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    Basics of numerology.

    Numbers on the tortoise shell.

    As you might have already noticed, there are many aspects of astrology, Feng Shui, but the magic square brings them all together. According to legend, the magic square first appeared in China about four thousand years ago. A man named Fu Qi won the People's love and acceptance for what has strengthened the river Lo, previously overflowed, causing great damage to local residents.

    Once, when Fu Qi sat in meditation on the bank of the river, he saw a turtle, crawled from the water. At its shell, he saw an unusual pattern of water droplets, which he was very interested. Tortoise-shell is shaped like the wrong square, divided into nine parts, and in each drop of water took shape in the form of some figures - from 1 to 9. What was surprising was that this square sum of the depicted numbers, taken in any direction - vertically, horizontally, diagonally - always equal to fifteen.

    Fundamentals of Feng Shui - Digital square, which he saw Fu Qi

    Fig. Digital Square, which he saw Fu Qi.

    After that incident, Fu Qi, brought together scientists to create an equally harmonious system, which explains the picture of the world, taking into account the achievements of all known at the time of philosophical teachings. Each of the nine numbers "magic square" were given to determine the relation with the "Yin-Yang", each number was traced to one of the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) and one of eight directions. As a result, each number was a set of properties specific to a particular type of qi energy.

    By bringing all this knowledge together, Fu Qi helped to create a powerful philosophical system, which subsequently gave the Chinese a key to understanding the laws of the universe. You too can try to reveal these secrets with your key - Astrology of Feng Shui.

    Nine of the magic square of numbers associated with the nine most influential stars and planets: the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. It is believed that different versions of relative position of these heavenly bodies are reflected in the patterns of nine numbers qi.

    What is the annual number and how to calculate.

    The figure reflects your annual number, can tell a lot about the peculiarities of your character. For example, a man, the annual number of whom - eight, we can confidently say that this nature is strong, purposeful, and if someone annual number - six, then we are dealing with someone very honest, full of deep inner dignity. These basic characteristics are inherent in man from birth until death.

    Knowing the characteristics of their annual numbers, you can confidently plan their future affairs. For example, if your number - one, you are recommended to make a career gradually, without haste. If we compare with the water, a sign which is the number one, you can imagine a small stream that flows and flows themselves slowly over time to become a full-flowing wide river. And if someone close to you who has the annual number three, then suddenly burst forth, do not try to catch up with him in swiftness: later, when he will come down from the race, you are still confident and will slowly gain strength.

    If you want to calculate their annual number, do the following. Record the year of your birth and fold the last two digits up until the amount appears digit. For example, if your birth year - 1962, then 6 +2 = 8. If the first addition of the two-digit number is obtained, repeat the operation with the amount received. For example, if you were born in 1969, then 6 +9 = 15 1 +5 = 6.

    Then, if you were born in the period between February 5, 1900 and February 4, 2000 (inclusive), subtract that number from 10 - and you will receive your personal annual number. For people born after that time, the amount should be subtracted from 9. Thus, for a man who was born in 1969, the annual number - 4 (6 +9 = 15,1 +5 = 6, 10-6 = 4). For a man whose birth date - July 4, 2003, the annual number is equal to 6 (0 +3 = 3, 9-3 = 6). So, finding out what your annual number, look, what personality characteristics are related to the number.

    East calendar, unlike in Europe, starts counting the new year than from 1 January, but with 3, 4 or 5 February. So if you were born in the period between December 31 and 3, 4 or 5 February, your annual number will be the same as that of those born a year earlier. For example, if you were born Jan. 10, 1958, your annual number will be like someone who was born in 1957.

    Properties associated with the annual number.

    The most productive life position

    Scope of interests, occupation

    Personality traits

    1. Gradual progress, the accumulation of forces.

    Flexibility. Art. Medicine.

    Restraint. Spirituality.

    2. Persistence, perseverance, self-improvement.

    House, a family. Working with people. Care for other people.

    Practicality. Dependence on relatives. Solicitude.

    3. The rapid success, enthusiasm.

    Science. Design. Art.

    Ambition. Enthusiasm. Activity. Dynamism.

    4. Find harmony. Careful planning of action.

    Means of communication. Scope of services. Transport, travel.

    Sensitivity. Persistence. Persistence. Determination.

    5. Mobility. Using all opportunities for success.

    Policy. Food industry. Business

    Authoritativeness. Love to extremes. High moral qualities.

    6. Foresight. Orderliness in achieving the goal.

    Management. Administration. Leadership positions.

    The inner dignity. Reliability. Respectability.

    7. For the future. Persistence. Finance.

    Entertainment. Business.

