Tools and symbols of Feng Shui - Symbols and mascots.

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    Symbols and mascots.

    Tools and symbols of Feng Shui - Symbols and Talismans

    Every culture has its own charms and talismans. In Russia, for example, has long been believed that a horseshoe brings good luck to the house. Due to the fact that people have more travel and culture can penetrate one another, we now have access to the charms and amulets around the world, including to the charms of Feng Shui.

    The purpose of the ancient science of Feng Shui - change your life, to bring harmony in relationships, bring prosperity and success in your home and the family. Feng Shui Amulets attract energy of success and protect, guard against failure. Of course, using only amulets you do not change the feng shui apartments, houses, office, but will attract a lot of good energy and good people who will change your life for the better.

    With mascot you can express that to which you aspire. If the Chinese science is too complicated for you, start with the use of small charms, such as three coins tied with red ribbon. They put in a purse, the wealth, making the preliminary ritual. Or extension for a purse - also great feng shui amulet for protection against theft and symbolic increase in your purse to the favorable size.

    Mascots and symbols in Feng-Shui designed to harmonize the space, really express our aspirations, to help generate additional information on the various aspects of our lives: protection, wealth, family happiness, career advancement, etc. First of all, to succeed in any field, to bring good luck, you need to live in a harmonious space. This will help us to (partially) the symbols of Feng Shui.

    Tools and symbols of Feng Shui - Symbols and Talismans

    Aquarium with live goldfish - this is one of the greatest charms of Feng Shui, but be careful, because this kind of mascot should carefully choose a place based on a school of flying stars San Yuan. In Tibetan Feng Shui is a wonderful talisman, which brings prosperity, family happiness, wealth and fulfill desires. This precious vessel "Bum Pa". This ancient custom has come to us for direct transmission from teacher to student.

    The vessel is filled with special components, the land of the holy places, special items, it is composed of three whites, three sweet, five treasures, five medicinal herbs, all sanctified by Tibetan lamas. In general, a wonderful ritual with beautiful singing make precious vessel "Bum Pa" one of the most powerful charms of Feng Shui. You can add personal wishes of the vessel for the prosperity, health and wealth, a piece of gold, silver, nickel and all your precious items.

    Another Tibetan talisman Feng Shui is a ball - guardian "five elements". It protects children and pregnant women, brings peace and pacification. According to the Tibetan cosmology the whole universe, as the external world and internal measurement of a person, his thoughts, feelings and physical body, all woven from advanced five color patterns, are in constant motion, flowing into each other. A ball of yarn, made according to the ancient Tibetan methods, helps to preserve the harmony of elements, even in an unfavorable position and protect its owner from negative influences. This ball can be put under the crib of the child, and future mothers can carry it or put it in his bed.

    Virtually any esoteric store you can buy metal charms on a leather strap for wearing around the neck. Amulet (Arabic Hamule) or Talisman (Arabic Magical image) means magic item with deposited esoteric formulas, diagrams or symbols, which gives strength and power and protected from harm and protecting people from disasters. They are worn around the neck, placed over the entrance to the dwelling or hidden in special places.

    Tools and symbols of Feng Shui - Symbols and Talismans

    To amulet had magical powers, each of its sides must be made by all the canons of magical arts. If you get a one-sided talisman, as a rule, it is an imitation of an ancient symbol, which does not bear the appropriate magic load.

    Today, as many centuries before us, amulets and charms work their magic. Find themselves in the hands of man, they have a powerful positive effect on the psychophysical status of its owner, helping to solve problems in everyday life problems. Each sign - a centuries-focused energy used for the benefit of its owner. Each image - a way to communicate with supernatural forces operating in space.

    Symbols, signs and diagrams are so many and the impact of each as unique as the various human needs and goals. There is no desire, which could fulfill the amulet. Amulets and talismans are used in the practice of clairvoyance, magic, to enhance health, energy security, removing the evil eye and spoilage, preserving harmony in the family, success in business and love.

    To intensify the work of any mascot, needed to invest in his mental strength of his desire. To do this you need to relax, close your eyes, as if to present its purpose and mentally try to send it to a shell medallion. Then the first time it is better not to part with the mascot, at least the first seven days. Normally, if a talisman or amulet changes color or darkens - the result of his work with your problem, in this case it must be cleaned.

