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    The sense of smell is connected with the oldest department of the human brain. This is the only sense that we can not recreate mentally. You can close your eyes and see the face of a loved one, focus and hear the chords of Mozart symphony or a cheek imaginary velvet cloth. But try to sniff the air and the smell of fried bacon or aroma of blooming lilies. Most likely, you will not succeed.

    "Clever nose prints, which should be" - not just a household aphorism, but a wise saying. Even in the early stages of olfactory system of the embryo controls the frequency of swallowing. Babies determine their parents not only in appearance, but also by smell. Aromatherapy today is becoming more common, as science learns about the impact of odors on health. For example, it was discovered that the smell of dried apples lowers blood pressure. Studies have shown that the smell of lavender has a sedative effect and can be used as an antidepressant.

    You should use only natural aromatic oils and essences. If possible, choose those that are inherent in most of your environment, because it's stronger ties you to the ground. For example, if you come from Australia, the magnificent smell of oil of Australian lemon will provide for you a more favorable impact than the smell of Spanish lemons.

    Better use of scents, traditional places where your ancestors lived. For example, the smell of cedar normally used by the Cherokee Indians, and so the smell would be a positive influence on those people who are their descendants. There are also memories that we inherit together with the genetic memory of ancestors. These memories are embedded in us at the genetic level, and they will associate us with scents that are actively and positively affect your home.

    Each person has his own smell. And the house in which we live is permeated with a unique scent, which combines the scents of furniture, food, cosmetics and colors. Feng Shui is very important scents home, they help to place the right emphasis in the distribution of the energy sector. If we want to reinforce some element in the house, you can light up in the right sector, fragrant candle or put a cup of dried flower petals, whose fragrance will create the right mood, as well as to attract the energy of qi. Use scents to create a beneficial environment in residential and office space, or to correct the negative features of behavior.

    Effects of certain odors.

    Basil invigorates and good for the treatment of migraine has a strong flavor, nice spicy-sweet, fresh. But be careful, basil is contraindicated in epileptics and pregnant women. Oil basil has a strong bactericidal action. Helps with difficulty digestion, disinfects the intestine. It is used for colds, flu, upper respiratory tract diseases, bronchitis. Basil is useful to use during epidemics of influenza and malaria. It increases blood circulation, improves the digestive system.

    In conjunction with coriander, lavender, and especially with eucalyptus essential oil of basil efficiency increases by several times. It strengthens the immune system. Used as a refreshing bath in nervous disorders, headaches. In the aromatic fire purifies the air of harmful bacteria, serves as repellents (repels insects). In oriental medicine (it is called Tulsa) is used in respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, coughs, colds, asthma, flu and emphysema.

    Also used as an antidote for bites of poisonous insects and snakes. In China it is used to treat diseases of the stomach and kidneys. In the East it is called the cool grass and enjoy them in the treatment of rheumatism, skin irritation and nerve diseases. The smell of basil has a strong positive impact on the psyche of man. It is effective in combating depression, helps to concentrate, improves alertness.

    Cedar dispels fear. It has a woody, balsamic aroma. Cedar is considered sacred, noble tree. In the perfume is a traditional component of men's colognes, lotions and deodorants. Cedar - a wonderful antiseptic decongestive respiratory and digestive system. Good diuretic. Promotes regeneration during various injuries of skin: wound (including septic), ulcers, burns, cuts. It calms the nervous system.

    A good insect repellent. In cosmetics valued for its ability to rejuvenate skin and improve its elasticity. Relieves irritation, prevents hair fall and dandruff. It is believed that the smell of cedar has protective properties for the human aura. Eliminates anxiety, restores power after illness and gives nobility thoughts and deeds

    Eucalyptus clears nasal cavity and reduces the emotional load. It has a fresh, spicy fragrance, reminiscent camphor. Serves component with anti-, anti-inflammatory drugs and feminine hygiene products for skin care and hair treatment. Oil of eucalyptus has antipyretic effect, soothes cough. It is used for colds, flu, flu, bronchitis. Good antirheumatic.

