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    Acoustic Feng Shui.

    One of the most efficient ways to enhance the Air Force element in your home is the use of sound, and this method is called "acoustic Feng Shui". The frequencies of the audio spectrum can be spread through water and penetrate solid materials as well as by air, although we tend to believe the sound of a certain phenomenon, which relates only to the air.

    Feng Shui is the theory of physical structures (eg houses), in which we live, and how they interact with the forces of the universe. Nevertheless, the sounds that surround us in our living environment, affect us not less impact than the physical structures that constitute our homes. Even the sounds that occur in your home in your absence, have a significant impact on your living environment.

    Sounds accompany us everywhere. Some sounds are of a destructive nature. These include, for example, are the sounds that occur in the process of construction and low-flying aircraft. Sometimes the sounds can be pleasant and be calming in nature. These sounds, for example, include such sounds as a bell, wafting to us from afar, or the singing of birds in the garden.

    Addition, there are sounds that we create ourselves in our environment when we walk, talk, cry, or weep, or laugh. We are also having an impact "sound quality" in our homes, which is characterized by the ability of our houses to respond to noise. All of these sound fields interact with each other, that either increases or decreases your personal energy.

    You can transform the energy of your home, if you learn more about sound and about how to introduce sounds in their environment. Sound is transmitted through the waves, and it is similar to how water moves through the waves, when a small pebble breaks calm water in the pond. The human ear can pick up only those sounds which are formed in a very narrow range of sound.

    Many other creatures are able to perceive sounds in a wider sound range, but in itself sound range is much wider, and it greatly exceeds the capacity of living beings to perceive sounds. However, regardless of whether we hear a sound or hear, it has a definite impact on us. In addition to the fact that we can hear sounds, we can also be their physical agents and pass them through the bone structure of our body. Sound affects all of our body. There is an assumption that the body "hears" the vibration of the earth. In this case, our body is a conductor of vibration.

    The sounds and music in your home can have a significant impact on the Feng Shui of your house as a whole. Some sounds generate a melodic structure, which provides us the same effect as the very sacred geometry. Some sounds are functioning as a kind of parasite that penetrates the various objects in your home or office, and thus raises their energy fields amazing changes. Some sound tones contribute to the harmonization and unification of disparate energy flows. If handled adroitly, with the sounds you can have a serious impact on those energy fields that surround you. The sounds can change the vibrational frequency of your home.

    Pythagoras and sounds.

    In ancient Greece, Pythagoras was one of the first who attempted to describe the sound. He led postulates that the universe was created some force, which has some intelligence, which, in turn, found expression in a perfect mathematical system. He believed that numbers can be expressed through sound, and what in the world and on other planets in the universe there is musical harmony, which he called the music of the spheres, a symphony of the universe.

    Healing sound.

    Sound waves can pass through the physical body. The sounds in your home can penetrate through walls and objects. When sounds enter the objects in your home, they change its energy field, though it happens almost imperceptibly. Usually we do not notice the difference because they grasp it is not so simple. Nevertheless, quite often happens that the energy imprint, which arose under the influence of music or other sounds, will persist longer than the sound that was forgotten in the stillness.

    One example of what sound actually changes the structure of physical bodies, are the old violin. Over time musical vibrations arising in the process of playing the violin, alter the molecular structure of wood, from which it is made. When playing the violin virtuoso violinist, it is thoroughly saturated with the beauty of inspired play. That is why the old violin, which played a recognized master, so highly valued. Their value lies not only as the instrument itself, but also that they carry the energy imprint that leaves is the wonderful music that they played.

    Good violinists usually do not like it when their instruments are less skilled musicians, because the structure is impregnated with the sounds of violins, which cut the ears. Everything in your house made of wood, are extremely sensitive to sounds, which may leave its mark in it. Those sounds that are heard in your house, can leave the physical footprint in the molecules of wooden walls and furniture. That is why, if you live in a wooden house, you should be particularly conscious attitude to sound.

    Another example of how the sounds affect the environment, can be seen in the results of experiments on plants. In 1960 Dorothy Ritollek held a series of experiments in which plants were exposed to different musical works belonging to different directions. Those plants that are constantly exposed to heavy rock music, becoming stunted and begin to lag behind in development compared with other similar plants, which are also under the control and were by the average standard. However, under the influence of Bach chorales, traditional Indian music and musical works performed by Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong plants started rapidly and thrive and flourish.

    Experiments D. Ritollek were based on earlier studies of the two botanists - TS Singh (head of department of Botany Annamalayskogo University in India) and George E. Smith (Botany Illinois). When Singh exposed plants Effects violin and traditional Indian music, he discovered that the harmonious sounds of the music contributed not only growth but also increase yields.

    When he tried to transfer their expertise on rice plantations in India - to stimulate the plant by traditional Indian music, their productivity increased by 25-67 percent compared with the rice fields that have stayed "in silence". George Smith planted soy beans and maize in the greenhouse, where he always played "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin. As a result, he found that under the influence of music plants grew faster than the same plants under normal conditions, where they are not exposed to music.