    Tools and symbols of Feng Shui - Symbols and Talismans

    Try not to give anyone an amulet in his hands and never use for commercial purposes (it may become "unworkable"). Symbolic objects are used for energy saturation of residential rooms, especially in the living room. Using symbols, always choose items that are special to you. Do not attempt to include the situation oriental characters, if they do not fit in an interior room or do not match your own feelings. On the other hand, sometimes things foreign culture can enter into resonance with aspects of our personal experience.

    When you use objects or pictures, put them in the area of home or room you want to activate. For example, hang a picture with the beautiful landscape in the northern corner of the room to create the impression of a successful career, or put a vase with flowers in the north-west corner to strengthen the marital relationship.

    Some characters are closely linked with the five elements, and therefore should be placed in specific parts of the house. Bamboo, for example, symbolizes the tree and is used where you want to emphasize the quality of the element. On the other hand, the metal bug will look good in the northern zone of living room.

    Below is a list of symbols of Feng Shui and their traditional values.

    Diamond: diamond, indestructible, pure, still showing the color becomes a symbol of the nature of mind.

    Bell: the female part of the Tantric polarity: the symbol of emptiness - the boundless openness, giving place for wisdom. In feng shui bells - funds that disperse the strong flows of energy through the melodic sound (nada). Ladies of the Tantric polarity: the symbol of emptiness - the boundless openness, giving place for wisdom

    Lotus: a symbol of Buddha's teachings. The plant, standing rooted in the mud, however, elevating the flower to the light. In Feng Shui a lotus - a flower of joy - the symbol of Buddha's teachings. The sacred lotus has a special place in the hearts of Chinese people, especially those who practice Buddhism. He is often depicted subtly and majestically soaring above the dark water, symbolizing the stunning purity among the polluted environment.

    This flower, symbolizing the summer, a flower, which was born of the beloved Buddha Padmasambhava. Images or lotus flowers in the house used to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere, and awakening the spiritual consciousness. Lotus is the emblem of spiritual potential, recovery, purity. Rising from the mud of the earth through the water, symbolizing the self-awareness, he opens his heart of gold Sun.

    Bat - a symbol of success in business, happiness and long life.

    Bear means courage and strength, and his picture hanging at the entrance to the house, is an effective defense against burglars.

    Broom - a symbol of getting rid of unnecessary things.

    Moths are a talisman of love and joy. Chinese, Feng Shui practitioners recommend fluttering butterflies adorn the walls of a bedroom to enhance romantic relationships, to add fresh impetus to the sex life partners and enforce dreams. Butterflies in the bedroom will soon rebuild their lives lonely people and keep the fire of already existing relations.

    Butterflies should be placed in pairs or flocks, as if they naturally flew into your room through a door or window and circled around the bed or on the ceiling. Every morning, opening his eyes, you'll see the fluttering butterflies, and every night, falling asleep, you will be full of pleasant impressions. Waging a butterfly is very easy. By the abdomen is attached a thin wire, which you can hook for anything.

    Or you can use double-sided adhesive tape, one side to the abdomen of a butterfly, the other - to the wall. The butterflies that adorn the walls of the bedroom, will help you enjoy the most pleasant moments in your life. The butterflies that adorn the walls of the bedroom, light the fire of passion. The butterflies that adorn the walls of the bedroom, strengthen existing relationships.

    Gun - a very powerful symbol to reflect the sha chi, which should be used with caution.

    Chimera means protection from evil.

    Chrysanthemum - a symbol of good luck.

    Twisted sink - a talisman that is used for prosperity and good luck in travel. Traditionally considered a symbol of good luck for the zone of Fame. This talisman brings fame.

    Heron symbolizes loyalty and longevity.

    Deer - a symbol of wealth and longevity.

    Dogs - a symbol of courage, bravery, selflessness, justice and reliable protection.

    The dragon symbolizes strength and magnanimity, courage and endurance, happiness and prosperity, luck and creativity. He carries the spirit of rebirth and change, is the productive force of nature. It is also a symbol of vigilance and security, which alone is separated from all the heavenly creatures and unites all the scaly creatures of the universe. "The dragon in the sky - a great success!" So they say in China since ancient times.

    In the dragon have to be a magic pearl, a symbol of spiritual and material wealth. Dragon protects the heads and directors, brings success in business. Figures Dragon put on the desktop in the office of the chief. If you want to support your business, then use an image or figurine of a dragon with a pearl.

