Fundamentals of Feng Shui - The Influence of subtle energies on people.

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    Influence of subtle energies on people.

    Rules of Feng Shui is like a generalized experience of the ancient Chinese with unknown forces ( "subtle" energies, if you want) that affect human life. A huge amount of information of this ancient Chinese science is simply amazing, but very interesting as a large enough reservoir of knowledge about modern biotechnology, which has an impact on improving our living environment, prevention of harmful effects of poorly known forces (energy) on human health and success.

    Spiritual improving, and not breaking the commandments, you may be able to improve your heaven luck, your destiny. Using, for example, neuro-linguistic programming or perfected in some other way, you will be able to influence more people to achieve greater success in business, etc., ie, improve its human success, to use more opportunities.

    But you still have earthly success - people are very much operating environment. Under the influence of unfavorable apartments, houses, office, you can become a chronic loser, so even with the terrible health. But you can act on not only negative in terms of Feng Shui, but also various negative zones, defined biolocation. The most interesting is that, living in an ideal (this is quite rare) in Feng Shui home, you may well have poor health - will be to blame, if I may say so, pathogenic zones, ie, zone, the action which adversely affects of those in living beings.

    Actually, that's why there are such bad area? On this question the answer is no. There is now water under the earth conductor - the void between the dense rocks, and it is speeding the flow of water. Here is now the flow of water, empty and still others have studied and unknown factors cause a certain type of radiation emanating from the bowels of the earth. This radiation can be useful, but not always and for all. Much more often people are faced with adverse to their health radiation - statistics one in five sleeps or works in geopathogenic zone.

    Almost everyone who lives in geopathogenic areas, health is not normal - it can be as serious chronic (prolonged stay in the negative zone), and small is not particularly fearful of disease (short stay in the pathogenicity of the zone). After 10 years of living in geopathogenic zone (GPZ) something sick almost all: 57% of light diseases, 33% severe disease and 4% died. No abnormalities were observed only 5% living in the GPP. Effects of GEA very much.

    Harmful interference in those zones cause serious, sometimes irreversible, changes in the body, mental disorders - probably all heard about the "cancer" houses (where the majority of tenants affects cancer), in addition, homes located in the GEA, frequent suicide. Powerful harmful radiation GEA can even destroy the house (90% of buildings in the GEA are in poor condition, subject to demolition or major repairs), then what to talk about the health and welfare of residents?

    What is the mechanism of action of this negative light GPP? At issue is strictly a scientific answer can be given for the following reasons: bioenergy scientists are not actively being studied, because No devices are capable to record the radiation GPP (accurately determine the position of GEA can now only an experienced bio-energy) and, consequently, there is no substantive scientific evidence of GPP and similar phenomena. Because everything associated with bioenergy is at the stage of hypotheses and assumptions.

    So that's the assumption about the impact on human GEA is that radiation from these areas of the same order with the human biofield, and when a person is in his bio GEA particles react with the particles of radiation GEA and the result is damage to the human biofield, and if radiation is particularly strong, then the action of such a pathogenic zones can be equated to a constant radiation.

    Web Hartman. This network covers practically all the land of their lines (line width of 20 cm to 40 cm) and divide it into squares of 2 Г— 2.5 m (2 m from north to south and 2.5 from west to east). At the intersection of the lines of the network is observed anomalous radiation harmful to humans. T. K. This network covers the whole earth, and the intersection of its lines are in each house, then there is a great need for real, proven methods for finding and neutralizing the GPP caused by this network and other APPs.

    Actually not really find geopathic zone can only using methods biolocation. This is due to the fact that in the environment than GPP has many other sources of various poorly understood or not studied radiation. In such a vast sea of noise modern technology due to lack of sensitivity are lost. Let us nevertheless to biolocation: Feng Shui, the art of being a recognition of favorable and unfavorable factors of environment rights, largely in contact with biolocation, since it reflects the same relationship of material, energy and information worlds.

    And yet, Feng Shui and biolocation can only complement each other. Dowsing can take account of and protect the rights of geopathogenic factors associated with:

    - Faults (so-called faults);
    - Underground water sources;
    - Zones of the formation of cavities (active karst processes);
    - Some ore bodies;
    - Global power grids.

    That's all - geopathic zones. It is called the portions of the earth's surface, long stay in them (work, sleep, recreation), had a negative impact on human health, livestock, crop production, as well as the integrity of facilities and security for equipment and machinery.

    Also biolocation incorporate and protect the rights of the factors associated with the activities of the man himself:

    - High voltage lines;
    - Subway tunnel;
    - Underground utilities;
    - Sociopathologic factors generated by human psyche. This includes a bad mood, and a flash of anger, envy, resentment.

    Those areas that are close to the work of large equipment, electronic devices, locations of harmful emissions, etc., called tehnopatogennymi.


    So, first of all create, the necessary tools (in general it is possible to buy them). It should be two equal pieces of a fairly thick, flat wire. Each of the pieces of wire to bend to 1:3.14 (1 - on the handle). It is better to take the wire length of 41.4 cm - turns out very convenient: 10 cm on the handle enough. Thus, we have two pieces of wire bent by the letter G. Now take them over (to keep for a short portion of the letter D) so that the wire to rotate freely: no need to heavily compress a fist, you do not want a long part of the lay on his forefinger, and in general, better to hand over the handle performed at 1 cm and the length part was a little bent down - somewhere up to 10 degrees.

    If you are looking for GPP or something else on the map - use a pendulum. How to check whether there tools? Walk around the apartment, house - the framework must somewhere cross himself, even without any special configuration. Thus, you will likely find a place where paved the wiring, or even something like that. For serious work requires a special setting. Tools are ready - now you need to prepare yourself. Before you begin, you need some way to configure. Very good if you practice meditation, are able to concentrate well and at some point to throw from the head of unwanted thoughts - in this work, such skills are very useful.

    So setting. When you pick up in the hands of the framework, you should know exactly what you're looking and focus on that. In addition, you must specify within specific question or give an unambiguous command. For example: dagger, when my hands will be over the place for me with a bad radiation, or dagger, when my hands will be on the intersection lines of the network Hartman. The results obtained when working with the first example, may differ from the results obtained using the second team, and will definitely be different from the results of work without configuration. If this happens - most likely, you can quite enough to work professionally with the framework, you only need more experience and information.

    GEA is particularly dangerous when you are in them for a long time. Because the first thing to do is check his bed, working place, etc. The most effective way to combat the influence of GPP is to limit the residence time in the zone of their actions. If there is a GPP on the bed - move it, if the desktop - change the location. True, there are situations where the bed without stopping, and the workplace are not endure: the struggle for their own health - a difficult task. Methods of combating the influence of GPP in general are not perfect (except for non-having in the range of the radiation) - affects the insufficient knowledge of the industry.

    But there are standard methods: the use of any insulating (absorbing or, possibly reflecting) material (can vystelit floor aluminum or copper foil, a can and something else, but it only helps for a while, and then isolation will need to change ). You can use a ring of wire cross section of 4-6 mm and a diameter of 0.4-0.5 meters (such rings are used to suppress the influence of the intersection lines of the network Hartman), the following method is the use of special pyramids.


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