    All the studies confirm that the sounds that surround us in our living environment, are an important factor affecting our health and prosperity. That is why your house is so important to balance and "heal" the energy source of which are sounds, and force her to support and nurture your spiritual strength.

    Singing vessels.

    One of the magical ways that you can use to create "sound mandala" - is the use of singing vessels. Singing vessels are in the shape of the cup and are a kind of musical instrument on which the play, leading a wooden hammer on the outer or inner edge of the cup. The result is a musical tone, which can increase and the sound of which can become increasingly saturated. These musical instruments are usually made of metal.

    Their homeland - Tibet or Nepal. The composition of the metal, which is used for the manufacture of these instruments, is kept secret, but its combination with the shape of the vessel gives a striking result, and the sound of it hidden in the mandala is astounding. When vodish hammer on the edge of a bowl, making a circular motion, it promotes the generation of the incredible sound of geometric forms, which will remain imprinted in the walls, ceiling and floor of your home long after the sounds subside this musical instrument.

    Sometimes the energy footprint of these sounds may persist for months or years, depending on the ability of a person who plays this instrument, to concentrate on his lesson, as well as the intensity of musical tones.

    Some singing vessels made of crystal, which fused silicone. Silicon is the basic component of quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are a source, emitting the sounds of the mandala in its pristine purity. These sound forms penetrate into the environment, as the rays of the laser. Live wave energy, embodied in the precise geometric shapes, fill the space in which you use this great tool. Crystal, which they sing vessels, is a translator and amplifier of sound waves in the game on these vessels. Their sound is vibrations of air and resonate for a long time after the sound of music died away.

    Power birdsong.

    The singing of birds may have a special effect to your living environment. Some remarkable properties of these sounds were discovered a young man named Dan Carlson, after he witnessed the terrible events that literally turned his whole life.

    In 1960, Deng was on army service in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. He had no experience that would help him survive the tragedy associated with this war. Every day the picture of the country, torn apart by war, more and more ravaged his soul. And once a frosty winter day, Dan watched in horror over the way in which a Korean mother left her son's four wheel drive a passing truck, and he moved the boy's legs. All this happened so quickly that the young man did not have time to take.

    When the doctor arrived, grief stricken young woman explained that her family is starving and she had to make his son crippled in order to be able to beg and beg, that would help feed her two other children. Dan was horrified. And then this terrible incident has convinced him that he should devote his life to the world has become less hungry people. He decided to find ways of growing different crops cheapest ways and at a very meager soil.

    Returning home from the war, Deng became a member of the agricultural program at the University of Minnesota and began studying the properties of various plants. He found that plants can survive on the meager soil, receiving extra food through the pores in the leaves, which he called stomata. Typically, these plants open pores to absorb the moisture or gas exchange. Thus, the success of Dan depended on whether he can find a way to force the plant to open these pores in the use of fertilizers.

    Having tried a number of techniques, Dan finally discovered that stomata can be opened in harmonious sounds of a certain frequency. Is curious that such sounds were the sounds very similar to the chirping of birds. This discovery was of great importance. Because it actually meant that their singing birds do not simply represent the border territory under their control, as scientists previously thought, but somehow mysteriously linked very closely with the growth of plants and spread their seeds. In other words, the singing of birds to promote healthy growth and development of plants.

    Methods developed by Dan Carlson is now used worldwide and produce excellent results. In an orange grove in Florida trees irrigated with nutrients at the same time with the music playback singing birds. Oranges in this grove is not only sweeter but also contain 121 per cent more vitamin C than oranges, grown in other places. One farmer from Pennsylvania, said that when he feeds his cows alfalfa, grown to the sound recording of birdsong, milk yield increased by seven percent, while his cows eat alfalfa, a 25 percent lower.

    Association of agricultural producers in Pakistan reported that the use of methods that Carlson has increased potato yield by 150 percent, and corn - 85 percent. Study of the effect of singing birds, plants also apply to human beings, because our ancestors, from the earliest periods of history, lived in an environment where they could always hear the birds singing.

    Because the birds had a favorable impact on the health of plants, then in all likelihood, it has a beneficial effect on people too. If a person listens to the singing of birds, it not only helps him to calm down, but also provides an opportunity to collect his thoughts. In addition, if you listen to the birds singing, it establishes a relationship between you and the nature that surrounds you.

    If you can not hear the birds singing outside the window, then you can use audio recordings made on cassettes and compact discs. And you will immediately feel a surge of positive energy. Influenced by what he heard you can easily relax, begin to breathe more evenly and deeply. When you choose a recording of birdsong, then you should opt for the singing of the birds that are found in your field, and those places where your ancestors come from.

    Bringing the house sounds of wildlife.

    Inclusion in your home recordings with the sounds of nature will greatly enhance the energy of nature. Doing this is especially important if you live in isolation from nature. Just listen to the sounds of nature means to be able to provide immediate and positive effect on your own power and energy of your home. There are many recordings of nature sounds that were released on audio cassettes and CDs, and among them you can choose what you like. These sounds may have moved, for example, in the kingdom, where the waves beating against the shore and where the plaintive cry of a gull.

