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    Audionastroy: "True love for yourself"



    The disease occurs in humans due to mistakes and sins. Mistakes and sins - is the fruit of the excesses and omissions that it makes, not realizing their substance, and not seeing the true reasons. Since there are ills. A man violates the laws and inconsistent with the truth. Most people would agree that modern drug medicine deals only with our disease, not health.

    The lack of any real help from the drugs obtained by chemical synthesis, an increase in the number of physical, mental, mental illness, including fatal (massive allergy medicines and chemicals used in the workplace and at home), are pushing to find a solution. People are finally beginning to understand that no drugs, but only the study of the laws of nature, complete recovery of the whole organism by natural means (light, air, water, food, movement) and non-traditional treatments (massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, Qi Gong therapy, vacuum therapy, etc.) will help them acquire and maintain true health.

    The most complete system of diagnosis and treatment of diseases has been established in ancient civilizations. In ancient China, the disease was seen as a process resulting from disruption of normal relationships both within the body, and between the human body and nature. On how a balanced existence and human nutrition depends on his health. "Any illness is a dysfunction of the whole organism, so you need the combined effect of natural methods. If you feel worse, do not hurry to take medicines, better pay attention to your diet.

    After we build the body of what we eat, and it depends on us, what material is this, benign or not. Our appearance and mental state, morality, intelligence, success and failure is largely dependent on food. Our main concern is that the food was fresh, clean, good quality, properly distributed all cells and is easily digested by them. But we must not only download the body, but also clean it from the slag, waste from any particles that hamper the construction and renovation of cells. Nutrition should generate healthy cells of all organs of the body, especially those that affect the life processes and the harmonious development of the organism.

    "What people do not understand, so he does not know" - said Goethe. Hence, in order to become and be healthy, we must understand the principles on which is constructed of full health. For thousands of years created a lot of philosophical systems and health, but the main achievement of the ancient thinkers of the East was the creation of whole world about yourself and the natural environment. In reviewing the medical aspects must first grasp the meaning of those concepts, which are absent in the European practice, but is widely used in the East.

    From ancient times people used the roots, fruits, leaves, stems, bark, plants, meat and bones of animals, not only in food but also for the treatment of ailments. The people have always treasured and kept the old recipes. The official medicine preferred medication drugs, but in recent years, she also started to show interest in natural natural remedies - minerals, plants, metals, etc. Therefore, it is valuable medicine for many centuries of experience of the East to improve the health of people.

    Teaching about food, as well as other traditional Chinese exercises and treatment methods, based on the basic provisions of Oriental Medicine - Concepts Usin, Yin-Yang, bu-ce, the vital energy of qi. According to the concept Usin, all phenomena in the universe are the nature of the five primary elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, Metal), which are interconnected and are in constant motion. Land - is the soil for plants, water - food for plants and animals, fire - heat. All the phenomena of the world classified by analogy with the properties of the five primary elements. In Usin includes the notion of the five primary sources, which are the main sources of information, emotions, sounds, transitions, etc. Based on this established classification of primary elements.

    In order to balance the five elements in your body, you can conduct internal changes in accordance with recommendations for changing lifestyles and external changes in accordance with the recommendations of Feng Shui. Put the chart ba-gua to your house or any separate room (see "Octagon ba-gua").




    Heart and small intestine


    The stomach, spleen and pancreas


    Lung and large intestine


    Kidneys and bladder


    Liver and gall bladder

    Carefully read your home or office in search of anything that may be associated with the detected you have an imbalance of one of the elements. Sometimes this part is not obvious, but you are sure to find something.

    Five elements: Earth, Metal, Water, Fire, Wood - are archetypes, go to the symbolic representation of all aspects of life. Man and all living things - from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest rotating galaxies - go through many cycles: birth, death, sunrise-sunset, winter-spring-autumn and summer, etc. All these cycles can be represented as a result of the interaction of five elements.

    Using the theory of five elements, you can determine which organ or system of human body sway the balance, so it is extremely effective for diagnosing and self-development. To the five elements, in addition to the physiological functions of the organism, are also associated emotions, psychological characteristics and traits. Thus, using the theory of five elements can also diagnose the body, mind and spirit.

    Below are definitions of each of the five elements. The first column describes the options for the situation where one element is not balanced, or when the body and organs are subjected to excessive load, the second - to a situation where everything is in balance and functioning optimally. Please read this information and consider that of the following applies to you. Make a list of issues and elements that need support. So, if you frequently catch a cold, pay attention to the light and metal, as well as the land and its relationship to immune and lymphatic systems.


