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    The theory of Qi.

    The theory of Qi is one of the most important principles of Feng Shui. "Qi" is translated from Chinese means spirit, breath, vitality, vital energy, vital force. Such terms are also present in other cultures. Qi - invisible energy that permeates all things in the world. For example, in Japan it is "ki" in India - "Prana", in Hawaii - "mana" in Western philosophy - "life force". In the future we will use the term "qi". Chi energy pulsating in all living things, filling them with energy and movement. If a person is healthy, strong, balanced, then he has a "good" chi, if weak and sick - "bad".

    Qi energy and the human body

    The vital energy fills our body strength and vigor, enlivens our body. When a person dies, it remains only an empty shell, since the qi energy leaves the body. According to Chinese medicine, qi energy flows along meridians of the human body, which then carry it to all the internal organs and body parts. In oriental medicine health as judged by the energy of the body.

    All body systems: circulatory, lymphatic, nervous - as well as muscles and bones are considered secondary to the chi and can function only because of vital energy. Experienced practice of Feng Shui can enter into a state of meditation, using the energy of qi. In order to tune in to the cosmic energy of the living space, you need to feel the movement of energy within themselves, aside from extraneous thoughts and feel their personal chi. This can be done with simple exercises.

    Exercise 1.

    Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart place, knees slightly bent. The back should be straight - it's mandatory. Necessary to separate the hands to the sides so that the body resembled a cross. Then lift the fingers up so that his hands were at 90 to the hands. This posture must be hold for 10 minutes. Then you will feel as qi begins to move from hand to hand and slowly penetrate through the hands of the body. If you do this exercise every day, then two weeks later feel the flow of qi energy in their hands.

    Exercise 2.

    Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart place, knees slightly bent. Then you sit down a little. This uses the muscles of the hips, and during the first few days may be sore upper leg. Pull the hands in front so that the palms were facing each other, as if you hold them in a small live bird. Tune in to this imaginary bird, and very gently slide a bit and pushed them. Gradually, they will warm, and you will feel the energy between them. Visualize this energy as a ball of light, which expands and contracts in accordance with your thoughts and commands.

    Qi energy and the planet Earth.

    Chi energy is distributed over the Earth as it occurs in our body. Meridian energy of the Earth called "dragon lines". The land will be fertile, abundant and rich in vegetation, where the qi energy is close to the surface, and the dry and barren, where the qi circulates far from the surface. In China, Qi is called "dragon's cosmic breath of heaven". If the energy of the space harmonic, Qi is considered favorable. If harmony is absent, the qi becomes deadly, turning into its opposite - the energy sha.

    Cosmic breath brings material wealth to anyone who lives in the immediate vicinity. In ancient times, places with good Feng Shui describes the image of celestial animals (see "Celestial animals"), for example, green dragon east and west, the white tiger. Dragons and tigers symbolized the hilly and mountain ranges, which gave the terrain undulation. Qi was considered a favorable sign of the presence of vegetation and water.

    Qi is the source of prosperity, abundance, wealth, fame and fortune. If the qi will dissipate or "deflate", for success can not be and speeches. Windy location, then there are those where strong winds blow faster, are considered unfavorable, since the qi there is scattered. Qi, limited water, stop and accumulate, so these places are favorable. The quality of chi is affected by the quality of water. Fast-moving water, mountain rivers, waterfalls kill Qi; polluted rivers adversely affect the quality of qi. Do not allow stagnation of qi, or fatigue, so dead, overgrown with duckweed pond in front of the house will bring good luck.

    A good Feng Shui, a particular place depends on how much qi in it accumulated, and how long the site remains a source of favorable energy: in the field of permanent accumulation of Qi Feng Shui is favorable, in the field of obsolescence or dissipation of energy - Feng Shui bad. In an ideal situation, the house must have access to powerful sources of energy flow or be near him. If the natural landscape of this source is not, you can create it artificially, using fountains, bulk hills. The essence of the practice of Feng Shui - to catch the flow of qi favorable passing through the place of your home, and create a landscape conducive to its retention, not giving this thread alive.

    Qi energy in the house.

    The movement of qi energy in the home depends on many factors: light, proportions and size of building materials, sounds, smells, etc. Energy channels and the flow of qi inside the house are planning rooms, interior, location of housing in relation to the surrounding landscape. The main objective of Feng Shui - harmony distribute this energy.

    Never place the main entrance opposite the back door, especially if they are connected by a direct passage, in which case qi will not stay in the house. The same happens in a situation where the front door is a window. Bad if the door is located opposite the stairs leading to the second floor of your home. Qi will immediately rise up, and the first floor will be left without it. If your home is such a plan, do not despair: Feng Shui, there is always a way out of difficult situation.

    The cultivation of qi energy.

