Fundamentals of Feng Shui - Wealth.

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    Fundamentals of Feng Shui - Wealth

    Maximum effect on the observance of good luck has a favorable direction and sectors - the implementation of the basic rules of Feng Shui. Here are some tips for a real increase in money luck or success in business:

    Classical methods of enhancing the monetary success are: a small pond with carp in front of the house, an aquarium in south-eastern sector of your home, the tortoise in the northern sector, "cash" tree on the south-east. To this list can also add a bright spot in the hall (it is desirable to hang a good crystal chandelier). Very favorable measure - creation of a "temple of light" (when the front of the house is well lit space).

    Good lighting is very desirable for shops, offices, etc. - The facade of the store, the office must always be brightly lit. Sector in South-east in your house is responsible for wealth and for everything connected with it, including power. This is because money brings power, freedom and independence. Activate this sector, and you'll have everything you want. Happy opportunities in all spheres, and in business also will bring you red-gold ornament in front of the door - it could be painting, tapestry or something else.

    If you want success in business, it would be nice to take care of Feng Shui of their employees. While the impact on your business provides your luck (because it should give full attention), but also improve the success of your staff will bring more success to your business. So make sure to it that your employees will adhere to their favorable directions and they are not crushed sha qi. To improve the business success should pay some attention to the desktop: it has to be properly oriented, to check its dimensions, the correct place and arrange.

    Do not let the debris on the desktop, otherwise the same will happen with your current affairs - it is very important and 100% effective rule. For offices are right those same recommendations as for apartments and houses. It is desirable to place in the south-eastern corner of the office (especially nice if this angle is in the foreground), a large aquarium, but never forget the feeling of measures - in Feng Shui is very important. For offices and shops, there are some specific tips related to Mirror Alami.

    Generally mirrors - this is a very powerful tool for the redistribution of qi and use them with caution. The shop you can place a mirror behind the cash (cash must be placed on the same south-east - in the sector of wealth) - so doubling the number received in cash money. For the same reason favorably when the safe is reflected in the mirror. The restaurant mirrors symbolically doubles the number of visitors and eating. However, using mirrors, always remember that they can not be placed in front of the front door - this is one of the major taboos of Feng Shui.

    Another method of increasing the monetary success is the use of Chinese coins (round coin with a square hole in the center should have the Yin and Jánské side - on the side of Jansky shown four characters, and the Yin are only two). Three such coins should tie a red ribbon so that they lay Jansky side up - so activates their potential. On top of them must be 4 characters, and the bottom year. If the year 1403 to 1425, it is very bad coins, because they belong to the unfortunate period of time.

    All other periods are acceptable. The best period is from 1736 to 1795. Year indicates the usual numbers, not characters. There are coins that do not indicate year. They are also suitable, but work somewhat weaker, because the figures are not connected with the affluent periods of time. Three coins you want to associate with characters up a red ribbon, as shown in the picture below. Put these coins in their favorable sector and they will attract to you the money. Just place the necessary characters up. It is very important. You can also put them in his purse, then it will always be filled with money.

    Also, these coins, you can place anywhere: stick to the folders with important documents, contracts, agreements, stick to the safe or cash register, put on the table, an accountant and distribute all financial members of your business and can be put under the doormat inside the store, etc. etc. In China, these coins left at the bottom of their rice bins and replace them on the eve of every Lunar New Year - this custom symbolizes that the family will always have money even to buy food and do a custom guarantee family good luck.

    Detailed instructions on the use of Chinese coins:

    - Find a place where you do not disturb.
    - Remove the coins from the package.
    - Place three coins between your hands, concentrate and make the strong wishes of prosperity and wealth for the benefit of everyone with whom you have a link (your relatives).
    - Now place the coin in your purse or wherever you keep the money.

    What rules must be followed to receive an endless stream of material wealth?

    First, always check to see that your wallet was in the order: that all bills lay it neatly on the dignity that they were not crumpled or folded. The purse must be related to the three Chinese coins. Also, it is desirable to put a dollar bill. You can also place the hieroglyph "Money" (see "Symbols and Talismans").

    Regarding money there are no trifles. Money - a very strong energy, they are very fond of care and concern. Make it a practice every day, adjust your purse, smooth out all stamp the bills, to lay them on the dignity and one (front) side to you.

