Fundamentals of Feng Shui - Love and marriage.

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    Love and marriage.

    Direction - South-west. Element - Earth. Color - pink, red and all shades of the earth. This sector will help if you need to attract in my life love. For the harmony of your relationship to make sure that there has always been clean. In the case of "stagnation" relationships often disassemble this sector and never store photos in this sector, representing you with lovers of the past.

    This hinders come into your life a new feeling. It is best to place here, two red candles. A fine will be paired items: two bowls, a couple of pillows, two candlesticks, etc. Appropriate in this sector are all symbols of love and romance - hearts, chocolates, pictures showing happy couples.

    Attention women who want to find a mate! Never hang this picture with the image of single women! These paintings are extremely Yin energy and cause the opposite effect - a woman left lonely. Reach into your life romance, using centuries-old wisdom of Feng Shui, and bravely hang on a wall of men and women together.

    Items that are placed in this zone:

    Pictures, where favorite person depicted beside you pair things for romantic relationships. Photography, where you are surrounded by friends, or a poster, or a set of small items that you collect. Improve the movement of Qi in that area can be plants or objects driven by the wind: mobilization, pendants, etc. But if in this zone there is no wind, put them here should not be.

    Hazards to love:

    - Risks to love creates sharp, aggressive-looking forms. Whether it is flowers with thorns or a collection of weapons. Everything about what can be pricked, we must eliminate from the south-western sector of the house, too.
    - Creeping and climbing plants symbolize the hidden danger.
    - Collection of music in the style of "blues". In fact, all of these songs are very sad and filled with longing and sadness at home.
    - Photo albums with photos of your ex-lovers or husbands. The old leaves. The new finds. Do not forget about it.
    - Utensils, even very expensive, with cracks and broken-pieces.
    - Storage room in the south-western sector. You have to respect where cleanness and order!
    - Bath, toilet or kitchen. In this case, the maximum draw attention to the bedroom, the bed and intensify its direction of romantic success (see "Number of Gua").
    - Things that belonged to other people (for example, when you are forced to rent an apartment).
    - Lack of south-western sector. The missing sector can use the mirror, which hangs in the strategically correct point. With it you can create the effect of the availability of the missing sector.

    If you refer to Feng Shui creative and fun, it can and in adverse situations to find a lot of positive ideas.


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