    Not balanced



    - Problems with the kidneys, bladder
    - Fear / Phobias
    - Pain in the lower back, sciatica
    - Impotence / frigidity
    - Attachment to things
    - Dissatisfaction with the course of his life
    - Frequent urination
    - Shadows, bags under the eyes
    - Failure to transfer cold
    - Workaholic
    - Water retention
    - Central nervous system

    - Satisfaction with the course of his life
    - The ability to trust the fate
    - Viability
    - Fast adaptation
    - A strong will
    - Kindness and gentleness


    - Problems with the liver, gallbladder
    - Anger, his complete lack of
    - Impatience, weakness of spirit
    - Always on the verge
    - Problems with eyes
    - Problems with balance, coordination of movements
    - Problems with tendons
    - Lack of flexibility
    - Man of
    - Convulsions, especially in the shoulders
    - Muscle spasms
    - The bitterness in the mouth
    - Irregular menses

    - Patience
    - Mental and physical flexibility
    - Ability to organize, plan and make decisions
    - Ability to operate in difficult circumstances
    - Clear Thinking
    - The determination and courage


    - Problems with the heart, small intestine
    - Cardiovascular disease
    - Insomnia
    - Anxiety, forgetfulness
    - Hypersensitivity
    - Overexcitation, the need for stimulants
    - Violations of speech
    - Excessive vivacity in public and depression alone
    - Cruelty, insensitivity
    - Pain in the chest

    - Satisfaction with their lives
    - Lively
    - Charisma
    - Enthusiasm
    - The ability to feel the rhythm going
    - Knowledge of its capabilities
    - Love and affection


    - Problems with the stomach, pancreas
    - Constant concern
    - Problems with the immune system
    - Digestive problems: flatulence, belching
    - Inability to concentrate
    - Problems with the lymphatic system
    - Sluggish bowels
    - Anemia
    - Hemorrhoids
    - Overweight or underweight
    - Constant thoughts about food
    - Overeating
    - Failure to take
    - The feeling of treading on one place, the inability to move forward

    - Thoroughness, tranquility
    - Good imagination
    - Deep understanding and sympathy
    - The ability for a long time without food
    - The ability to care for others, not forgetting about me
    - Sympathy
    - Good digestion
    - Ability to delegate


    - Problems with the lungs, colon
    - Sadness
    - Loneliness
    - Cynicism
    - Asthma
    - Skin allergies, illness
    - Hay fever
    - The narrowness of views, opinions

    - Clarity
    - Optimism
    - Organization
    - Striving for the Future
    - Courage
    - The ability to create order out of chaos
    - A good oxygen exchange

    Imbalance element Water.

    To neutralize the corners, emitting a secret arrows, you can use mirrors, crystals and creepers. The more your home, winding lines and rounded corners, so harmonious its atmosphere. Another consequence of high rates of life in the modern world - disorder adrenal function, which is associated with an imbalance element Water. Allergies, insomnia, fatigue and inability to concentrate - the main symptoms of this disorder.

    Imbalance element tree.

    Disorders of the liver - the body of the Tree - very common. This is tense, too active lifestyle and high consumption of fat and dairy products, as well as drugs and alcohol. Balance the element tree, you can use potted plants or green. "Secret arrows" and other forms of negative sha qi energy can cause aggression and anger - emotions associated with the tree and liver. Unfortunately, the architecture of the city largely dominated by right angles and lines. Houses, in which we live, make our society a vicious and aggressive, disturbing the balance of qi.

    Imbalance element Fire.

    Imbalance Fire element is manifested in disorders of the digestive system, lack of vitamins and mineral elements. The organs of Fire is also true heart. Today heart disease is very widespread. Fire is also associated with metabolism and circulation meridians and sexuality (the hormonal system).

    Imbalance element Earth.

    Joint pain and arthritis associated with an imbalance of the spleen - an organ corresponding to the element earth. With the help of Feng Shui can be eliminated from his life circumstances that give rise to concern (related emotion). If you live near the house, which is higher and more than you, you may have the feeling that you suppress the larger neighbor.

    Installing mirrors Feng Shui, which will reflect the energy of a tall building, you get rid of anxiety caused by the suppression of your chi. Singing is also associated with the Earth. People, in which the body too much or too little of the Earth, to sing as often as possible whenever possible. Other means of concern is the music and singing birds. Arthritis should avoid the negative energy of the wa, coming from wet basements and corners.

    Imbalance Metal Element.

    If just outside the front door of your house begins a wall, your chi is blocked, and you will experience a lack of spiritual power. According to the theory of five elements, the weakness of the spirit associated with an imbalance of Metal. Lack or excess of Metal disrupt lung and colon - bodies associated with the metal. Try to hang on the wall any landscape or a mirror to create the illusion of depth. Asthma (lungs) associated with an imbalance of metal and is often associated with sadness and emotion of the lungs.