    Charm. Youth spirit. The ease of communication.

    8. Search for new opportunities. Mobility.

    Real estate. Trade. Investments.

    Diligence. Intelligence, rationality. The ease of communication.

    9. Sudden periods of violent activity.

    Trade. Public sphere.

    Passion. Pride. The speed of reaction.

    What is the number of months and how to calculate.

    This number relates directly to the thoughts and feelings of man. Related features important to know that it was easier to analyze and predict their own behavior in specific situations. This is especially true of personal relationships.

    For example, if your number of months - three, then most likely you are honest and straightforward man. You are not worth waiting for a special delicacy. And if your interlocutor of the month - four, it can warp your demeanor, because he is rather suspicious. Knowing about it and not wanting to offend him, you can better control their behavior.

    Another example. Take a couple of months with numbers nine and five. Looking at the pattern of interaction of five elements (see below), we can see that their relationship (Fire - Earth) quite harmonious. However, the one who has the monthly number 5, is categorical in his judgments, finds imperiousness nature, whereas the one with the monthly number 9, impulsive and emotional. Relationships within this pair are fraught with controversy, anger and resentment, especially if more authoritative in nature begins to criticize his companion.

    In this case, they need to develop such a course of conduct which would be dampened by the contradiction of sorts. For example, in a conflict situation both have to stop and postpone clarification of relations until the next meeting (or at least until the morning), so that later, when the emotions subside, the parties could reach agreement.

    How to calculate your monthly number.
















    Each February and November begins with the number of the Earth. To find the number of Earth in February or November in the year of your birth, remember its annual number, locate it in the scheme presented above, then, moving right along the line, find the corresponding number of the Earth (given the right column). Number of months each time is reduced by one: so, if February - is the 2 nd month, March - 1 st, April - 9 th (since the cycle resumes), etc. For example, for someone who was born July 21, 1953, the annual number (we already found earlier) is 2, and monthly - 6 (think of February 1953, coming in the second column number 2. July in this case is Number 6 ).

    Since the calendar is different from eastern Europe for a few days to months, if you were born between 3 and 6 numbers on the Western calendar, you must navigate to the previous month on the eastern calendar. Use the table below to learn about the nature of their neighbors or the people with whom you have to deal with.

    Properties of human nature, associated with the monthly number.




    1. Objectivity. Independence. Rationality.

    Liveliness. Openness. Naturalness.

    Profound. Strong. Do not show off.

    2. Regularity. Practicality. Realness.

    Solicitude. Tact. Sensibility.

    Dedication. Dependence. Kindness.

    3.Vernost idea. Punctuality. Dreaminess.

    Honesty. Integrity. Assertiveness.

    Confidence. Enthusiasm. Strong emotions.

    4. Impressionability. Creativity. Originality.

    Consistency. Persistence. Uncompromising.

    Tenderness. Sensitivity. Sentimentality.

    5. Straightness. Concentration. Persistence.

    Authoritativeness. Restraint. Appeal.

    Variability. Determination. The thirst for understanding.

    6. Organization. Intuition. Decisiveness. / P>

    Honesty. Caution. Respect.

    Control. Dignity. Restraint.

    7. Mainstreaming. Positivity. Glitter.

    Charm. Attractiveness. Playfulness.

    The desire to win universal love. Self-absorbed.

    8. Fast. Intelligence. Excitement.

    Clarity. Persuasiveness. Assertiveness.

    Sobriety. Tenderness. Change attitudes.

    9. Insight. Spontaneity.

    Passion. Expressiveness.

    Anger. Impulsiveness.

    What is the number of axial and how to calculate.

    The last number of your code is considered the main, or axial, and is produced from the first two numbers - the annual and monthly numbers (numbers). It is related to the higher expression of your personal qi energy, related to what is the first impression you make on people.

    Encountering man for the first time, we can first judge it by that which emanates from him the highest energy qi, - these properties are immediately apparent. Then, with the more familiar, begins to manifest the energy of the month, and only when you are very old and well know people, you start to notice it more profound manifestation of energy - energy of the year.

    These layers of energy may be quite unlike one another, so we tend to err, judging people only on first impression, and are surprised to learn, finally, their internal, deep manifestation of annual energy. For example, people, the number of which - nine, the number of months - three, and above the number - one (931), may at first glance seem a quiet and simple. But in fact it is active, violent nature.

    If your main number of indicators is different from your internal energies, which means you can in different ways to express themselves at work and at home. Man with the code 748 may be clever, successful careers, and homes to be tender and touchingly vulnerable. The following table contains the most typical examples of what can be carriers of different main (axial) numbers in the profession.