    Dragonfly is a symbol of elegance.

    A pair of mandarin ducks means happiness in love. This mascot symbolizes a long and happy marriage.

    The elephant symbolizes strength, wisdom and protection. Bound to attract attention luck favorable star. Due to its trunk, the elephant could get something situated far enough away from him. This ability to use it in Feng Shui, good luck to draw a favorable stars prosperity in the house. If a suitable star is located directly at the entrance and all the luck enters through the door - this is great, but this is extremely rare. In other cases, you can resort to the help of an elephant. Elephant is put on the windowsill, its trunk in the direction of a good star, and he draws good luck with the street through a window in the house.

    Goldfish means success in financial affairs.

    Geese symbolize fidelity in marriage.

    Figure (or image) horse - the symbol of speed and endurance, as well as the joy of life, optimism and good reputation. It is better if the horse will be directed upwards. The horse brings with it the winds of change and favorable changes in life. If a horse's back to attach a symbolic image of gold, then the horse will bring you fame and money.

    Leopard means courage.

    Dove - a symbol of tenderness, love and fidelity. They activate the energy partnerships. If you want to meet someone with whom to live the happiest moments of life, to share the joy and love, then you need to activate "corner of love" any binary symbols. If you have a bed in the area of partnership, then let the bed will need two pillows. A pair of pigeons or a pair of swans, or symbol double happiness, or a crystal lotus, or hearts, best suited to enhance the space, which is responsible for the romance in your life

    Monkey symbolizes cunning and protection against failures.

    Oranges - symbols of wealth (gold color) and a successful marriage.

    Rooster - a symbol of beauty. Rooster. 2005 - Year of the Rooster. This year he is the first person. Rooster figurines can be placed in the western part of your home, as there is its direction. Particularly luck Rooster will bring those with business or work connected with real estate, insurance, mining and chemical industry, energy and electronics, guards from the wrath of the prince, the Tai Sui.

    Phoenix represents prosperity.

    Bamboo (and pine) - all the time to read the plant, widely represented in art, poetry and literature of the Chinese nation, and having the value of longevity, strength and endurance, which remains green throughout the year. The Chinese believe that he has a mystical power, and, hanging it at home, you will be protected against evil spirits. It is a symbol of peace, good health protection, strength and longevity, gently draws Qi.

    Plum blossom - a symbol of good luck and happiness in love.

    The pomegranate - a symbol of hope and a numerous progeny. Put in a pomegranate tree, and let it grow along with your children.

    Swallows means success and abundance.

    The tiger - a symbol of courage.

    Umbrella (or tent) is used for protection against thieves, especially at the front door.

    The waterfall is used to attract good luck into the house.

    Circle - one of the most ancient and powerful symbols. It represents eternity, perfection, unity, perfection, and great magic.

    Triangle - is the embodiment of forces of the pyramids, it symbolizes the relationship with the forces of the body, mind and spirit, as well as the unity of the mother, father and child, past, present and future. It is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Triangle has protective properties.

    Square - a symbol of four elements: air, water, fire and earth. It symbolizes the stability and strength, as well as the four seasons. If a triangle - this activity and dynamics, the square - the material world, prosperity, abundance and prosperity.

    Cross - the oldest mascot in the world. It symbolizes eternal life, resurrection and divine protection from the devil.

    The symbol of infinity - lying on the side of eight. This character, who came from outer space, has a very strong energy.

    Stars - a sign of intelligence, creativity and success in various spheres of activity.

    The wavy line symbolizes water, the oceans, as well as the beginning of life, variability and adaptability. Inverted vertical wavy line indicates the improvement, the way to the summit.

    Spiral - a symbol of wisdom. A red, black or white, it repels essences shadow world.

    Model sailboat - a wonderful talisman, attracting good luck in deeds. This symbol appeared in the days when sailing ships associated with the arrival of the goods and money. Accordingly, the mascot of the symbolic meaning "arrival" of luck. To work effectively mascot is necessary that a sailboat was called nose inside the house, which is exactly "arrived". If you put on the deck of the ship pieces of gold or imitation, it would significantly increase the efficiency of talisman.