    There are ways through which you can balance the imbalance.

    Balancing the element Water.

    Look for signs of stagnation in the water area ba-gua: a mess, broken things, unfinished projects, the mud, do not close the door and / or faulty plumbing throughout the house. The cause of the imbalance may also be over-stimulation or the use of water in this area: large aquariums, fountains, photos of water or an abundance of blue. In order to relieve the water power, try to do drawing, dancing or any other activity that involves movement and dispels fears. Assess your life path.

    Are you satisfied with the direction in which you are moving? Ask for support and learn to accept everything as is. In addition, keep the kidneys and lower back in the warmth. Do not drink coffee - he is a very strong effect on the adrenal glands. Do not overuse salt and drink only when thirsty. Get rid of the morbid condition is easy: just install in your home or office fountain or aquarium. You can lie down and listen to the soothing murmur of the water in the aquarium.

    Balancing the element tree.

    Look for the stagnation in the tree. Remove it from the objects that give the impression of stiffness and rigidity, such as heavy furniture. Replace them with more light and flexible objects. The best material for use in this area - bamboo. Learn more easy to approach life and relax. This will help you a regular massage and light exercise.

    Long walks in nature also helps to balance the element tree. Get rid of anger, do not be unforgiving. In addition, the limit in their diet vegetarian diet and increase the amount of fruits, vegetables and cereals. Avoid fatty foods, foods high in cholesterol and alcohol, as they are very heavy in the liver. Sometimes let a little fool of myself - it gives a very good therapeutic effect.

    Balancing the element Fire.

    Look for the excessive stimulation of Fire: a high concentration in one place electrical appliances - TV, air conditioning, music system, accumulation of the doors; distorted reflection of objects, images of activity. Add to this area quiet images and objects that inspire and approve. Perfectly suited beautiful paintings and other works of art. Among other means of Feng Shui, compensating the lack of fire, include fireplaces and stoves, as well as decorative items with sharp elements. Create a rhythm in your life, make any order it, try to bring everything to the end and not get down to new business, until you have completed the previous one.

    Understand that the satisfaction with life can only be achieved with the balanced approach to it. Take up tai chi to maintain physical and spiritual equilibrium. Make time for reading and other activities, which bring you pleasure. Eat at certain hours and just sitting. Avoid stimulants, especially coffee and alcohol. Imbalance element Fire can be eliminated by applying the relevant areas of red color, which the Chinese consider it very auspicious. Suffering from cardiovascular diseases should always consult a doctor.

    Balancing the element Earth.

    Look for the accumulation of objects in the field of the Earth. Get rid of all the things that are no longer using. Cleaning the house - a great way to balance the earth. Clear the space and allow energy to move. Make sure that the bedroom and living room there is a balance of space and furniture and other furnishings. If things more - to remove part of them. Be organized: complete all pending cases and projects.

    Learn to make: if someone has done you any service, accept it with gratitude and do not think that you are now in debt. Try to bring everything to the end. Set in front of an easily achievable goals and encourage themselves after their achievements. Set boundaries and stick to them, learn to delegate. Take care of yourself as you care about others and love yourself. Engage in sports or any other physical activities that will provide your body needs physical activity.

    Balancing Metal Element.

    Look for the metals, as well as throughout the house, too meager, cold or ordered items. Add fun, color and comfort. Avoid images that cause the thought of solitude; replace them with a warm and joyful. Because the metal is connected with limitations and hardness, add character element Water, which will make things more fluid and soft. Do not overuse white and compensates for its warm terracotta color or other colors of the elements earth and water. Understand that life needs spontaneity and joy. People experiencing breathing difficulties should avoid dark and inhospitable places, causing a feeling of loneliness and cold.

    Try to repaint my bedroom any color soft hue. Learn to enjoy the movement of the stream. Enjoy your life, watching comedy with my friends. Spend more time with other people, especially children. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and express deep feelings. Every day pound whole body soaked in hot water with a soft cotton washcloth. Perform each exercise, affecting the lungs and heart. Very effective yoga posture of the bridge. Eat foods rich in chlorophyll - lush, green vegetables, blue-green algae, alfalfa.

    With the help of Eastern medicine and Feng Shui, you restore the balance in your body and in the environment, but the most important thing you can do - tell yourself that at this very moment you are in good order. Your true nature is perfect. Well, when a person wants to improve their physical and emotional condition to give to manifest their inner perfection. But the best Feng Shui - love, respect and accept yourself just as you are.

    With the concept Usin Oriental doctors have proven that to understand the microcosm that is man with his essence, must be approached holistically and is inseparable from the macrocosm (the whole natural environment). The influence of the macrocosm and microcosm at each other is undeniable.