    Computed axial number follows. Compare your monthly the number with the number 5. If it is greater than 5, subtract 5 from their monthly numbers, and then subtract the result from their annual rates. If you have a monthly numbers - 6, and the annual - 2, axial your number is 1 (6-5 = 1 and 2-1 = 1). If your monthly number is less than 5, subtract it from the 5 and add the result to its annual number. So, if your monthly numbers - 4, and the annual - 1, your number will be axial 2: 5-4 = 1 and 1 +1 = 2.

    Axial number and properties of their respective owners.

    First impression



    Simplicity. Softness. Compliance.

    Objectivity. Independence. Artistry.


    Sociability. Friendliness. Thoroughness.

    Persistence. Comradeship. Caution.


    Integrity. Erudition. Decisiveness.

    Neatness. Fascination. Technical.


    Tenderness. Kindness.

    Creative Talent. Decisiveness.


    Closed. Dark horse.

    Ability to influence others. Confidence.


    Dryness. Stiffness. Confidence.

    Discipline. Prudence. Seriousness.


    Charm. Glitter.

    Purpose. Commercialism.


    Straightness. Viability. Curiosity.

    Concentration. Mainstreaming. Rationality.


    Sociability. Erudition. Arrogance.

    Emotionality. Hypochondria. Pole.

    What the stars say about your character.

    Annual number 1 (r 1).

    You are very flexible person, accustomed to evade the sharp corners. You possess great strength and can achieve much, but your progress is noticeable. The biggest success you achieve in that case, if you build your life slowly and adapt to new situations. You need your own field of activity, especially personal relationships. With the freedom and independence, you feel safe, knowing that you can return to your partner when you want.

    Others you may seem secretive, but at the same time, you can be very loving and caring. Faced with the insurmountable obstacle, you are able to step back and carefully analyze the situation. Do you have a craving for philosophical reflection on reality, to religious thinking. You are very attractive and very important for you a full sexual life, quality is more important number, and you can enjoy the mysteries of physical intimacy, slowly but surely building a relationship in your direction.

    Number of month 1 (M 1).

    You are a good speaker and know how to explain my feelings. You are drawn to the attention of people when the situation demands it, and it seems an open person, without the secret thoughts. Despite this, you tend to hide the character traits that make up your deep essence. You are always ready for other practical advice. You original thought and do not depend on outside opinions. You like to establish contacts with people on an emotional level, but do not show mercy for the weak.

    When you feel that you show free thought and independence, others may think of your behavior that you have a cold and unsympathetic man. You are too quick to judge others. In love, you prefer to sexual activity, although it seeks to preserve its independence. This prevents you from achieving complete intimacy with a partner. You must live as you please, and would rather stop the choice on who is independent enough to give you and freedom.

    Axial number 1 (O 1).

    You are flexible, calm, reliable person. For you will not be difficult to fit into any team. On the paper you are taken seriously, act wisely, and your objectivity allows you to give useful advice to others. However, you often have to worry about trifles.

    The annual number 2 (F 2).

    You are careful, acting deliberately and methodically. Success - the case of your hands, it comes through your practicality. You also have the unique ability to learn from their mistakes and improve practical skills. You have a cautious approach to life. This feature is particularly noticeable over the years. Your advantage is that you have good plan their actions in the near and distant future, and even in his younger years can achieve considerable success. Only drawback is that you do not like adventures and trying to avoid the unknown, so your life is at risk of becoming monotonous and boring. To avoid this, try to introduce more diversity into their plans.

    You need a quiet haven of family life. You will be easier to succeed if you will rely on anyone. Because you get a great business partner and an exemplary family man. You care more about others than about himself, not even realizing this report. You satisfied with the long, solid relationship, you value the intimate life and deep feelings. However, you can easily switch to a purely business relationship. Sometimes you become too realistic and practical, and these can disrupt the harmony. In this case, you should choose a less practical partner, capable of reckless acts.

    Number of month 2 (M 2).

    You have a methodical mind, you are well and thoroughly assimilate knowledge. Before we formulate the idea, you need to carefully consider it, but then you will be able to express it very well. Generally, you have the gift to express good thoughts. You are by nature a gentle and caring person you were concerned with other people. You are considerate and attentive to the family and get real pleasure from communicating with people. In romantic relationships you are looking for reliable, warm and strong relations.

    You need a partner who can be trusted, responsible person, which should have been taken care of. However, you often attract a different type of people - reckless, giddy, ecstatic. You'll be jealous and worry too much, if important to your relationship will be jeopardized. Your friends and acquaintances can sometimes accuse you of baseless claims, and you, in turn, treat him too critical.