    Dogs Fu (Fu dogs, dogs with a horn on his head and wings) - a particularly effective symbol of protection at home and its welfare. They are good just in a pair, as it unites the energies of the harmony of Yin and Yang. They put them in front of the door. Dogs will greet incoming and serve to protect the welfare of the family. Brings happiness, luck and money, dissolve the influence of spirits. It is believed that a pair of Fu dogs can protect against the adverse effects of such places as cemeteries, hospitals and churches. If you have a window overlooking the church, hospital, hospice or the cemetery, then put a pair of Fu dogs on the window sill, facing outwards.

    The effect will be the same as that of a convex mirror ba-gua, but the dogs did not offend anyone Fu. It is known that the ba-gua mirrors can be used only outside the house, and the animals of Feng Shui can be placed anywhere in the house. The Chinese call these animals' Pi Yau "and very fond of them. In Malaysia, there are huge stores that sell only dogs Fu various sizes and in different versions. The Chinese believe that the house comes to luck, happiness and money, if there is a pair of Pi Yau.

    Bet they can be in any place apartments, houses, office. It is believed that a pair of Fu Dogs can protect you from outside negative forms. Let your dog looks at your enemies. Dog Jan, which carries the male principle, is depicted with a ball, is located on the left of the entrance. Dog Yin, carrying feminine is portrayed with a cub, the right of the entrance. Protect your house from any aggressive action. In addition to the door or hallway can be placed on the window, if an unfavorable view.

    Three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth - a very popular symbol, a symbol of good luck. Most often she is depicted sitting on a pedestal of coins with the symbol of Yin and Yang. Monetka mouth represents the gold. This is one of the most effective talismans for the zone of wealth. The easiest way to enhance the power of money with the help of this talisman - put on a toad in the south-eastern sector of each room or put on the table, but not straight ahead. It brings a wealth increases the monetary success.

    When a three-legged toad was being malicious. But one day the Buddha came and conquered it an obligation to help people. Since then, the toad is paying the price for any trouble, spitting out gold coins. Typically, the figure Three-legged toads placed near the front door so that would have created the impression that she jump in your house. Another Toad can be placed in a fountain with moving water, it also will increase your money luck

    The symbol of Yin-Yang (Chinese: "Tai Chi") - a symbol of harmony and unity of masculine and feminine. Symbol of life, giving the energy balance, the character limit in the Great Chinese philosophy. This is one of the oldest philosophical characters. Continued existence and harmony with the universe that exists by balancing the two opposing elements of Yin and Yang. Jan - white - male character; active; day symbol of heaven, the power of creation; dominant. Yin - black - female character; contemplative; night, the emergence of life mystery. On the back of the amulet - Taiji surrounded by eight trigrams - a magical guardian against evil spirits.

    The bull represents the reliability and quiet strength. It is a symbol of a long and fruitful life, stable and sustainable. It also means perseverance and hard work. With this talisman can activate a zone of wealth and prosperity to the house was stable and permanent. Solar symbol, a sign of spring and rebirth of life. The patron of crafts, a symbol of diligence and a lot of sexual power.

    Peacock - a talisman, attracting good luck and success. By the way, the feathers of these remarkable birds acting is no worse than their image.

    The symbol of the double good luck. This symbol is very effective to enhance the romantic luck. It can be placed in the south-western sector of the house or put under the bed. If your life desperately lack of love, put it in his bedroom, a double symbol of good luck. You can make your own paint this character and put it in the south-western sector, in your romantic private sector, in your bedroom, under the mattress and in your handbag.

    Node double success - the most powerful talisman to attract all kinds of luck. Indicates an endless cycle of luck. His image can also be used to enhance the zone of love. If you put it under the mattress, thus you will attract positive energy during sleep.

    Peony - flower of joy, a symbol of exquisite passion and carnal love. He is the most auspicious symbol for young couples. He is also known as the flower of riches and honors, symbolizing the element Yang, spring, love and affection. The image of a peony in the bedroom or in the sector of love - a wonderful mascot Feng Shui, but its beneficial effect relevant only in the first years of marriage. When children are born and the young wife becomes a mother, peonies in the bedroom are beginning to symbolize infidelity.

    Gray shingle with a piece - a symbol of stability and security. The main thing that you personally liked the stone and was not threatening forms. The stone that you brought from a trip need to be cleaned in salt water for seven days or fumigate with incense. Only after this procedure, it can become a full-fledged mascot.

    Crystal Crystal - a symbol, refines the surrounding energy. Classic Body Feng Shui - to put the crystal, which plays all the faces in the zone of Wisdom, so that it fell sunlight or electric light. When the tiny sunbeams scatter on your room, it suggests that success - in your home.