    The basis of the concept of Yin-Yang is the principle of harmony in their relationships. If you violate the harmony of Yin and Yang in a living organism can talk about his pathological condition. When treating a pathological condition in oriental medicine, first are building a chain of relationships on the basis of Usin, find in it an imbalance of yin and yang, and only then begins a direct impact on patient organs or functional systems. One of the principles of treatment is also generally bu-ce, which means: add (bu) - rob (ce).

    The main matter under consideration in the East as the main substance of the body - the vital energy of qi (which means the air, vitality, spirit, energy, emotional strength, etc.). There are internal qi, circulates inside the man, and external qi - outside, that is, in nature.

    Human disease and qi energy.

    On palpation of the skin can detect small painful areas, called "vital points". Any impact on these points (massage, cauterization or punctures) gave the healing effect. Later in the location of these points was found order - the point located at a certain lines called meridians or channels. In addition to the twelve regular meridians, have been identified more non-permanent, formed in pathology or violation of the circulation of qi in several regular meridians. They have been called miraculous (there are eight).
    The circulation of qi in the twelve regular channels are per day, ie 24 hours of qi comes full circle in the human body, and each meridian has its maximum and minimum voltage of Qi within two certain hours. Impact on the reflex zones and points of the whole organism is highest during the activation meridian of the body, which is very important.

    Some argue that Feng Shui is only to know how to locate the building and everything in it is to ensure the most favorable flow of qi. However, the true meaning of this art is that with the help of the harmony of the three major systems of the world: Heaven, Earth and Man. The man is a conductor, absorbing light, Jánské energy of Heaven and the dark, Yin energy of the Earth in its standard vessel's body.

    Man has an energy body, which process incoming energy from the outside. This body is a complex system, a network of energy lines, or meridians. There are twelve main meridians: ten meridians that govern the functioning of major organs of the human body, and two connecting channels.

    Peak power is achieved in the meridians with a two-hour intervals, ie a full cycle is one day. This cycle corresponds to the harmonic modulation of Heaven. Balanced flow of qi in the meridians of the organs provides energy and contributes to their harmonious functioning. If this flow to stop or change the body and its organs will no longer receive the necessary energy. This is a well developed system of maintaining health through the manipulation of the energy body. It is based on the principles of Feng Shui: the establishment of equilibrium in the true home of a man - his body, contributes to the establishment of equilibrium in the surrounding resonating systems, Heaven and Earth.

    In the human body qi must flow smoothly and in a closed circuit. Way, or electrical lines along which it flows, called meridians. On these lines, there are many vortex points, which operate like resistors in the circuit, that is changing the speed and magnitude of the flow of qi. It is at these points affect the body specialists in acupuncture. In recent years, European scholars came to the forefront in the study of Qi. They have developed special instruments to measure the quantitative characteristics of qi. Thus, the method of Vega Test "is a sophisticated technology to study bioenergetic state of the person using electronic devices.

    This method allows to measure the flow of qi in the organs, meridians and subtle energy fields of the human body. Vega test also measures the electrical conductivity of acupuncture points located on meridians. Usually there is a very big difference between the electrical resistance of acupuncture point and its surrounding skin. The values of electrical parameters of the points vary depending on the condition of man. The changes in resistance of certain points you can diagnose various disorders and diseases. Electronic measurement of conductivity of acupuncture points on the meridians gives rich information about the health of the patient.

    In addition, using the technique of the Vega Test "can determine whether there is a relationship between disturbance and Feng Shui environment. This technique allows to separate the impact of geopathogenic zones of land from the effects of electromagnetic fields generated by electric appliances, power lines and transformers. These external effects can be significantly improved through Feng Shui.

    The impact of electromagnetic fields on human health

    Although the effect of electromagnetic fields on humans has not been fully studied, try to minimize your contact with them at home and at work. Some initial knowledge of the nature of electromagnetic fields and their effects in humans will help you detect their presence and, thus, protect themselves. All have electric charge, the charges are positive and negative, and this fundamental principle. Electric current - a movement of charge, constant current flows uniformly, alternating current - unevenly, changing direction from 60 to 120 times per second.

    Each electric charge is surrounded by an electric field. When this field reaches the object with the same charge, he is repulsed, the object with the opposite charge - is drawn. Electrons moving in an electric current, around a conductor creates a magnetic and electric fields. If this is DC - so, for example, as in the human body - the field is relatively stable. If the current variable, as in many appliances, the field is unstable. Magnetic fields generated by electric appliances, induce electric currents in all are in their area of conductors, including the human body.