    Axial number 2 (O 2).

    You are cautious, prudent and in the first place think about wealth. Your approach to rational and rigorous. You can well establish and strengthen business contacts and know how to make friends for life. You succeed if you succeed in rallying a strong team of associates.

    The annual number 3 (G).

    You are dynamic and active, you can easily entertain a new idea. Your enthusiasm helps you in your endeavors, you pleased to see how your ideas put into practice. You can not wait to see the early results are ready. Therefore, you will quickly lose interest in cases that did not immediately pay off. If you notice that someone was standing across the road, you can really get angry. Can to get involved in the latest technology, you have the talent of the researcher.

    You are inclined to channel their energies in a specific direction, but there is a risk fascinated by small things and miss better opportunities. Your seething energy helps to make discoveries in any field. Your relationship with your loved one will be fortunate in that case, if this man is all you will be under. You simply will not tolerate next to him those who can not keep up with you.

    Number of month 3 (M W).

    You are too straightforward and accurate, like to express their opinions about everything. For others, such a sincere attitude can not be too pleasant. You quickly grasp all the new, to know technical details. Moderation and accuracy - your motto, so you tend to see the world in black and white. This allows you to quickly select and assimilate information.

    You have an excellent memory, and you make decisions quickly, as for myself and for others. Puzzling situation confuse you, just like people, thinking is not logical categories. You are confident and when faced with difficulties, calmly looking out. When you are nervous, it becomes unpredictable. In romantic relationships you need a partner who could tolerate your mood swings, and would be just as meticulous.

    Axial number 3 (O 3).

    You are an enthusiastic person you are interested in almost everything. You are visible and naturally attracts people. Starting a new business, you feel great elation, but likely too keen on a specific benefit to the detriment of the case. You like to be constantly busy, stay in the thick of things.

    The annual number) 4 (T 4).

    You love the progress, love changes. Do you like to travel, you would like to visit distant countries, especially the exotic. When you encounter difficulties, your first reaction - to drop everything and go away. You have far-reaching plans, you have to think globally. You need to share your thoughts with people, this contributes to your profession or hobby - literary works, music or picture - that is exactly what you can achieve real success. You have a gentle disposition, you are trying to avoid confrontation.

    The same reason you can greatly disrupt the critic in your address - so that you just give up. But however long you can go to the goal. That is, you can mess around for a long time so that others before you seemed a trifle. Your partner in love can become a person who will assess your sensitive nature and is ready to share with you all the joys of life. You attract good, thorough and cheerful people.

    Number of months 4 (M 4).

    You are very impressionable nature, you have a creative mind. You are a creative person, you have a source of new ideas. But your ability to think simultaneously about several things can create other difficulties in communicating with you: you are often distracted and switch to another subject, forgetting about his interlocutor. You did a lot of time on analyzing the situation, whereas the more useful it would operate.

    As a result, delay a decision on the very last moment. Others may seem that this is a sign of indecision, apathy. In love, you are tender, sensitive, kind and attentive, but can show unexpected harshness, cruelty. You need to close was someone kind and cheerful, someone who would be admired your strength and encouragement you.

    Axial number 4 (O 4).

    You are sweet, kind and serious. Beside you to be pleased with you, nice friends, and you can easily make friends. You are smart and work on the issue a lot of productive ideas. You can, when necessary, be persistent, eg when it comes to promotion.

    The annual number 5 (D 5).

    You have the ability to deal with in life to radical changes. This allows you to with great enthusiasm to start new things, to dive into new philosophies. You are contagious enthusiasm and his love to gather like-minded people. You like to be in the spotlight. You are pleased to be among the many members of the household or among friends, which you very much, or in the working collective.

    You do not care what they do or say around you tend to believe the rumors. You have had fits of jealousy or suspicion. Although you have a reasonably clear outlook, you strictly adhere to once and for all the lessons of moral standards. You are sympathetic people, people you trust. Sometimes even the confide their secrets.

    Of the month 5 (M 5).

    You are a strong personality. You can easily conquering people's attention. You are not afraid of confrontation and love a lively discussion. You are a good speaker, like social work and well-worn with people. In love you are always leading the field, you are accustomed to occupy a dominant position. If you respect your partner, he will receive from you great support and assistance.

    Axial number 5 (O 5).

    You give the impression of a strong man, even though deep down you're not so confident. You quickly get into the new business, become a leader, but will not tolerate next to him who will try something you have to beat.

    The annual number 6 (D 6).