    Crystal Pyramid is perfect for enhancing the zone of Fame in the south. It will symbolize your striving forward and upward. Harmonizes and stores. Action of this pyramid is based on the principles of the Egyptian pyramids. Proportions of fully preserved. Such a pyramid on the desktop, helping to work harder and earn more. It harmonizes space and saves the results. Such a pyramid could be put on the fridge, then the food will be better preserved

    Red Chinese lanterns - contribute to the return of lost ardor feelings.

    Peach - Chinese symbol of eternity, health, longevity and marriage. The ancient legend describes the peach tree of the gods, which grew in the gardens of the Queen of the West, Hsi Wang Mu and brought a fruit of eternal life every three thousand years, which gave force of eighteen Immortal, and the immortality of God descended from the immortal peach. Paintings depicting this god, Sau Seng Kung, with a peach in his hand - a popular gift to the head of the family, because it symbolizes long life and longevity.

    Red or pink hearts (always paired) - one of the most effective love charms. The best - hearts of rose quartz.

    Horseshoe - a symbol of good luck, abundance and prosperity. Feng Shui recommends hanging a horseshoe ends up.

    Dolphins - the enigmatic and cheerful friends and assistants.

    Fountain - the symbol of water in motion, excellent activating energy of water, not allowing it to stagnate. Symbol of wealth and abundance. Moving water represents a huge success.

    The snake - a symbol of perpetual motion and renewal of the universe. That convey the wisdom, knowledge, and are a symbol of feminine beauty.

    The cranes - a symbol of health and longevity. They are often portrayed against the backdrop of pine. They are a great mascot for the zone of Health.

    Ba-gua - magic octagon Feng shui, which holds the vital aspects: richness (the south-east), Slava (south), Love and Marriage (south-west), Family (East), Health (center), Children and Creativity (west ), Wisdom and Knowledge (northeast), helpers and Travel (Northwest). This symbol takes its value from the eight trigrams, located on its sides.

    Music Wind (air bells) - a traditional talisman catalyst for positive energy favorable sites and neutralizing harmful energy negative angle. Air bells should be required with hollow tubes. In the "music of wind" should not be sharp edges and sharp details of design. It is used to convert the subtle energies, energy state corrections facilities, disperse negative impacts, attraction and alignment of ch'i.

    Bamboo wind music has a nice soft muffled sound. Sound clash against each other bamboo sticks attracts energy. If you want to attract more energy in your bedroom, a playroom or office, then hang up or bamboo flute music of the wind. Her sound is not intrusive and tiring. You can also use a bamboo bell for the correction of flying stars, where you need the element of wood. These bamboo wind music have eight tubes. 8 - a lucky number next 20 years. Used for the harmonization of garden plots. Transforms negative energy into positive.

    Bamboo flute used to neutralize the negative impact of overhanging beams, empty doorways, arches, etc., very nice melodious ringing.

    Star Elders (three of God - Fu-hsing, Lu-hsing, and Shaw-syn) - characters that contribute to wealth, prosperity, health and longevity. Fu-Sin - the god of happiness and luck, it brings a different kind of luck. Lu-Sin - the god of prosperity and affluence. Show-Sin - the god of health and longevity, with a staff of ginseng root and peach, daruyuschim immortality.

    Tortoise - Black Turtle - means laziness, slowness, chastity and purity. Depicted next to Venus means that wives should stay home. Turtle - one of the four sacred heavenly creatures, which are considered sacred animals. This symbol of long life, strength, heavenly support, stability, protection, wisdom and longevity and endurance is immortal. She is identified with the north and winter. Those who want to live a long healthy life, keep at home turtles.

    Lopan - ordinary Chinese compass to measure the sides of the world. Heavenly pond with an arrow surrounded by a ring trigrams early sky. Present Ring 24 mountains, but there are no ordinary degrees. Two red threads pull the compass, and the disk rotates with the characters. With the ring 24 of the mountains, you can determine the compass and count flying star.

    Hott (canvas bag) - one of the seven gods of happiness, the god of wealth, prosperity, carefree and fun. Actually existing monk who walked from village to village. Along with him came to the village of fun and joy. He walked with a bag over his shoulder, and when Hotteya asked what he had in the bag, he replied that they had the whole world. It is believed that if to rub it on the stomach 300 times, thinking of the most cherished wish, it will surely come. Figures Hotteya represent different attributes.

