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    School Wandering Stars.

    School flying or wandering stars is "higher mathematics" in Feng Shui and much different from the school forms, symbols and directions.

    School flying or wandering stars takes into account the change of energy in time and space. It allowed us to determine in what room a better deal activity - active or passive, where better to study and where the bedroom and a family member, as well as what color scheme is the best choice for a particular room.

    This system makes it possible to predict the various events that can occur in any given period of time with a person living in that particular room, for example, when he can get sick and how and when to make more money.

    If you see any structure that threatens your home, you are trying by every possible means to defuse it, remove or protect themselves. Recall that such structures are "hands-killer" or "secret arrows" (see "The theory of Qi"). In the case of an unfavorable direction for you (see "Octagon ba-gua"), you are also trying to rearrange the bed, a stove, the front door.

    If the house there is stagnant energy that you spend cleaning the space, using the "music of the wind", candles, incense, singing bowl, etc. If all of this you have to cope, then you have mastered the Feng Shui to such an extent that you do not cause difficulties such action, it's just wonderful. This is all very well and leads to a stable result.

    However, if you take into account the time factor, or the Wandering (summer) stars, it is significantly advance your understanding and analysis of their own destiny, and the impact on her. Time factor, or the energy of stars, invisible, imperceptible, but the influence of the stars, is considered very strong. Many of trouble you can avoid if you have knowledge about which sector the house or apartment is now malware energy. Along with this, activation of favorable stars bring good luck to the house and into your life.

    The nature of energy which radiate star, was calculated by millennia of Chinese observations of nature and, in particular, for the constellation Ursa Major. It is known that various stars radiate different energy, and furthermore, these stars move in space. Consequently, there is a constant change sectors at home, which affect these wandering or flying star.

    We begin with an introduction to the concept of "harmful Five.

    The basic principle of Feng Shui states: "Define the negative, neutralize it, and then activate the positive energy for luck, health, prosperity and love." Therefore we must always begin with the identification and neutralization of negative energy.

    Master Feng Shui indicate that the most harmful to the inhabitants of the house is the star of the star number 5 (out of nine). This brimstone five (five yellow) has the most destructive energy. It is particularly harmful to our health, bad luck, problems, accidents, illness and, of course, disappointments in love.

    Also distinguish between the period of the star, which change every 20 years, the stars, the stars of the month and even the stars on each day. It is not necessary to delve into a very small division, it is enough to know about the star and the star of the period of the year. There are five, which occupies an entire sector of the house and moves every year. In 2005, for example, brimstone Five is in the north-western sector. It must be stressed that this applies to all homes, without exception.

    This means that in 2005 in north-western sector of the house can not sleep, eat, light the fireplace and candles, dancing, and noise. Should also be noted that the Northwest Territories in the countries and continents will be more prone to internal conflicts or natural disasters.

    Element Five - Metal, the nascent Earth, the Earth is born fire. Attention is drawn to the fact that in 2005 in north-western sector is not recommended to use moving mobiles, which are a symbol of metals, since they are a manifestation of the movement in the Gaza pernicious five. A sector, affected by the five yellow, must be calm. So, we proceed to search for the five wicked in his home. She migrates every year in the other sector (see table below).

    Five Harmful affects the following sectors homes between 2005 and 2013:

    2005 - the north-western sector;
    2006 - Western Sector;
    2007 - the north-eastern sector;
    2008 - the southern sector;
    2009 - northern sector;
    2010 - south-western sector;
    2011 - Eastern Sector;
    2012 - south-eastern sector;
    2013 - Center.

    Then the cycle repeats.

    2014 - the north-western sector;
    2015 - Western Sector, and so on.

    Attention should be paid for 2010. Unfavorable five hits in the south-western sector, sector of love. This means that this year is absolutely impossible to ignite in the south-western sector of nor candles, nor any other fire, because instead of the expected love and passion can happen in big trouble associated just with romantic relationships. Moreover, these troubles can be linked to the disease, as well as five - a painful star.

    General rule of security communication with the five treacherous guests visiting our home, the following: do not harass her. That is, those sectors of the house, which struck an unfavorable energy, should be quiet and calm. Should take into account the fact that the energy of the stars are changing, in connection with the need to move their activities in accordance with the position of stars. Now you can smoothly migrate to the possible ways to neutralize the negative influence of pernicious five.

    For this purpose again to recall the cycle of creation and destruction cycle of elements (see "The five elements and their interaction"). Fire generates Earth, that is, nourishes the top five. Earth produces Metal. Consequently, the metal weakens the top five. Put as much metal in those sectors, which struck five.

    The best big (do not be stingy) music of wind or any large metal. Especially since 2005 marks the north-western sector, part of which is Metal. It is impossible to overdo it. The presence of five in the house of a man following the rules of Feng Shui can be determined by the number of heavy metal, located in a vicious sectors. Metal element as you may well be used to neutralize the dangerous five. Everything goes in motion. Dumbbells, weights, a community of rod, bar itself, mops, etc.

    All that is relevant to the metal weakens the harmful effect of unsolicited, but, alas, inevitable guest. Fight with the yellow and the five possible with the help of the so-called singing bowls - metal (bronze, silver) bowl with a wooden pestle. When you drive a pestle in a circle the bowl, it begins to publish an unusually pleasant thin ring, begins to "sing". Magic Board: can every night before going to bed ring singing bowl and ask for an uninvited guest to leave the house owners.

    Singing Bowl - is a favorite tool for practicing Feng Shui, it is absolutely indispensable for the purification of the space at home. There is a belief: when working with a singing bowl, the entire accumulated in the space of negative rushes there, but from the high sound vibrations bowl odds bright positive energy that fills the house of luck. While working with the cup visualize how you to spread the rays of light or a field. At this point, well make a wish.

    At the same time work with the cup is a remarkable activator of a zone in the house. If you want to add energy to a particular sector - use the singing bowl. Analog singing bowls can serve our Russia Valdai bells, which are perfectly cleanse the space and attract good luck. If the north-western sector accounts for the active part of the house, such as entrance or common corridor, it is recommended to place a metal "music of the wind" for the dispersion of harmful energy.


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