    Your goal - to live in dignity and in peace with people. Your life is clearly established, it all calculated by the minute. The honor you above all else - and this affects the decision-making. You give the impression of a serious, thorough person and not afraid of responsibility. However, because of this, some may find you arrogant. You do not like getting into a mess, so often unnecessarily taken with fervor to prove their case. Ambient expect from you wise advice, trusted you.

    You have good intuition. Material well-being, prestige and sex - that's what you're interested and why you are willing to work like an ox. But you are too demanding of others, and not everyone can meet your standards. You like to manage not only their lives, and often interfere in the lives of his close friends. You need to find a life partner who would not shy in front of you, or someone who would be happy to fulfill your orders.

    Number of month 6 (M 6).

    You speak very confidently and with authority and can easily win the respect of people. In conversation you value honesty and candor and can not forgive the one who has ever lied to you. You do not speak out about it until you have requested. Do you like situations in which you are responsible for others, intuition tells you easy way out of difficult situations. You adhere to strict ethical principles and expect the same from others. - You used to be a leader and resigns himself to the role. slave only when you have great respect for your partner.

    Axial number 6 (About 6).

    You are full of inner dignity. Your opinion firmly, and convince you of something very difficult: you'll be struggling to prove their case. You are disciplined and do all the time. However, sometimes a sense of responsibility weighs on you, and you could blame the fact that you have a lot to take themselves.

    The annual number 7 (T 7).

    You constantly strive for material well-being and are able not only to earn but to spend. In everything you do, you feel a kind of chic, you're attracting the heart. To think of life with youthful vigor, love to joke and laugh. So you like little children. Adults also can not accept such behavior, considering that this is childish. Having achieved the desired, you may lose the incentive and lazy. Your desire for pleasure means more sexual activity and forces you to vigorously seek sexual partners.

    Of the month 7 (M 7).

    You are a wonderful speaker, you can achieve a lot by putting in front of a material goal. You love living convenience and consciously avoid difficult situations. You have a good sense of humor, and you love the fun company where you can laugh. Generally you radiant, joyous person, but it does happen and periods of sadness. Do you like the signs of attention, and you will be fine with those who will indulge you in every way. Your partner should be cheerful and responsive.

    Axial number 7 (About 7).

    You are cheerful and charming. Money for you in the first place, and you will always find ways to raise capital. You have trouble to put up with boring or dead-end jobs. The atmosphere of the workplace and morale is very much for you mean.

    The annual number of 8 (G 8).

    You like to be first, but this inherent passion you can turn you into a workaholic. You have great organizational skills, and you strive to become perfect in his profession. You never do not miss her, capable of dramatic changes in life. You love to talk to people and easily find the topic of conversation. You are a child at ease, and with you a pleasure to be around. But can not stand stupidity and do not forgive people's weaknesses. In love, you are sparkling, but many are expecting, and from a partner.

    Of the month 8 (M 8).

    You are a speaker, people are willing to listen to you day and night. Do you mind a deep and diverse knowledge. You are relying on intuition and rigorous calculation, achieving its goal. But the surrounding might feel slighted, believing that you used them. In love, you know how to bring joy to his partner. However, it is one sharp word can seriously offend people. You can be very nervous and, though they criticize others, to conceive of such relations do not suffer. Attack - for you the best form of protection.

    Axial number 8 (About 8).

    You are a child's gay and directly, but can be tough. Quickly catch new trends and defining for themselves the purpose, well cope with the task.

    The annual number 9 (G 9).

    You are very dependent on mood. Your mood has a big influence your immediate environment: friends, pets, colleagues. Some people are able to inspire you, but not for long. Under the wise guidance you can achieve much in life. But some people are able to suppress your life energy. Do you like the new situation, dating. You can easily make friends, who then have a big impact on your life and work. You have the gift to attract people. You are energetic, have a lot of passion. This gives you a great advantage in love, but you are proud and unpredictable.

    Of the month 9 (No. 9).

    You have a gentle disposition, you are friendly and can speak beautifully about the feelings. Do you like to bet, taking the initiative of talking to himself, sometimes too carried away by himself. You are somewhat unbalanced and prone to intemperance. In a burst of enthusiasm, you tend to exaggerate, and you can just promise with three boxes. You are guided by emotion rather than reason, and you can easily persuade. In love, you are a passionate and loving, and in your partner you are also looking for these qualities. But sometimes you show detachment, which may be taken as a manifestation of selfishness. However, you have a good soul, and if you like, you give yourself favorite without a trace.

    Axial number 9 (About 9).

    Shyness can stop you to display their best qualities, vitality and originality of mind, sensitivity. But if you win shy, you show what can. To advance the work, you need not spare the time and effort to ensure that the necessary tie dating.


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