    Thus, the adverse effects of the field may be subjected to the DNA molecule. Especially vulnerable children. Their body is developing rapidly, so there are many cells in an unstable state of division and reproduction of DNA. For human exposure, and other fields that have nothing to do with household appliances. These fields are generated by natural forms: underground rivers, mineral deposits and geographical anomalies - and represent a far greater danger, and you can move a computer or TV, but just try to move house!

    Result of human exposure to electromagnetic fields is a violation of the uniformity of the flow of qi along the meridians and acupuncture points, which manifests itself in the form of a wide range of disorders and diseases. Violations of the movement of qi-induced electromagnetic field, or any other factor, we can diagnose and fix with the help of the theory of five elements of Feng Shui.

    Energetic basis of good health.

    With the help of Feng Shui can greatly improve their health and well-being. Blocked chi in your environment is blocking the qi in your emotional and your physical body. In traditional Chinese medicine, the correct movement of qi, or vital energy along the meridians, or channels, the body is considered a basic condition of good health. If this energy is stagnant or not balanced, there is a disease. In Feng Shui it is believed that human health is also dependent on the nature of the movement of Qi in his home or workplace.

    Blocked or, conversely, too active chi in the room, can adversely affect the health of people inside. How to determine whether flows of qi? Look at your feelings. The signs of excellent health is a strong gait, clear eyes, optimism and energy. Pain, muscle cramps, fatigue, headaches, indigestion, depression and anxiety suggest that Qi does not flow far from harmonious and balanced.

    Traditional Chinese medicine, history going back more than four thousand years, - one of the oldest healing traditions of systematic in the world. One of its main objectives - to prevent disease, it deals with people in general, rather than individual symptoms. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qigong and Tao Yin - all these methods have a common goal, namely, balancing the Qi in the meridians and body parts.


    Traditional Chinese medicine is the causes of human diseases to internal and external. The internal cause is usually limited to the seven emotions, which lead to diseases: joy, anger, grief, increased reflection, sadness, fear, terror. This emotional activity - the physiological reaction to the external environment. Any emotional stress from the excitation or inhibition disrupt the internal organs and causes their illness. In particular, sudden anger may lead to abnormal liver function, excessive joy - to the malfunction of the heart, grief and a heightened reflection - a disorder of the spleen, sadness - a lung disease, the horror - a breach of the kidney.

    The diseases caused by abnormality of seven emotional states lead to organic changes. Anger causes the liver qi to move distorted upwards, and as a result of prolonged anger may send up to attack the brain and cause mental illness. Enhanced reflection may lead to suppression and violation of the flow of chi, resulting in disorders of the spleen and stomach. Grief can lead to excessive consumption of qi. Mental suffering caused disturbances in the lungs; sudden terror may cause the abnormal lowering of Qi, which leads to malfunction of the kidneys and cause urinary incontinence and fear can lead to the disorder of qi and cause agitation of the mind and emotions, causing tachycardia, excessive joy can lead to slow flow of qi and cause shortness of breath.

    Emotional depression can cause a violation of the functional activities of qi and stagnation - cause "fire", called "fiery syndrome, caused by disorder of the five emotions." "Fiery syndrome" can ignite the liquid characteristic body and cause the flames under-fire (asthenic fire). Modern medicine believes that 50-80 per cent of diseases are caused by nervousness, for example, cancer, lung disease, liver disease, hypertension, heart disease, ulcers, etc.

    External causes of diseases generally refer to six types of weather changes in four seasons - wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness and fire. These six kinds of natural factors contribute to the growth and development of all on Earth and create the conditions under which a person believes to exist. However, if the weather is changing dramatically and abnormally, then having the disease. Those six abnormal weather factors that cause disease are called "six-hazards". It is through their effect on the human body, six environmental factors cause disease.

    This influence is directly proportional to the ability of adapting the human body and its resistance, ie immunity. External causes of disease are not limited to the abnormal change of weather, they also include certain infectious pathogenic factors, called "vicious natural factors" that are closely associated with the six hazards. "Six of harmful factors not only affect human health, but also give impetus to the formation and spread" malicious natural factors.

    Impact of qigong therapy.

    Weak reaction. Qigong-exercise can lead function of the human body into a state of "weak reaction". Epidemiological theory of hypertension suggests that stress may affect some physiological parameters. Pressure environment causes the body to continually adapt, and so there are so-called "stress response". As a result of increased allocation of catecholamine: the blood circulates in the muscles more intensely, blood pressure rises, accompanied by rapid heartbeat and breathing. However, the effect of "weak reaction" is the opposite. It weakens the activity of the somatic nervous system. Of lactic acid in the arteries decreases and the intensity of metabolism decreases.

    "Systematics of brain cells." Encephalogram normal person shows a lot of high-frequency weakly negative waves with weak synchronization. Encephalogram good qigong, the practice shows a lot of positive waves with a frequency synchronization is three times higher than the average person. This indicates that qigong, exercises can help to systematize the electrical activity of cells of the cerebral cortex, resulting in increased functionality of the brain.