    Secondly, watch carefully what you are talking about money. Remember, please, that all thoughts should be only positive. For example, never say that you have no money. If so to speak, they really will not. Third, save for the "bright day" rather than "black". If you postpone them for a rainy day, it really comes. Save up money for development, the positive physical changes in their lives.

    Fourthly, feel yourself rich. Just to make myself that you already are rich: you have a luxurious villa, a magnificent machine that millions already in your pocket. Enjoy your existence, be happy and satisfied now. Money does not come to the sufferers and a whiner. Be rich in your mind and will soon be rich indeed. Fifth, do not skimp on the tip (usually 10-15% of the order) and do not take out of the hotel where you left off bottles of drinks, towels, etc.

    Sixth, always be very honest about the money. Our high patrons often satisfied us "test of honesty. If your favorite retailer accidentally made a mistake, then, certainly, point them to the error. Otherwise, you can gain a hundred, and then lose a thousand. All our actions have consequences, so choose for yourself what best for you. All the deceptions, even small ones, turn into and then against us. And the more you learn the laws of the universe, the big test will drop you even the slightest of your negligence.

    Seventh, use your new knowledge every day. Just do not rush and do not expect big changes immediately. In order to realize your dreams, take time. Eighth, do not envy those who have more material wealth. All the negative thoughts, which are aimed at affluent people who are the obstacle to human wealth, which gnaw at such thoughts. Jealous person can be found very easily.

    Spend, for example, such an experiment: let the subject is some good news which concerns you (for example, that you are going abroad), and look into his eyes. Envious people instantly dropped his eyes to hide the storm in his heart. He can say all sorts of good things, but you know that in fact this man you do not friend.

    Ninth, consciously cultivate in himself shoots benevolent attitude to people. Do not skimp on the good words, smiles and compliments. Watch for their appearance. You should always look as if right now you are ready to welcome the arrival of a happy good luck in his life.

    Now we can talk about revitalization zone wealth (southeast).

    It must be the center of the symbols of abundance in the house. As you may have realized a favorable energy of qi is very fond of all the bright, clean, beautiful, elegant and draws light and music. In order to strengthen this sector (element - Wood), it is necessary to introduce an element of water for good tree growth. Let the money flow to you an endless stream. In this sector, you can put an aquarium with eight goldfish and one black - to protect, a bowl with clean water, a painting of the water. But do not overdo it, because a lot of water can pour Tree.

    Above all, do not forget that in Feng Shui is very important symbolism. To activate this sector perfect "music of wind" with four hollow tubes (4 - digit sector wealth). For those people who are skeptical of anything the Chinese, no less effective is to put in a different sector of wealth symbol of prosperity: gilts, money boxes and boxes of jewels, vases with fruits, chocolate wrapped in gold, a collection of French perfume, photos of your vehicle (jewelry, villas , yachts) of your dreams, a few dollar bills, figures of cows, roosters and pigs, paintings depicting fruits, especially oranges.

    There are certain taboos to the zone of wealth. Thus, the major problem is a toilet and a bathroom on the south-east - is that all financial revenues washed down the drain. With this you can handle, hanging on the door of the bathroom or toilet with the outside mirror to the room visually disappeared. But watch for so that it did not affect the front door and that it did not "cut" the top of the highest member of the family.

    If you can not hang a mirror, hang on this place a painting of a flowering tree or other plants. You can also use a small handheld mirror to guide the qi energy up. All pipes under the sink and toilet can tie red ribbons, a flushing hole in a bathroom and toilet to keep the lid closed, as this will help retain chi energy.

    Now all that is necessary to obtain material wealth you know. Now it's time to look at how to manage money. Money - a very strong mystical energy, so when they are received, they must be properly used:

    Make your home bank in "good day". It is believed that the universe gives us about 20-30% more than we need. Therefore, it is this amount to be deferred in a specially reserved place in the house. Your subconscious mind will be well aware that the house always has a reserve of cash. Try not to spend the money in full. Since the balance must always be a magnet for money.

    10% of their income should be given to charity. It may be voluntary contributions to churches, hospitals, schools. Philanthropic considered as the purchase of literature for self-development and self-improvement, repair playgrounds, etc. Part with the money easily and with a sense of gratitude to God for your abundance.

    Money all the time must be in motion. If a person collects money only to have them, it is the stagnation precious energy and money "out of steam" and lose its vitality. Need with ease and joy to give and receive money. Then they will flow more and more.


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