Fundamentals of Feng Shui - Octagon ba-gua.

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    Octagon ba-gua.

    Fundamentals of Feng Shui - Octagon ba-gua. Sacred octagon - another fundamental concept of Feng Shui

    Ba-gua - sacred octagon - another fundamental concept of Feng Shui. In the modern practice of Feng Shui octagon ba-gua is a tool for understanding the energy configuration, characteristic of a residential house, apartment, office or garden patches. Location trigrams, the orientation of the octagon on the sides of color, color trends, etc. shown in Fig.

    This octagon is built on the eight trigrams, the parties, or directions, point to different aspects of your life, which, according to the rules of Feng Shui, in need of harmonization. In accordance with the Chinese compass, South indicated above, the North - at the bottom, the East - on the left, and the West - on the right. This symbol takes its value from the eight trigrams, located on its sides. Form ba-gua is central to the practice of Feng Shui as one of the main methods of reflection "poison arrows" or the negative influences that pose a threat to homes or any place.

    It is believed that the force, to scare away malevolent spirits, this sign for eight trigrams of the I Ching. " Ba-gua establishes nine major sections - eight sides and the center of the octagon. Each section corresponds to one or more areas of your life, has its meaning, its direction and its color. System ba-gua helps to know which elements of your environment affect certain aspects of life. It establishes nine major sections - eight sides of the octagon, plus center - each of which corresponds to one or more areas of your life.

    Trigram - are ancient symbols, their origin dates back to the Book of Changes I-Ching "- one of the world's oldest systems of divination and interpretation of energy flow. In Chinese traditional culture trigrams used in medicine and martial arts and philosophy, and religion. In the practice of Feng Shui, this sacred octagon configuration helps to understand the power inherent in your home, apartment or office. If you learn the concept of ba-gua, you'll always know what specific places or interior layout to change, to improve the quality of life.

    Nine sections of the ba-gua.

    Nine sections of the ba-gua, with appropriate directions and symbolic flowers, arranged in the following order:


    Field House


    Wisdom, Knowledge


    Ohryany, beige, brown, yellow, orange



    Dark green, brown



    Light green, purple



    Red, green

    Love, Marriage


    Pink, beige, terracotta

    Children Creativity


    White, gold, silver

    Assistants, Travel


    Gold, silver, white



    Yellow, camel, orange, beige, brown

    While people may be predisposed to one side of the octagon (eg, wealth) and to focus more attention on it, all sides are of equal importance. They all interact and depend on each other. The weakness of one side (eg, career) could have a negative impact on other parties and the relevant aspects of life such as Family, Love and Marriage.

    You get the greatest benefit from Feng Shui, when all directions ba-gua of your home and workplace are strong and balanced. All parties are equally important, they interact and depend on each other. If any one side is weakened, for example, career, it will have a negative impact on other parties and aspects of life, in particular, family and relationships. Ideally, all directions ba-gua of your home must be strong and balanced.

    Therefore, should not increase just one thing, for example, a zone of wealth: it is immediately affect the other areas. Maybe you and gain wealth but lose everything else. So if any of this make sense? If there is one "side", which dominates over the other, it is - Center. The central region represents the health and unity, it connects and supports all of the octagon. If you want to improve in several areas of their lives, or unsure where to start, you can safely start with the Center, could not be easier.

    Interpretation of the trigrams and directions of the octagon ba-gua.

    Remember the interpretation of the trigrams and aspects of the nine sections of the ba-gua, you can easily make a quick "energy assessment" of any premises where you are at the moment. Depending on the school of Feng Shui, the imposition of an octagon in plan space is made either from the front door toward the opposite wall, or after orientation of the compass Lopan around the world (the latter is in great proliferation).

    Trigram: Qian, creativity. Property - the fortress. This sector of the patriarch in the home, affecting the host. This is a dragon, a creative spirit that lives in the waters and soaring into the heavens. This is the spirit of dynamic change. It gives the creative power and resistance. His character - the sky, its effect - preservation. It consists only of the strong features. In the family of trigrams he is the father.

    Aspect: Assistant, Travel. This direction is connected with the people who help you through life: teachers, mentors, friends and colleagues. It is also relevant to travel and associate with the male half of the family - father, brother or son. Located on the north-west.

    Trigram: Kan, dive. This spirit of rapidly flowing water. His property - danger. He overcomes obstacles, fills voids, dissolves things or takes them in his effusion. He can give energy to risky behavior, as well as the force needed to concentrate in critical situations and overcome obstacles. His character - water, its action - the movement from top to bottom. It consists of one strong features, situated between two weak features. In the family of trigrams he is middle son.