    Preventing disease and prolong life. Qigong, exercise can cause changes in central neurotransmitters and endocrine secretions. After the exercises the density of prolactin in the plasma increases, and this means that the activity of dopamine as a central neurotransmitter decreases. Thus, there is a feeling of relaxation and rest. In addition, after school provision Cortina falls by about 50 percent, which means that training and strengthening the immune system. Thus, qigong therapy prolongs life and prevents disease.
    - Relaxation (relaxation) and fixed (soothing), exercise can cause cerebral cortex in special protective, inhibited state and determine the effect of the functions of the cerebral cortex of adjustment and reconstruction of internal organs.

    - Through the regulation of respiratory function are regulated by the autonomic nervous system. Thus, diseases caused by disorders of this system, such as hypertension, gastritis, ulcers, neurasthenia, cured and controlled. With the help of breathing exercises, lifting, lowering, opening and closing can also reduce the internal secretion, reduce the amount of cholesterol in order to treat cardiovascular disease.
    - With control of the mind and breathing can be removed center, caused by pathological reflex, to cure various chronic diseases such as heart, liver, lungs, spleen, neuroses and cancer.
    - With the dual nature of motive power and peace-Qigong exercises can increase the secretion of bile in order to strengthen the capacity for digestion.

    The main principle of rehabilitation is to strengthen the internal flow of vital energy Qi through Qigong, exercises. When a person has enough innate qi, it will be protected from the harmful influence of external factors. The corresponding number of free circulation of qi and can regulate Yin and Yang of the human body and enhance and refine the basic flow of qi.

    Running time-Qigong exercises.

    Changing the natural atmospheric changes the internal state of the human body. The internal energy flows inside the human body for the twelve meridians in accordance with their own laws. The meridians are connected end to end, forming a circular channel. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the daytime internal energy flows in the meridian of the gallbladder, from 23 to 1 hour in the meridian of the heart - from 11 to 13 hours. During the twelve meridians of energy is defined as follows regularity.


    Meridian, which runs the internal energy
























    Perednesredinny, zadnesredinny

    Meridian, in which the internal energy flows most strongly during a specific period, contains an excess of internal energy. So, for example, a system of exercises to strengthen the regulation of breathing and qi, which is a type of Qigong for the meridian of the lungs, should be performed with 3 to 5 hours. Since the meridians of the lungs and large intestine meridians are divided into related pairs, is also desirable to carry out a system of Qigong for the meridian of light from 5 to 7 hours. From 3 until 7 o'clock in the internal energy flows in the meridians of the lungs and colon. Lungs are responsible for astringency. During this period, the energy of the rising sun is responsible for the birth. Therefore, the most effective system of regulation of respiration and strengthening the Qi to perform during this period.

    How to improve your health with Feng Shui.

    Even if the person on the nature of excellent health and strong constitution, a prolonged stay in an environment with distorted energy vibrations, which may be caused by various factors, such as incorrect layout or placement of the house, eventually leads to a deterioration in the physical state of the organism. Feng Shui allows us to find the source of imbalance in the environment and offers a means by which you can restore balance and achieve harmony.

    Principles and recommendations of Feng Shui should be applied, necessarily taking into account individual characteristics of each individual, his unique fundamental frequency and the environment in which it is located. Feng Shui and Oriental medicine, these two complex art, with the correct approach can provide optimal for life and health conditions. Here are the simple means by which you can achieve balance and harmony in their lives.

    The internal organs and their functions.

    In Oriental medicine the concept of "authority", in addition to the anatomical body in the understanding of Western medicine, it includes a specific, physiological and mental functions (according to the teachings Zang-Fu). All bodies are divided into five Yin and five Janské, as well as solid (Tsang) and hollow (fu). By Yin-bodies (dense - Tsang) include liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, to Jan-bodies (hollow - Fu) - gall bladder, small intestine, large intestine, stomach, bladder.

    Five dense bodies.

    Heart. Includes anatomical organ heart, administers and blood vessels, sweating, and consciousness, thinking, active thinking, regulates the life force qi. "Window" is the language of the heart, "mirror" - a person. When the normal function of the heart, a person is in clear consciousness, has the speed of thought and strength of spirit. In the body of "heart" stands pericardium - heart bag. Its function is to protect the heart from external threats, as well as circulation. Most of the changes in the heart manifests itself in the pericardium (for example, the penetration of heat arises confusion of the spirit). Since organ "heart" of the channel is linked fellow yin of the heart, passing from hand to hand, with him closely Jansky channel at the hands of the small intestine, and its hollow body is subordinate to the heart.