    Normalizes digestion. It is recommended for herpes, abrasions, burns, inflammations of the mucous membranes of the skin, for oral hygiene. Repels insects (mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ants). The sharp smell of eucalyptus camphoric shown with emotional overload, confusion, fatigue. He wakes up reserve forces of the body, improves mental activity. When spraying indoors inhibit vital functions of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.

    Ladan useful for prayer or meditation has a sweet, woody, balsamic-spicy flavor. Resin ladannika together with other components have long been part of the incense used for fumigation of premises, including in religious practices. Used in the manufacture of creams and perfumes. In aromatherapy is used externally as an antiseptic, warming, sedative. Reduces inflammation of the bladder, regulates blood circulation.

    Geranium eliminates menstrual tension and is an antidepressant, is ingested orally only in small doses, is not used for a long time. In geranium perfume valued for its delicate floral aroma, where it is used as a substitute for expensive rose oil. Geranium oil is antiseptic respiratory diseases, inflammation of the middle ear, mucous membranes of the nose throat and sinuses. Disinfects the gastrointestinal tract. Heal wounds, burns, ulcers, frostbite, eczema, herpes. Relieves headaches. Perfectly suited for purification of the atmosphere in the premises, especially during epidemics of influenza. Pelargonium smell fills the air with a wonderful fresh aroma, sharpens perception, gives courage and strength.

    Jasmine softens the emotional experience. In the countries of the East jasmine is a symbol of passionate love. The oil from jasmine flowers are highly prized in the perfume and cosmetic industries. Used for preparation of elite perfume, toilet water, lotions. Jasmine has an intense odor, dominant in the mixtures, even in very small quantities. Warms the soul and relax after a nervous tension. Improves sleep, is effective for depression. In cosmetics jasmine is used in mixtures to regenerate skin and improve skin elasticity. It stimulates the imagination, helps to express feelings to your loved one.

    Lemon has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, used in infectious diseases of respiratory organs, lowers blood pressure, tones the muscles of the venous wall, removes depression, gives vitality, promotes concentration, accelerates the healing of cracks, smooths the skin, has a bleaching effect, softens the horny skin, elevates mood, prevents fatigue and anxiety.

    Mint helps get rid of mental fatigue and confusion in his mind, has a fresh, slightly sharp flavor. Do not use peppermint oil to use during the course of homeopathic treatment because mint can significantly reduce the effect of homeopathic medicines. Also, not recommended for use for children under 6 years old. Peppermint oil is used in formulations for deodorizing air and scare away insects. In mixtures of high aromatic smell of mint is always dominates, is highlighted. Mint - excellent analgesic, relieves menstrual cramps, headaches and migraines.

    Undiluted applied to the aching tooth with a toothache, as well as whiskey - for headaches. It is used to treat colds, and various inflammations of the upper respiratory tract, flu, rhinitis, bronchitis. Improves digestion, disinfects the stomach, used for bloating, indigestion. Relieves nausea. Eliminates bad breath. A bright, refreshing scent of peppermint stimulates perfectly with mental fatigue, alleviates the state of tension, refreshes and invigorates. Neutralizes unpleasant odors from animals, in kitchens and bathrooms. In the aromatic bulb deters insects.

    Orange is refreshing, improves mood, performance, relieves depression, anxiety state, irritability, helps get rid of the doubt, increases skin elasticity, has a bleaching effect, helps reduce weight, eliminate toxins from the body, increases resistance to infection and helps to warm up and creates a sense of immediacy .

    Pine strengthens and purifies; has a spicy, fresh, resinous aroma. Pine oil increases body resistance to colds, excellent antiseptic for respiratory infections (colds, flu, coughs, bronchitis, sinusitis). In mixtures of massage relieves rheumatic pain. In the cosmetics used in various inflammations of the skin, seborrhea, eruptions, abrasions, hair loss. The aroma of pine brings thoughts in order, acts as a refreshing and tonic. In the indoor clean air of germs.

