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    Yin and Yang.

    The practice of Feng Shui, everything should be in a state of equilibrium. If the energy does not correspond to each other, there are troubles, problems begin. Yin and Yang - two concepts eastern, Taoist philosophy represent two opposite yet complementary energy flux penetrating the universe. The traditional Chinese conception of the energy of the earth - a cosmology of yin and yang, which are considered primordial opposing forces and can not exist one without the other, ie without Yin there Ian, but Ian is not without Yin.

    Ian - this is masculine, Yin - feminine. Combined, they form the Tao - the universal principle by which a person connects with the universe, and which allows a person to discover a universe in itself. It is believed that Yin - is a more passive form of energy, and Ian - more active. Yin and Yang are in these things, everything in the world contains a certain set of these two qualities, only in some objects and people a little more yin, while in others - a little more than Yang.

    This also applies to our physical and mental well-being, and the food we eat and the buildings in which we live and work, which we are engaged, and the lifestyle that we prefer to keep. Chinese Doctors traditionally diagnose and suggest treatment with the influence of Yin and Yang. For example, if a patient complains of weakness, drowsiness or depression, doctors are likely to say that there is too much yin, and to correct this imbalance, advise him to ingest more Ian - that is invigorating, warming foods (eg, strong broth), more moving, exercise (as Jan - the dynamic element) and generally adhere to a strict schedule.



    Dark, quiet, lifeless, death

    Light, brightness, activity, life

    Moon at night

    Sun, daylight

    Cold, valleys, stagnant water

    Fire, elevated terrain, mountains

    Femininity, passivity, weakness, softness, pliability

    Masculinity, movement, dominance, strength

    As seen from the table, the Yin and Yang - are two complementary opposites, and each has its own attributes and a field of energy. Yin and Yang can not exist without each other. This interaction of opposites - a traditional symbol of the universe. Perhaps the most common symbol of the balance of Yin-Yang is a circle divided by a wavy line into two equal parts: the black and white. It turns out like two drops (black and white), in the center of much of each is one point of the opposite color. You probably have met with such a symbol, showing the continuity, harmony, completely opposite of the universal forces.

    Light side of the circle - this is Ian, but it has a darker point of yin. Yin - the dark side of the circle, it also contains a bright point - Yang energy. Where the Yin and Yang are in balance, there is the Tao. In Feng Shui, these two elements must be in perfect harmony, so they need to pay no less attention than the location of specific places and circumstances. If there is a balance of Yin and Yang strongly violated, this place is considered to be adverse or generally unfit for human habitation. For example, the hot barren desert - Ian pure and cold Antarctic glaciers - pure Yin, and there can not exist man.

    Yin and Yang are changing throughout the day. For example, at noon in the atmosphere there is the largest number of Yang, and at midnight - most Yin. At night, the energy of qi carries more yin, and it is good for relaxation, sleep (although for some people - writers, musicians - this time the highest creative activities). This time is also ideal for abstract philosophical thought. This time is also ideal for abstract philosophical thought.

    But the approaching dawn, and qi energy is gradually losing the quality of Yin, and with the rise, with the first rays of the sun, the world is Yang - the active principle. By midday in the presence of Yang Chi energy increases, so the mornings are so good for exercise, for strong, vigorous action. At noon, the energy of qi takes the maximum number of Yan, in the afternoon of his activity is declining. This time can be used in order to finish the morning and started to take stock. At dusk a powerful energy of qi promotes the completion of day's activities and provides an opportunity to reflect on the evening rest.

    Yin and Yang also vary depending on the phases of the moon. Within each lunar cycle phases of the moon have a very strong influence on our behavior. For example, a full moon makes our behavior more Yang, and new moon - Yin. In the days preceding the full moon, mainly energy "yang", people are more active and tend to communicate. It is logical that in this period of the lunar cycle Astrology Feng Shui encourages business people to conduct advertising campaigns, exhibitions and presentations. On the other hand, the days preceding the new moon, it is recommended to devote more peaceful pursuits (where there is an element of Yin): Reflections, concentrated mental work.

    The energy varies depending on the season. Thus, for winter is characterized by the presence of the largest element of Yin, and for the summer - an element Yang. In autumn and winter energy Yin favorable for evaluation, for completion of initiated cases and the spring and summer Yang energy is good for innovation, discovery, for active operations. But worth noting that according to astrology, Feng Shui, the one who was born in the winter, will be the nature of a "Jansky" than someone born in the summer, because my mother, nurturing the child is likely to eat more warming food with the elements Yang, so that the baby inherited by these elements.

    Places with a strongly disturbed the equilibrium of Yin and Yang are unfavorable, or generally unsuitable for human habitation. Think about the hot, barren deserts (Yang) and the cold Antarctic glaciers (Yin) - neither one thing nor the other is not a normal habitat for man. Such extremes can make for only a short time. Therefore, the study sites for construction of residential buildings and offices need to pay attention to any inconsistencies between Yin and Yang. If they exist, you must determine: whether the heavily disturbed balance and what can be done to remedy the situation. Land can be Yin or Yang, firm or soft, mobile or stationary. Yin has the properties of deterrence and attraction, Ian has the properties of expansion and dispersal.