    Lungs. In this concept go yourself lungs, respiratory tract, nose, skin, body hair. Authority "light" controls the circulation of vital energy and fluids (juices of the body ") in the body, controls breathing. "Window" is a light nose, "mirror" - body hair. When lung function changes occur in the skin (dryness, itching), there are cough, shortness of breath, and violation of urination, swelling. In light paired Jansky channel (fu) of the colon.

    Spleen. It is the second "mother" for the human body (the first "mother" - the kidney). The concept of "spleen" includes: anatomical organ spleen, muscle, adipose tissue and its inherent function (transportation management, nutrition, processing and distribution, power monitoring, control of blood and muscle control). "Window" of the spleen - the mouth, lips, "mirror" - the muscles of the extremities. The spleen purifies the blood, and the adequacy of its vitality protects against bleeding.

    It warms the five bodies - Storage Tsang (five solid organs), keeps the consciousness determines the constitution of man and his physical strength. Violation of the functions of the spleen arise bruising, heavy menstruation, muscles lose their elasticity and quickly "tired", they change the taste and appetite, cracked lips, weakened memory and immunity. The spleen is connected to the stomach.

    Liver. It includes anatomical organ liver, located at its level, the sides of the body, as well as the inherent features: the distribution of Qi for each organ (filtration and transport, excretion of various substances), storage and distribution of blood, bile excretion control. She knows ligamentous apparatus (tendons, fascia), controls the nervous system, vision and color perception. "Window" of the liver - the eyes, and "mirror" - fingernails. Violation of the liver leads to changes in the psyche, digestion, menstrual cycle. This can lead to depression, depression, sadness, irritability, anger, easy excitability, insomnia, dizziness, changes in blood clotting, blurred vision, muscle cramps. The liver is connected with the gall bladder.

    Kidneys. In this concept of oriental medicine includes anatomical organ kidney, ears, hair, bone, genitourinary system, lower back, as well as the inherent features: the accumulation of a substance jing, providing capacity to bear children, manage the circulation of fluids, blood formation, absorption within the body vital energy qi, development of bone marrow and whole brain tissue, management of the state of bone and hair monitoring of hearing.

    The right kidney is sexual energy (for men - and the ability of sperm to conceive, women - regular menses, the emergence and development of pregnancy), as well as the source of vitality, on the left - a hereditary power. All gynecological diseases associated with the left kidney. "Window" buds - The ears, "mirror" - hair. Kidney related human will (spiritual activity). With impaired renal function occur fatigue, back pain, tinnitus, dizziness, edema, insomnia, loss of memory, slow thinking, loss of teeth and hair. The kidneys are connected to the bladder.

    Five of hollow organs and three heater.

    Gall bladder. This concept includes the gall bladder, which collects bile, digestive, and manages the psyche. Violation of the functions of the gallbladder appear yellow eyes and skin, bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting, fear, insomnia, the intensity of dreams.

    Stomach. This concept includes the stomach itself and its inherent features - reception and digestion of food, a partial absorption. Violation of these functions accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.

    Small intestine. This anatomical organ the small intestine and its proper function - the separation of "clean" and "muddy" liquids ( "pure" part is sent to the spleen, "muddy" - the colon) as well as removal of unnecessary heart (pathological) substances. When her illness may have digestive disorders, and urination.

    Colon. By the authority in Chinese medicine for a special attitude. It is considered a mirror of human health, because of colon projected all the vital organs of the human body. The colon is responsible for the absorption of water, education and elimination of feces it out. When disorder interferes with the allocation of functions (diarrhea - in a vacuum, constipation - at a density). Consequently, there toxicosis in those areas which produce a stalemate and hardening of the stool - and the suffering body, whose projection is in the area.

    Bladder. Includes bladder and its functions - the accumulation of fluid and excretion of urine. When these functions reduces the number of allocated urine or lost control over the conversion.

    Three heater. Anatomy representative of this body is not, but the functional role of its great. Upper heater includes the lungs and heart, is responsible for respiration and circulation, monitors the pores of the skin, the average includes the spleen and stomach, controls the digestion of food, the lower are the kidneys, liver, small intestine and bladder, he carries out a filtration, removes from the body excess water and unwanted substances. Thus, three heater comprises five dense and five hollow organs and coordinate their work.

    Interaction of dense bodies.

    Hollow and solid organs are closely linked, forming a single organism, carrying homeostasis (constancy of internal environment). Knowledge of the laws of their close relationship allows the physician to recognize the disease, to monitor its course, prescribe treatment to carry out disease prevention.