    There are several types of qi, and all of them - manifestations of one and the same energy. Nature of Qi - the energy of nature, plants and animals; heavenly qi - the energy of the sky, stars and planets, human qi - a personal, internal energy of a person; home chi - the energy that circulates in the house; Public qi - the energy of a nation or people.

    All these energies in any way affect our lives. But, for example, natural or social Qi virtually not subject to our will, they exist and operate independently of our desires. But personal chi - it is the energy that can be cultivated through training, discipline, work on oneself. Art of Feng-shui - a way of cultivation of qi energy, and the most effective combination of different methods that complement each other, improving the quality and your personal chi, and life in general.

    Types of qi energy and their impact.

    Now that you know what chi, you can talk about the circumstances necessary for the circulation of this energy in the surrounding world. If you imagine a allegorically flows of energy, which moves in your house and around it, you'll understand how the system works. Think of a mountain stream, which winds between boulders, on the small waterfalls, falling on steep slopes. The water is moving very fast, constantly changing direction, facing obstacles and rumbling in the whirlpool. It is set up angrily and aggressively, it a lot of energy wasted aimlessly. In this case, chi is transformed into sha qi. This indiscriminate and uncontrolled energy reduces the efficiency and negates all your efforts.

    Now try to imagine the mouth of the river near the confluence with the ocean, where it becomes a slow, smooth, and the water clouded with silt and soil particles. Water is poured into wide flat plain, where stagnant in the marsh bends and meanders. Such weak and oppressed energy called qi si, it is too weak and oppressed to create a conducive atmosphere. In the house, dominated by the energy of qi si, people become lethargic and apathetic, they lack the vitality and energy. And finally, imagine the river in its middle reaches.

    She absolutely carries the waters of a smooth curve of the channel, by the way it falls into several tributaries, it feels relentless rhythm Privolnoe forward movement that is so much that can bend around obstacles without knocking with the natural flow. The internal energy allows it to maintain speed and direction. This sheng qi - "the breath of a happy dragon", one of the purposes of art of Feng Shui. Write sheng qi energy can be in many ways; proper circulation of qi energy in the house - the most important factor Settling in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui. If qi can constantly move, accumulate and relax around your house, not zastaivayas in some places, before you open the best opportunities for a harmonious life.

    Water, roads, and the flow of qi.

    Principal conductor of qi energy in the natural landscape is water. The city water mimic the streets and avenues, which cut through residential areas. Roads are like aqueducts, distributing the energy of qi from the surrounding area. In Chinese symbolism of water is associated with money, so the river or the road should pass by your house, winding, flowing too fast, that money is not sped by, but not too slowly, so you do not need.

    Tenants, the facade which faces onto a busy street or high-speed flyover, it is very difficult to plan for their financial well-being, because the money is replenished by them, then take their leave. It is better if the house is located on the smooth bend in the road with moderate or weak movement. A good will and the location of the house at the crossroads, if the flow of energy sha chi is not directed at the front door. All these features should be taken into account, buying a house or planning for its construction.

    Favorable road structure.

    Roundabout are favorable structures, as they have no sharp corners and traffic moves on them, along with the natural flow of energy. The road, which smoothly around the house, but does not "strangling" it brings beneficial energy to the residents. The house, located at the end of the winding streets, is favorable for housing. In general, curving, crooked streets and alleys slow down the flow of qi sha, it would be preferable to live in areas of old buildings than in neighborhoods with the standard square and rectangular layout of the streets. Excavation and gravel roads are more favorable than asphalt and concrete. Asphalt as it covers the ground impenetrable shield and blocks the supply of energy.

    Determination of sha chi.

    That is sha qi occurs when the energy too quickly proceeds to direct a narrow place, faced with angular or pointed structure. Straight lines are destroying the positive impact of qi energy. For the ancient masters of Feng Shui such a place was, for example, a narrow river valley, castellated ridge or standing alone spiky rock. For the modern city dweller is a straight road, a corner of a large building or a sharpened comb.

    It is very important time to pay attention to the request to your house sha chi, to take timely steps to mitigate these negative impacts and try to eliminate the negative effects. For simplicity of perception in Western literature sha chi is called "arrow-killers" or "secret arrows".

    They represent a danger to residents in the following cases:

    - If a straight road goes directly to your home, especially to the front door, or your house is located on the T-junction at the end of the impasse, or stands at the intersection of several roads, so it has a very harmful impact of sha chi.
    - Negative influence, and one or two roads that are suitable to the house at an angle.
    - The road loop surrounding the house, like "strangling" him and harm residents.
    - If the House sent the corners and the tip, for example, a high tower, the angle of the building or outbuildings, peaked roof of a neighboring house.
    - Avoid dwelling, located between two close running parallel roads.
    - If one or two roads coming to the house at an angle, it has a negative impact on residents.
    - Not selites in homes located close to the steep sloping roads. The rapid downward flow of energy destroys the harmony in the house and threatens the welfare of the residents.
    - Bad, if the door is located opposite the narrow gap between the tall buildings.
    - Do not live in a house on the hill, which from all sides are sloping the road. All that is easy come a long labor, may be suddenly lost.