    On representations of the landscape school of classical Feng Shui, the whole land is divided into two types - mountain and water. Mountains - the bones of the earth, water - her blood. Water is dynamic and refers to Yang, the mountains are static and are Yin. When the Earth is in harmony, it means that the mountains and water are in equilibrium, so in the most favorable places must be present and that, and more. Where there are mountains, but no water, energy flows diminish and fade.

    Where a lot of water, but no gore, energy, hard to keep, and it becomes unmanageable. To place had the power, energy must not stagnate, but n6e must be dissipated. Although the overall nature of the mountains have Yin, in relation to each other can be divided into types of Yin and Yang. The high peaked mountains belong to Yin, low and rounded - to Ian. Frontal slopes of the mountain - this is Ian, and rear, the shady side - Yin. In general, the mountains like Ian associated with beneficial energy of qi, and the mountains of Yin - the destructive energy of sha chi.

    Water moving by nature, belongs to Yang, but it can also be divided into two categories. If the water falls from a great height (eg, waterfall), it is considered Yin. The water in the lake and every pond with flowing water is considered Yang. If the water flow rapidly changes direction and begins to meander, it is yin, and the flow with gentle curves - Jan. Fast flow on the river rapids is a yin and a smooth, unhurried course - to Ian. In general, water, Yin had a devastating impact, and water Jan beneficial.

    Yin and Yang around the house.

    Any building feeling the effects of the environment, which changes the balance of Yin / Yang in one direction or another. If the house is near the site, which is symbolically associated with death or darkness - a cemetery, hospital, prison, or vacant lots where once had been human habitation - it will feel too strongly influenced by Yin. The same thing happens if the house is completely hidden behind a tree or bush.

    Their influence can be depressing, and you will be difficult to maintain an active, energetic life. On the other hand, if your house is located next to the pillars of high-voltage lines, factories and tall chimneys, the strength of the impact of Ian dangerously increasing, and you may find that your life is rushing faster than you would have liked. To remedy these situations, think about the symbolic qualities associated with the Yin and Yang, and use some of the opposite qualities to restore balance.

    Depressing effect Yin from adjacent buildings or surrounding area can be significantly reduced by changing the position of the front door, through which most of the energy penetrates into your home. If not, paint the door red and Stress on the porch light. Keep the light is constantly engaged. Red and orange - good colors for the fence or wall, bordering the source of Yin; red ocher to paint the roof would be a good choice in such circumstances.

    If the problem is too strong impact of Yang, then obviously you need to take steps opposite nature. If the main door can not be moved away from a powerful source of Yang, or use another door as the front, then painted it in dark blue color and reduce the power of illumination. Trees or tall shrubs, add shadows, increasing the influence of Yin, the best flowers for a wall or fence will be black and blue. Water is akin to the beginning of Yin, and any body of water near the house will mitigate the excessive activity of Yang, so think about laying a small pond or fountain.

    Yin and Yang in a residential installation.

    Below is a short list of aspects of Yin and Yang for home interior.



    Dark colors

    Light colors

    Muted tones

    Bright colors

    The smooth, curved lines
    (upholstered furniture)

    Straight lines and angles
    (typical for office furniture)

    Subdued lighting

    Bright lighting

    Dampness (basements)

    Dryness (attics, attic)

    Low furniture (sofas)

    High furniture (walls, cabinets)

    Soft pillows

    Wooden benches

    Silence (bedroom, bathroom)

    Loud sounds (kitchen, living room)

    Coolness (windows, fans)

    Heat (stoves, radiators)

    Immobility (heavy furniture)

    Mobility (furniture on wheels)

    Do not forget that the general assessment from time to time to review. By changing the situation room (for example, pasting new wallpaper), you may unintentionally shift the balance between Yin and Yang in one direction or another. However, you can do it intentionally and activate different types, the most favorable for this room.

    To add Yin:

    Reduce lighting (use switches with continuously adjustable brightness or put a less powerful light bulbs).
    Use a dark or muted tones in the interior room.
    Reduce auditory stimuli (turn off the radio or TV, close the window Close the curtains).
    Use furniture with curved, flowing lines and tissue with the same patterns.
    Use low-backed seats and furniture, not reaching half the height-to-ceiling rooms.
    Use a soft, silky and velvety to the touch fabrics.
    Put fountains or aerators or air conditioner, switch the mode to high humidity.
    Turn off ceiling fans or active air ducts.

