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    Basic tools.

    Feng Shui - is an amazing science that with the help of improvised means capable of performing miracles. She uses symbolism, colors, geometric shapes, sizes and numbers as their tools.

    Imagine this picture:

    The three sites are identical three identical houses. Only one house roof is black, while the other two white. Of the three families, one out of the house with a white roof for a very prosperous and happy, and two other families of the other two houses are living very hard, with difficulty dotyagivaya from paycheck to paycheck. Feng Shui says that happiness and prosperity may depend on the color, in particular the color of the roof.

    For example, Feng Shui, argues that black and blue roof energy associated with the element of water, and water tends to seek down. Black or blue roof is like a waterfall that the energy associated with water, which is trying to go down, carries with him into the land of the physical, emotional and mental strength of people, thus depriving them of physical, emotional and mental activity. Weak people can not achieve success, and therefore can not actively and successfully build our lives, we dream about.

    Look at the roof of his house and see what color. If it is black or blue, you think you are not experiencing excessive loss of force in carrying out everyday activities? Not accumulate if you have fatigue, passing in the disease? No Do you feel excessive nervous tension, which may be poured out on your family, your children and your colleagues?

    If you will have the opportunity, be sure to try, to the roof of your house has never been a black or blue. Now, what should it be? First, let's go back to two families who live under the white roof.

    One family lives happily, financial security, happy and interesting. Another also lives under the white roof, but it is not always enough money to look in the eyes of the neighbors quite modern humans. They simply do not have enough money to do so. Why the two families living in homes with a white roof, so different from each other in terms of life. It may be that for the head of a happy family white is favorable, but for the head of another family there.

    And the head of the family is not necessarily a man. The head of the family may be a woman, if she's really in the eyes of his family members is a leader. If the head of household white is favorable, then peace, happiness, financial well-being and joy of life will always be in such a family. If a white family head is unfavorable, then the house with a white roof can be for all family members be a source of stress and excessive consumption of physical and emotional strength. Man feels fine only in a harmonious environment.

    And if the color of the roof is not in harmony with the personal human biofield, then there is disharmony in every way preclude the possibility of fulfillment of desires of even the most industrious people. To determine what colors are right for a particular person, it is necessary to conduct specific arithmetic calculation. Those involved in the estimates of the science of Feng Shui, which is called the Personal Feng Shui.

    For example, plants associated with the element of Wood. Certainly very many people at home have plants. I'm sure many people love to take care of plants, and some even speak with them. But few know that, depending on where in the plant is located, depends on the health and tenderness of the family, the ability to easily captivate the hearts of the opposite sex, career success, the ability to communicate with interesting people, financial abundance and all that from the viewpoint of each person is called happiness.

    It happens like this: indoor plant stands in one place and everyone in the family well and happy. Then suddenly, after a slight change in room design and permutations indoor plants suddenly everything begins to change in not a good side. And no one even suspected that the cause may be a permutation of a house plant to another location. The point here is this: any houseplant associated with the element of Wood. Also, each room is divided into positive and negative sector, also related to the five elements.

    If you add indoor plant associated with the element tree in the space sector, such as those associated with the element Metal, which is favorable for a person living in a room, such a plant would suppress success of this man. And if you put houseplant in the sector in which indoor plant will be conducive to success in the living room, man, the happiness of man can be immeasurable. Everyone sector rooms are connected with his success, individually and was calculated by special mathematical method.

    This method of mathematical definition of positivity sectors underlies Spatial Feng Shui. Only calculated with its help, in any sector of the premises a specific person you'd like houseplant that it brings good luck, you can be sure that life will be light and happy. Never sleep in rooms that contain live plants. At night, when a person falls asleep, and his aura is weakened, live plants can be connected to a sleeping man, and nurtured by its energy.

    Quite often, people get sick from this, but doctors could not determine the reasons. Do not sleep in rooms where there are live plants and be healthy. You can live and be in the premises, which are growing wonderful plants, but should always sleep in the bedrooms, where there are no living houseplants.


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