    Sources sha qi will satellite dish, telephone cables, antennas, light poles, flagpoles, steeples, pylons. Houses, which are located near the railway bridges, viaducts and overpasses, are subjected to continuous impact of harmful energy. Do not live in an area with lots of tangled roads, like a maze. Such structures hinder the free flow of energy and create a "septic" si qi oppressing power.

    Negative impact on the building's residents, even located opposite the entrance door trees, especially if they are big and dry up. If the road skirting the house, suddenly changing direction, etounosit luck of the building's residents. If you live near the airport, note the location of the runways. They should not be aimed directly at the house, otherwise the shock effect sha qi quickly destroy the welfare of the residents.

    To assess the possible impact of sha chi to your house to stand at the front door and look around. Think about the direction of roads and paths. Is there a "secret arrows" to you? Examine the features of nearby buildings and determine the sources of any negative energy. The same procedure should be repeated in the backyard. Especially careful Treat windows bedroom and living room. For example, the angle of the road can indicate your home simultaneously with the angle of the house opposite and a satellite dish. There are certain ways and methods by which you can reduce the negative impact of "hidden hands".

    Correction of adverse effects.

    If your house of negative sha qi energy, do not despair - the methods of Feng Shui can fix any situation, and for this there is a lot of ways. The principle of action is to redirect the negative energy, to take her from home. The best way to eliminate the effect of energy sha qi is the barrier that protects the housing and create an island of calm in front of the entrance door. This can be either low hedges, or fences. Can a few centimeters to raise the threshold. So you have to overcome a symbolic barrier that will prevent the negative energy to penetrate the house.

    If directly to your home fits a straight road, you can correct the situation, using decorative protrusions or pockets on both sides of the road. Guide can be either fill out the same material, which lined the road, or decorate with plants, or lay decorative items. Track will be tortuous, and the impact of sha qi weaken. If your house road turns at right angles, turning around can be divided into a thicket. The beneficial effects will have any distracting from the sharp turning tool.

    You can hang on the outside of the house octagonal mirror ba-gua. With it, you flip the negative impact of sha qi in the direction whence it came. But remember that this mirror can be used only outside the home. In addition, the mirror should be set so that the reflected energy sha qi fell not on the door of your neighbors, but in a safe place.

    An excellent way to reject the negative energy - to build a house near a small fountain. It will raise the energy of qi, fresh atmosphere and, furthermore, improve the appearance. If for any reason you can not afford it, can be restricted to a small drinking fountain, or dig a small pond, beautifully overlaid it with stones. Of course, in this case, you need to make sure that water does not blossom and not stagnate, if necessary, change it.

    If your house sent a powerful stream sha qi coming from the neighboring buildings, you can use symbols of crossed swords or guns. This tool should be used only in extreme cases and be sure to see where negative energy is reflected.

    What to do with the si qi.

    Qi Xi is not such a big problem, as sha chi, because its inhibitory effect rather than aggressive. But if the qi accumulates in the stagnant zones, its energy will be lost, and this is necessarily a depressing impact on tenants. Look for the "dead" corners in the house where you can imagine the places in your home where energy can enter, but can not get out. These areas are best to revive the plants in pots or statues, helps direct the flow of energy in a more favorable direction. Plants that improve the quality of qi si, in general, brought more benefits than inanimate objects. The situation can be corrected and with a small indoor fountain or bright lighting.

    Benefits sheng chi.

    Natural circulation of qi energy in the house and its surroundings creates a good mood and lets you feel the harmony with the surroundings. If circumstances are favorable to you, then you will be able to derive maximum benefit from this, because during the losing streak your house will support you, and you will overcome all the trouble. On the other hand, if you get into the losing streak, they are not break you: you will be able to cope with any problems and move on. This positive setting will help in various aspects of your life: in relationships with friends and family, at work, in careers and in all endeavors.

    How to increase the energy of qi.

    You moved into a new house, after making repairs. Construction debris is removed, there is no dust anywhere, all the furniture in the rooms are arranged exactly as you want. And still in the early days of the new place is always uncomfortable. This is because the invisible waves emanating from the earth, create a certain mood of this place, yet unfamiliar to us. In order for these waves act in unison with our feelings, we can "adjust" them to your liking.

    In ancient China, for it tried to "revive" the stagnant energy of qi. They began with general cleaning, and then opened the windows and the sharp sound of bells, gong, clapping his hands "dispersed 'standing waves. Especially trying to "revive" the long dark corners of rooms that need to elaborate further. On the four corners of the room and in the very center of lit candles, was also used aromakuritelnitsy with aromatic resins. And finally the whole house should be sprinkled on spring water, charged lunar energy, in order to restore the atmosphere of negative ions.


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