symbolizes support, houses on stilts or with large underground garages are not suitable for this role. If the White Tiger - is the length of the building, the building of the Green Dragon should be narrow and high, and vice versa.

    Tiger should be on the right side of the door, if you look from home on the street (ideally - in the west). The protection of white tiger rescues family from burglary, troubles or collapse. Do not underestimate the luck that brings the white tiger. But it is imperative to be cautious and never wake up angry tiger.

    This means that the level area on the right side of the house or garden should be slightly lower than on the left, so the dragon could dominate, and, therefore, to keep the tiger under control. In this connection it is necessary to warn of the paintings hanging in the house with the image of a tiger. Not everyone is able to withstand a furious energy of the tiger, if he was not born in the lunar year of the dragon or the tiger.


    Turtle symbolizes support, stability and longevity. This structure, located behind the studied sites, in the ideal case is a gently sloping hill with a round or flat top or plateau with a gradual slope toward the site. It is also desirable that the turtle was the highest in its location from all the "defenders".

    In the compass school, Turtle meets a northerly direction, associated with winter and black, so it is commonly called the Black Turtle. In the town of Black Turtle - a structure, located in your home. It should rise above the place you live, but it is at a considerable distance from him. If possible, separate your home from the Black Turtle small garden, courtyard, in the city - an alley or parking lot.

    Provides good luck in matters of assistance and support. If this plateau is absent, your Feng Shui is incomplete and luck, which would have kept you and your family from generation to generation, will be absent. Hills of black turtles are the most important element of the landscape, especially for the head of the house, the host family, the family breadwinner. Turtle is such a potent symbol of that family, who hold any kind of this sacred animal, often find that their family incomes over the years has steadily increased. Tortoise brings a smooth and steady improvement, increases incomes and standards of living.


    The last of the four "protectors" of a Phoenix: a powerful symbol of rebirth and new opportunities. It protects the front part of the site and, ideally, is a mountain ridge or chain of hills located at a considerable distance. Phoenix protects against external influences, not interfering with freedom to survey the neighborhood. Red color - the color of fire and the Red Phoenix, which is in the School of Compass is associated with the southern direction and in the summer.

    Red Phoenix in the city - a building or structure, located in front of your home. Ideally, the Red Phoenix should not be too close to the front of your home. It is better if you're separated from it by its spacious squares, parks, wide streets or other open space. Phoenix should be in front of your house, directly opposite the entrance door (ideally - in the south). It brings a happy opportunity. Phoenix, a beautiful and majestic, rising from the earth, from the ashes and despair, to again seek to success and achieve it.

    In this incarnation the phoenix symbolizes the victory in the face of defeat and help from unexpected places. In Feng Shui a phoenix means a small hill, which may play the role of a bench, giving rest your weary feet. In the absence of a natural hill, you can build a small earthen mound about three feet tall. Any feathered bird, including a rooster, peacock and flamingo, could symbolize the phoenix.

    If the surrounding buildings do not provide adequate protection, you can surround your home fence or hedge around him and planted trees and bushes. It is best to have the trees as the Black Turtle, and Green Dragon and White Tiger to make a fence or wooden fence. As the Red Phoenix can offer a low stone wall in front of the house.

    Equilibrium "Celestial Animals.

    In smaller cities and towns, as well as in garden partnerships houses are adjacent areas. It is likely that, even when all the celestial animals are represented in your environment, their position or relative size of the imbalance. With a few simple steps you can remedy the situation, improving the Feng Shui of your house and the surrounding area.


    As we have said, the Dragon is a very important role in the landscape school of feng shui. Without the beneficial effects of the Green Dragon, you will experience a shortage of energy required to dispose of their lives, and can fail in a variety of areas, not understanding why this is happening.

    If the left side of your home there are no theories, consider the construction of the fence or planting a hedge. On the other hand, you can choose a more economical solution: activate the protective qualities of the Dragon, by putting his picture or statue in the eastern part of your home. Seating, as the center of home communication, well suited for this purpose; bedroom less favorable, as the powerful energy of the Dragon is too strong for a place that is designed for relaxation and sleep. It is preferable to choose a dragon with four claws; imperial dragon with five claws, a symbol of power and strength, are not always suitable for the home.

    If the Green Dragon is dominant over the other "celestial animals, its effects may lead to stress and even violent reactions. In addition, it leads to excessive increase in the role of men in the family. If the problem is caused by tall trees, buildings or other structures that you can not change, try to increase the influence of the White Tiger.


    White Tiger provides protection but it must be in equilibrium with the Green Dragon. You can place an image or statue of the White Tiger in the western part of the premises or plant a shrub with smooth, rounded contours of the right of the house.


    If the protection of the Black Tortoise is absent or inadequate, in addition to the hedge behind the house could be landscaping in the backyard and make a landfill with a slant toward the house, or even pour a small hill, on the other hand, can be placed in the garden inside the home the bronze in turtle as a protective symbol.

    If a structure located at the back too dominant over the house and their effect is depressing, use of protective symbols (octagonal mirror ba-gua, the image of crossed swords, etc.), or hang in front of a window crystal on a string to repel negative energies and attract positive.


    Providing reliable protection of the Red Phoenix is the absence of buildings or other structures in front of the facade of your home, as mentioned above, can be difficult. Land in front of the house should be large enough that the energy of qi can subside and accumulate before you join inside. Therefore, any elevation in the front yard may be purely symbolic. The energy of the Phoenix is also possible to promote its image in the hallway or the images and statues of related birds (rooster crow, flamingo). Ideally the area should be gently lowered from the main entrance.

    If your house is below the passing beside the road or other elevated areas, this can lead to a sense of loss of strength "being". Partially correct this problem can be, raising the threshold of the door about 5 cm to step over him at the entrance to the house.


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