    Sandal elevates the spirit. Aroma: not very strong, but stable, balsamic-woody, with a weak musk nuance. Sandalwood oil - among the most expensive essential oils. It is obtained from the core of sandalwood trees, which grow only in India. Exquisite, enchanting scent of sandalwood has been known since ancient times. The essential oil produced from wood of sandalwood tree grows in India and Sri Lanka. Used in numerous assortment of perfumes, lotions, colognes, etc. It has a persistent aroma. Blends well with other aromatic substances. Is the base note, "base" composition.

    Sandal treats respiratory infections (cough, bronchitis), and urinary tract (cystitis), lowers blood pressure. In the cosmetics used for the care of oily skin. Beneficial effect on damaged hair. Eliminates the eels. Valued in intim cosmetics. Wood smell sandalwood regulates mood, stimulates the senses (an erotic stimulant), eliminates insomnia, helps overcome the depression. If the depressed state of mind and body you obratimtes to aromatherapist, he is likely to appoint you to a course of massage with essential oils of sandalwood.

    The action of this oil is universal - it affects the immune and nervous system, improves blood circulation, normalize hormones, in particular a positive effect on the pituitary gland, which governs our sexuality. The end result - increasing your activity on the background of internal balance and thirst for life.

    Thyme clears the air. Aroma: fresh, herbal, strong. Be careful, thyme has a stimulating effect on the skin. Thyme has a powerful antibacterial and antifungal effects. Used for inflammation of nasopharynx, flu, colds, bronchitis. Disinfects the gastrointestinal tract, eliminates flatulence, normalizes the processes of digestion, relieves spasms of the intestine. Heal wounds, insect bites. Increases blood pressure. Anelgeziruet rheumatic pain. The smell of thyme stimulates the intellect. It is recommended for people weak, sluggish. Disinfects air indoors.

    Verbena calms and has little sedative effect. Aroma: sweet, lemon-fruity. Lemon verbena helps with nervous disorders and irregularities in the digestive system. Dry leaves are used for brewing tea, which has a refreshing effect and helps to restore the liver after excessive drinking. At home, apply for cramps, indigestion and stagnation in the liver. It is useful to use for insomnia, nervous tension and diseases caused by stress.

    It is used in perfumery, in particular in the manufacture of citrus colognes, which are popular in Europe and America. Verbena exotic plant in China made for protection from the wind. It has antiseptic, deodorant, disinfectant, insecticide, stimulant, adjusts the stomach. At home, used for skin care, with dermatitis, excessive perspiration, insect bites. It is useful to use for flatulence, indigestion and as a prophylactic agent during epidemics.

    Ilan-ylang (Kananga fragrant) - a good anti-depressant, causes a feeling of confidence, removes the emotional stress, gets rid of anxiety, fear, anger, stimulate creativity, intuition, has a powerful erotic effect. Relieves irritation, inflammation, therapeutic effect in eczema, dermatosis of the skin. It acts as a sexual stimulant, but also helps get rid of the surge.

    Try these odors to the following places:

    children's bedrooms: basil, cedar, orange, pine;
    marital bedroom: ylang-ylang, jasmine;
    shared room: thyme, sandalwood, orange;
    cabinets: eucalyptus, lemon, lime, mint;
    Offices: thyme, verbena, jasmine;
    hotel lobby: thyme, lavender, geranium;
    Aircraft: verbena, lavender, sage;
    receiving medical institutions: sage, lavender, cedar.





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    Using the smells in your home and surroundings, keep in mind the need to vary their intensity, and from time to time to apply some of them, then the other. If you follow these tips, it will give you a constant sense of freshness and a living tide of energy that might otherwise decline. In nature, the smells vary depending on the season and day by day, hour by hour. That is why in order to appear natural, any odor you must be felt in different ways.

    So sometimes just open the window, extinguish your lamp and let the aromatic fragrant scents mingle with the breath of fresh air as it usually happens in nature. The air around us always and everywhere. He is such an integral part of our existence that we rarely pay attention to it. Usually only in those cases where we have long been in a stuffy, locked room, or when our breathing is difficult, we are reminded of those properties that are inherent in the fresh air.

    Air - this is life. Every day, go for a walk. Fill your lungs are gorgeous, rich, giving strength and energy in vain on behalf of the "air". Let the spirit of the Air moving into your body, your spirit and your soul.


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