    Aspect: Career. This trend is directly related to work, occupation, employment and earnings. Located in the north.

    Trigram: Gen, stay. This is the mountain spirit, which restricts and causes things to completion. His property - firmness. It is associated with the Halls of the Immortals, eternal rest, which contain the beginning and end of all beings. He can give strength to the awareness of the traversed path and measure your achievements. His character - a mountain, its action - termination, or stop. It consists of the strong features of the top, which "stops" two weak features at the bottom. In the family of trigrams he is the youngest son.

    Aspect: Wisdom, Knowledge. This direction is connected with self-improvement, mind, clarity of thought, life experiences and spirituality. Located on the north-east.

    Trigram: Chen, excitement. Property - mobility. This spirit of thunder, which burst from the earth to inspire, excite and disturb the balance. He brings a new in usual course of things and brings to light what was hidden in the shadows. It can awaken dormant energy and give strength to perform difficult tasks. His character - the thunder, his action - the awakening or arousal. It consists of the strong features of the bottom and two weak features at the top. In the family trigrams he is the eldest son.

    Aspect: Family. This direction is connected with your family in the broadest sense - not only with the immediate environment, but also with relatives and ancestors. Located on the east.

    Trigram: Sun, thinning. This is the spirit of wind and wood. Intricate, delicate and beautiful, it permeates things and gives them maturity. His property - penetration. It nourishes and supports. His symbols are the wind and the tree, its action - the movement from the bottom up. It consists of the weak features at the bottom and the two strong features at the top. In the family trigrams he is the eldest daughter.

    Aspect: Wealth. This direction is connected with your wealth and symbolizes abundance and prosperity of any kind. Located on the south-east.

    Trigram: Li, clutch. This is the spirit of fire, light and heat; magic power of awareness, changes the shape of a bird with brilliant plumage, which deals with things, and flying farther. Its glow is closely related to the fact that it covers. He can give strength to see and understand the meaning of things, to articulate their goals and ideas. His character - a fire, its effects - the clutch and the connection. It consists of a single weak features located between two strong features. In the family of trigrams he is an average daughter.

    Aspect: Glory. This direction is connected with your fame and reputation, it reflects what other people think about you. Also associated with the way you see your future and your future life. Located in the south.

    Trigram: Kun, response. Property - dedication. His character - the land, giving rise to all things. This is the spirit, nourishing all things: without it nothing could exist. He can give the ability to give shape to things, to embody ideas and images into reality, and his action - the service and reproduction. It consists only of the weak features. In the family it is the mother of trigrams.

    Aspect: Love, Marriage. This direction is connected with your main partner: a husband or wife, friend or girlfriend, perhaps the closest to the other person. If not, it contains unrealized potential. In addition, it is associated with the female half of the family - mother, sister, daughter. Located on the south-west.

    Trigram: Dui, permit. This is the spirit of open expanses of water, the spirit of the mist, rising from lakes, ponds and marshes, to fertilize and saturate the ground. His property - happily. This is the most friendly and open from the spirits, which is associated with intimate words, favorable exchange, a pleasant pastime, freedom from restrictions. It can be said to give credibility and inspiration, give the ability to bring things in motion and create a good mood. His character - a pond, its effect - stimulation. It consists of a single weak features at the top and two strong features at the bottom. In the family of trigrams he is the youngest daughter.

    Aspect: Children, Creativity. This direction is connected with the creative reproduction of the physical and spiritual terms: children, creative projects, artistic self-expression. It also reflects your propensity to communicate. Located on the west.

    Aspect: Health. The central region is related to physical health, unity and harmony of all things. It connects and integrates eight external lines. And in fact: if there is no health, there is no joy from anything, including of wealth. Those aspects of life that do not fit in a specific direction, can improve the work on the center. Located in the center of the octagon ba-gua.

    After analyzing all these nine sectors, you will come to the conclusion that in your home or office insignificant or insignificant sites do not exist. Each sector is responsible for something important. Each sector has a certain pressure: some of the light element, color, Trigram, forms, Celestial animals. Using this octagon, you can make adjustments in your life, put it ba-gua in your home, office, car, garden, etc. Given that the correct overlay octagon depend your success, health, personal life, you must comply with all rules and strengthen where necessary the appropriate areas.


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