    The heart and lungs. Lungs are in charge of vital energy flow of qi, and the heart is responsible for the blood, ensuring that it is the normal displacement. If there is a lack of qi weakness cardiac function, and because of the slowing of blood flow appear thrombosis. A similar pattern is observed in low flow of oxygen: may cause cardio-pulmonary failure and angina. If heart function is weakened, the stagnant blood in the vessels of the lungs, causing choking and coughing (cardiac asthma).

    Heart and liver. Together they face the challenge of moving blood. With a lack of blood in the heart may occur, and its deficiency in the liver, which is accompanied by vertigo, flashing in the eyes, tremor of limbs, etc. Together they also have an impact on the psyche of man.

    The heart and spleen. Violation of the functions of the spleen varies the supply of nutrients in the blood, there are palpitations, weakening of memory, weak pulse, unhealthy complexion.

    The heart and kidneys. Heart and kidneys constantly monitor each other. If little Yang of the heart, then it does not drop the fire and the heat does not support the kidneys, they, in turn, did not perform the function for moving water up, there are palpitations, edema. With a lack of kidney Yin Yin is not supported by the heart, diminished control over its Yang-function, there are palpitations, insomnia, an abundance of dreams. They both involved in human mental activity.

    Lung and spleen. If disturbed the function of the spleen for the displacement of fluid, it stagnates, causing the phlegm, - hence the cough and shortness of breath. Conversely, if diminished lung function, it breaks down the fluid removal; accumulating, it adversely affects the function of the spleen, causing swelling, bloating, loose stools.

    The liver and lungs. If disturbed lung function, consisting in the disqualification of the Qi down, disturbed liver function, which causes fatigue, weakened voice, mood swings. Conversely, when violation of the order of qi of the liver observed changes in lung function (chest pain, cough, often dry, can be mixed with blood).

    The kidneys and lungs. Together, they are in charge exchange of fluid in the body. In violation of their functions may be water retention, shortness of breath. In normal operation, the lungs do well life energy qi (eg, oxygen) increases the number of substance jing qi in the kidney. In turn, the normal flow of Qi through the lungs is controlled by the kidneys. With a lack of kidney qi qi accept bad light, there are shortness of breath, choking.

    The liver and spleen. The spleen produces and controls the blood moves nutrients, the liver accumulates them. If a person is excited, then the liver function is disturbed, it leads to razregulyatsii function of the spleen - have pain in the chest, lack of appetite, bloating, a feeling of an overflow after a meal. Conversely, in violation of the functions of the spleen is deteriorating digestion, weakened formulation of blood, that affects the liver.

    The spleen and kidneys. In kidneys accumulated substance jing, which is replenished after the birth of man through the nutrient substances of the spleen. At the same time, the conveyor function of the spleen depends on the heat (Yang) of the kidneys. Thus, the shortage of kidneys no heating Yang Yang of the spleen, and the shortage of the spleen Yang deficiency occurs Yang kidneys.

    The liver and kidneys. Liver accumulates the blood, kidneys store jing substance. Accumulation of blood in the liver depends on the amount of jing in the kidneys, and vice versa, the accumulation of kidney jing depends on the accumulated blood in the liver. If this number is below the critical level, the I Ching in the kidney is not replenished, it is, in turn, leads to a further reduction in the amount of blood, resulting Ching again replenished. A vicious cycle that must stop, influencing therapeutic methods.

    Interaction of hollow organs.

    In continuous transfer of nutrients through all five of hollow organs and three heater periodically to each of them is filled, then emptied. If such free passage is violated, then there is disease.

    Based on the theory of Yin and Yang, each a dense body is connected to a hollow body. These relationships define the internal relations and the development of pathological syndromes. Relationship between the heart and small intestine can be traced, such as illness (heat), small intestine, when there are sores in the mouth and tongue.

    Relationship between the lungs and colon. For example, attacks of breathlessness, accompanied by fever, there is constipation. Treatment of many syndromes of lung through the colon.

    The spleen and stomach - digestive organs. If disturbed the function of the spleen, then there are loss of appetite, feeling the overflow after meals, general weakness, and other complaints of the stomach. There is a block, and the Qi of the stomach may go in the opposite direction. Then there are vomiting, belching, which adversely affects the spleen.

    The kidneys are connected to the bladder. Control breeding urine is carried out by the kidneys. If there is enough qi kidney bladder holds the water well, if kidney Qi is weak, the bladder function were violated.

    Gall bladder is connected to the liver. He collects and allocates the bile, which is formed in the liver, and supports digestion in the stomach and intestines. If abnormal liver function observed change in the formation of bile at the same time, a violation of the process of elimination of bile affects the liver.

    We examined the relationship between all the dense and hollow organs, their interaction with each other and separately. Knowledge and understanding of these relationships can diagnose illness, provide treatment and prevention of disease.


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