Fundamentals of Feng Shui - Career.

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    Destination - North. Element - Water. Color - blue, black, blue. In a broad sense, the word "career" means success in all cases, the possibility of new accomplishments and achievements, as well as the beginning of a new business. Clearing of blockages in this sector will give you a clear vision of his career and prospects.

    Since career, no matter what were your aspirations - always movement, and symbols of a career, if you want to enhance this aspect of your life, must be mobile. Here it is worth all kinds of water, it is better that it was noticeable movement: fish, air bubbles or a waterfall that flows into the house. A good amplifier in the northern sector of the metal will be better, too mobile, for example, bell. Turtle in the north, but the heavenly support will be a symbol of longevity and stability.

    Items that are placed in this zone:

    Tortoise and any items related to water, such as a fountain or aquarium. Many helps accommodation in the sector of metal - it may be Chinese coins, "music of wind", as well as a metal bowl with water. In the cycle of building components metal generates water (see "The five elements and their interaction"), and thus restore the harmony of elements. In this sector, it is also advisable to put perpetual motion machines (mobilization), as well as any images related to the target (photographs, leaflet company, etc.).


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