    For example, a fan in the hands Hotteya symbolizes otmetanie all obstacles, and calabash gourd - in good health and long life. Sometimes Hott holds a magic pearl - symbol of spiritual and material wealth. Bag and coins - refers to the prosperity and wealth. Chinese crown, scrolls - the wishes of career growth, academic excellence and high officials. Hott with beads - the desire to find their spiritual path.

    Ganesha - is an Indian deity with the human body and the head of an elephant. This deity helps business and supporting businesses. Ganesh opens up a world of unlimited opportunities in various fields of activity. Put this figure in a cabinet or on a desk, a place of honor.

    Drakonocherepah - a magical beast with the head of the dragon and the body of a turtle. It is believed that the Grand Duke of Tai - Sui like it when it looks Drakonocherepah, and the prince does not show their anger at people. In 2003, the goats Tai Sui is in the south-west, starting from February 2004 the Grand Duke moved to the west. Not recommended to make noise in these areas, do they repair, build, dig. This figure should be placed in the western sector of the apartment, home, office, so that would Drakonocherepah looked to the west, the Grand Duke Tai Sui. Then the prince will be pleased and you will have no trouble relating to this aspect.

    Three coins in a purse on wealth. Three Chinese coins are specially stitched with special red string. Coins cleared from all sorts of negative information. They are ready to remember information about you and bring wealth and prosperity. Not recommended to transfer or donate the coins already open

    Om - the ancient Indian and Tibetan symbol distributed in different religions and faiths originating in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is a form of visual magic sound (mantra), the opening of the illumination, purification of mind and detachment from worldly affairs so as to be worthy of understanding and comprehension of higher truths, to achieve unity with the highest spiritual (in Buddhism - the achievement of liberation and enlightenment).

    Sun - a symbol of supreme cosmic force, omnipotence, gives warmth and joy.

    Eagle - The Lord of the sky, its image from time immemorial a symbol of authority, power and valor. One of the most powerful symbols of success. The picture or statue of an eagle soaring in the sky is placed in a corner of Fame and reputation in the south. It is very useful to support the men, bringing noble helpers. Capable of "drag" the house of a man of your dreams. Also, the eagle can "substitute" for the Phoenix to the south.

    Singing Bowl. Cup is placed on the open palm of his left hand. In the right hand and take the stick, not taking, drive clockwise around the outer edge of the singing bowl. Very soon, the cup begins to sing, and in his hand is palpable vibration. Each bowl their individual "voice", and in the hands of different people bowl sound different. Since all the singing bowls, handmade, color and shape can vary significantly.

    The fan is hung in a bed pillow for protection from adverse influences, and is also used to attract positive vibrations. Indispensable means of Feng Shui in many situations. Properly placed fans, attract a lot of favorable chi in your house. Fans carry the energy of motion of air currents, for which the moving qi. Apply to: 1. If you want to add chi to the place where a person sleeps and works. The fan hangs on the wall near the head of the bed (but not above the bed, as this may deprive you of sleep), or for the working man back at an angle of 45 degrees, a fan aimed a little up. 2. If you want to send the qi in any room (attic, basement, room for the corner of the corridor).

    Globus - a symbol of successful learning. Activates luck Knowledge zone, favoring success in school. Installed on the desktop or on the north-east of the apartment.

    Hieroglyph "Wealth and Money" - a symbol of contributing to the achievement of financial success.

    Hieroglyph "Wealth" - a symbol that creates the room a good feng shui and bringing wealth and success.

    Hieroglyph "Money" - a symbol that creates a favorable atmosphere for increasing cash flow.

    Hieroglyph "Harmony and Peace" - a symbol that creates a favorable harmonious atmosphere in the room.

    The character "Longevity" - the symbol of a beneficial effect on the field of health.

    Hieroglyph "Beauty" - a symbol that creates a favorable harmonious atmosphere in the room.

    Hieroglyph "Love" - a symbol of bringing happiness and harmony in personal relationships.

    Hieroglyph "Prosperity" - a symbol that creates a favorable atmosphere in the room.

    Hieroglyph "The Power" - a symbol that creates a positive atmosphere and strengthens the spiritual and physical strength.

    Hieroglyph "Luck" - a symbol that creates a good atmosphere in the room and good fortune.

    Plum - a symbol of youth and vitality.


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