    To add Ian:

    Intensify the lighting in the room.
    Add in the interior of bright tones and colors.
    Add the action through movement and sound, like a ticking clock and moving objects, or turn the cheerful music.
    Use high furniture and chairs with high backs.
    Prominently exhibited for the collection of books, trinkets or works of art.
    Use a thick cloth or tissue into the cell and in the strip.
    Reduce humidity by using air conditioner or heater.
    Turn on the fan or open window to let in fresh air.
    Avoid loneliness.

    By virtue of innate characteristics of human beings have different balance of Yin / Yang in terms of his personality. Sociable, energetic, noisy people (prevalence Yang) contrasts sharply with the quiet, shy, reserved man (the predominance of Yin). A shy person will feel uncomfortable in a noisy crowded place, energizing Yang, and vice versa. On the other hand, gradually introducing a situation opposite qualities, you can achieve a beneficial effect: to dispel the gloom and calm turbulent emotions.

    Studying the environment of their home, pay attention to any inconsistencies between Yin and Yang. If they are, we must first determine how much it disturbed the balance, and then find out what you can do to improve the situation. Here the quality of Yin and Yang, which will help you get oriented. If your home or office, there is a sharp dominance of one over the other energy - good feng shui, it means, you will not achieve success until you correct these mistakes and will not all in harmony. With good Feng Shui is permissible only slight predominance of one over the other energies (typically over Yin Yang).

    Strive for dominance Yang at the premises: they must be well lit, clean, well-conditioned, well, preferably the presence of any water elements (aquariums, fountains). Should be established in the office of characteristic Jan movement and sound (wall clock, tape); positively the existence of indoor plants. Pay attention to and design of the office - everything must be bright enough, but the energy should not suppress Yan Yin, otherwise will be an annoyance, your nerves might be badly hit. If your office is decorated in white, gray color - change the look (white - a symbol of death), or add elements such as paintings, panels.

    If you work at home - make the "on-Jansky" respectively, their workplace (office, desk, etc.). But in the bedroom should be a little dominate the energy of Yin. The predominance of Yang in the bedroom may be somewhat negative impact on your sleep, perhaps you'll be too excited. If you're in the same place and the rest, - make a division between the working area and seating area, and consequently the form to them (rest area - Yin, work - Jan). But in general, the house should also prevail Yang (Yin - only in the bedroom).

    If you decide to change the situation room, for example, perekleiv wallpaper, please note that you can inadvertently shift the existing balance of Yin and Yang. To remedy the situation, should increase the most favorable for this room energy. This will help you to the tips below.

    To add Yin

    To add Ian

    Reduce lighting, for example, use switches with continuously adjustable brightness or less powerful bulbs

    Intensify the lighting in the room

    Use a dark or muted colors in the interior

    Add to the interior of bright tones and colors

    Reduce the sound of radio or television

    Turn lively music, put a ticking clock in the room

    Use furniture with curved lines and smooth fabric with the same patterns

    Use high furniture and chairs with high backs

    Use a seat with a low back, low - not as much as half of the ceiling - furniture

    Prominently exhibited for the collection of books, works of art or just trinkets

    Use a soft silky or velvety to the touch fabrics

    Use a thick cloth and tissues in a cell or strip

    Put fountains or switch the air conditioning in the treatment of high humidity

    Reduce humidity by using air-conditioner or heater

    Turn off ceiling fans or air ducts active

    Turn on the fan or open the window - let in fresh air

    Stay alone

    Spend more time in the society

    Coolness (windows, fans)

    Heat (stoves, radiators)

    Immobility (heavy furniture)

    Mobility (furniture on wheels)

    Each person also has an individual balance of Yin and Yang. In an energetic, sociable, noisy man is clearly dominated Yang, while the shy and closed - Yin. So shy person will be very uncomfortable in the house or in a place where prevailing Yang, and vice versa. It must also be taken into account. Introducing the situation opposite to their quality, you will be able to achieve excellent results, shattering despair or calming the stormy emotions.

    Yin and Yang around the house.

    Yin and Yang of the environment has an impact on the house. If the equilibrium is disturbed and dominated a lot of energy, Yin, for example, the house stands next to a hospital, prison, or an empty site, hidden by trees or bushes, people may experience a very strong inhibition, it would be difficult to lead an active life. Conversely, too much Ian around the house: supports high-voltage lines, factories with chimneys, Telecentres - transform your life in a crazy race. But, again, Feng Shui helps to correct negative situations. Use the opposite qualities.

    If your home is affected too much yin:

    - Change the position of the front door;
    - Paint the front door in red;
    - Intensify the lighting in front of the porch and keep the light always turned on;
    - Paint the wall red or orange color when next to your plot is part of Yin;
    - Paint the red roof.

    If your house affects too much energy Yang:

    - Do not use a front and back door;
    - Paint the door of a house in a dark blue color;
    - Reduce the power of illumination;
    - Put the house trees or high shrubs to add a shadow;
    - Paint the walls of the house or fence in black or blue color;
    - Arrange the house any body of water, which will soften the activity of Yang.


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