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    Square shapes are an element of the Earth. They reinforce all representing the element of Metal. Very well, when the square protrusions are located in the north-western and western corners. They bring good luck and if you are in the south-western and north-eastern corner. Since the interaction of the element of earth and water north of destructive element, the square protrusions promise setback when located in the north corner, and if there is front door.

    Circular and semicircular shape.

    Projections of this form include the element of Metal. They reinforce the northern, north-west and west corners of the house. Well, if the front door is located in one of these angles. However, the circular protrusions may be the failure of the eastern and south-eastern corner, or if these angles is the front door, as well as metal destroys the element tree east and south-east.

    Rectangular shape.

    Rectangular shape associated with the element tree. They attract good luck, if located in the south-eastern, eastern and southern corners, and when one of these sectors is the front door. It is believed that they interfere with luck, if located on the south-west or north-east.

    Speakers angles of triangular shape.

    These projections include the element of fire. Favored when performing angle triangular shape located in the south. They are also excellent for the south-western and north-eastern corner. For accommodation in the north-west or west corners take away good luck.

    Lunoobraznye projections.

    These projections include an element of water. They attract good luck, if located in the north, east or south-east, and become destructive when they are in the south.

    Other successful and unsuccessful form protrusions.

    In addition to assessing the correctness of the form of symbols of the elements, the master of Feng Shui use other methods to determine the acceptability of forms. For example, a very common way to "measure" luck of the building, when possible, try to determine what the Chinese character like this building.

    Choosing and creating the right forms.

    The next important, essential for good Feng Shui, the principle of the correct form of land, buildings and other structures. This reflects the philosophy of perfection and symmetry. Perfection implies that the structure and should not be missing angles or sectors. Symmetry means balance, which should not occur over-dominance of any single element or a type of energy. Anyone deprived of equilibrium contour is a Feng Shui unfavorable. This principle applies when evaluating land, buildings, rooms and furniture.

    All forms differ correctness favorable, unfavorable forms are usually wrong and are missing corners. Figures favorable forms - two-, three-dimensional, vertical or horizontal, as well as all projections. Figures adverse forms characterized by the presence of missing or incorrect angles of lines and curves. Triangular shapes are considered unfavorable. If the shape of the building is unfavorable, then the decisive role for determining success at home is the location of the main entrance.

    Missing corners.

    The correct form is always favorable, because there are always the wrong forms, missing corners, and this leads to imbalance. Missing the angles of consuming a particular good luck missing corner, with the size of the risk depends on the attitude towards life living there man. Missing corners is easy to see if enter a house in a quadrangle or rectangle. Superimposing a rectangle on the plan of the house, you will immediately see the missing angles.

    Rectify the situation, due to these missing angles in several ways.

    - It is necessary to build an extension covering the region under consideration. This would streamline the shape of the house.
    - You can at each corner outside the house to establish a high lantern. If the house has I-shaped, the lights may be located on either side of the entrance to the central part of the house.
    - Wall mirror visually expand the wall. This method can be used only if the mirror will not affect the front door, staircase or a toilet.

    Speakers angles.

    The houses are not only missing the corners, but the speakers. In Feng Shui it is believed that in places where there are protrusions, increased energy. How positive or negative role played by the missing or protruding corners of your home, as well as those of your family members is most influenced by increased good or evil fate can be determined by conducting an analysis of Feng Shui.

    First, determine which element is given form. Then determine how this element is combined with an element of the angle at which the form is located. If the interaction of these elements is favorable, it promises good luck. If the elements are facing each other, it means failure.


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