    Recording, reproducing the sound of water mountain stream on a background of singing birds and buzzing insects can always create a sense of a spring morning in the mountains where the air is fresh and clean, and life seems full of opportunities. Studies have shown that when people begin to listen to the sounds of nature, their blood pressure drops, and heart function is normal. Many people believe that after listening to recordings with the sounds of nature, they are filled with energy and become more active.

    These sounds create the perfect organic "sound shape", which can introduce fingerprints healing forces of nature into your home and office. Using the recording sounds of nature, it is important to make sure that they used the sounds of nature just because the synthesized sounds do not have the magical effect and, accordingly, may not have an impact on the energy in your home.

    Exercise "sing song".

    The human voice is a powerful tool that can balance the power house. Singing and chanting and their resonant properties can penetrate into the sluggish and stagnant energy and for a long time to clean and improve the atmosphere of your home. That's why, when you think about how to create around himself a favorable environment, try to use the diversity of their own voice.

    Children often something hum. Sometimes they sing songs that are learned, and sometimes they sing those songs that they composed themselves. This spontaneous and natural activity combines the strength of vibration and striving for self-expression. This is a very effective way to set yourself and your body in one way with the space around you. Sound waves of your voice will bounce off walls and objects within your home, resulting in harmony as soon emerge out of you and within you.

    In France there is a beautiful Benedictine monastery, which for centuries was famous for its fine choral singing of the monks. In 1960 it was decided that this song should be replaced by some other, more productive and useful type of activity. However, this seemingly insignificant at first glance a sudden change caused a sharp deterioration in the overall health of the monks. Whereas before they had enough three or four hours of sleep, without regular chants they began to complain of fatigue, and as a result began just sick.

    These symptoms were not eliminated, even when they began to sleep longer, and their diet was properly adjusted. This lasted until until they began to sing their songs of the day, and only if the monks are once again feel good. The famous French physician Alred Tomatoes came to the conclusion that the resonant frequency of the monks chanting stimulated the energy potential of their brain. Thus, the chants of monks have been for them a source of such energy, without the influx of which they feel sick.

    The practice of chanting was run by shamans of the world in order to generate energy and to manage it. You can also use your voice, reinforcing its visual symbols, in order to bring a favorable energy in your home. This process has great strength, and it can be done with any combination of sounds and symbols. For example, during the singing you can imagine the rose (the symbol of love), and then her singing you will strengthen the energy of love in your home.

    And if, for example, will repeat a Sanskrit chant the sound OM (AUM) and at the same time, imagine an image of this character, focusing on some items in your room, the way you implantiruete this symbol to that object ( or objects), which will be in the center of your attention. Energy form that the blueprint will continue to resonate for a long time.

    Music - the life force of your home.

    "Music - It is a harmonious voice of creation, an echo of the invisible world. Any note of the divine harmonies, which expresses the whole universe, is intended to make one sound. Not much in this world can immediately produce in us such strong emotions or feelings, like music. One small piece of music can ignite the passion in us, and the other to instill in our souls blessed peace. Psychologists call it the ability to encode, which literally means the ability to introduce some concept or feeling in our memories through music.

    Most people know that music has a strong influence on their feelings. However, there is research that suggests that music can have an impact on the physical space surrounding us, just as our senses. There are sounds, rhythms and tones that can have a direct and positive impact on our physical body and change the energy of our home. Our studies also indicate that the higher the frequency of musical sound generating energy, which has the most powerful healing acoustic properties.

    To achieve more high-sounding piece of music while playing a record, you must tone down the bass and treble to enhance your equipment. If you have a graphical akvalayzer, you can also muffle the average. Even a few minutes of playing music in this mode can have a beneficial impact on you and all the objects in your home. Some people believe that playing music recordings from vinyl records gives a more rich and full sound than the recordings made on CD-ROM, because they are not translated into digital form. The player also creates some vibration during playback of recorded music, which in themselves contribute to the sound of a piece of music more than the tiniest components of sound.

    Sound vibrations have a tangible impact on the quality of qi energy in the residential area. Sharp, disharmonious sounds dissipate qi in all directions, disrupting the current power configuration. On the other hand, clean, melodic sounds stimulate the movement of qi, not changing the direction of energy flows.

    Both high-and low-frequency vibration, which usually remain "inaudible", has not yet terminated, can lead to stress, or increased irritability inhabitants of the house. Most of the background sound comes from electronic devices, ventilation devices and household appliances.

    Compressor refrigerator daily commit more than twelve cycles, lifts buzzing, low heating pipes vibrate and hum of the computer becomes so familiar that we notice it only when turned off power. Sound devices that mimic the murmur of flowing water and other natural sounds, mask irritating background noise, but not always neutralize them. To reduce the noise in recent years increasingly used upholstery and decorative wall panels made of sound-absorbing materials. Although the harmful effects of background noise are well known and described in the scientific literature, we are only now beginning to realize how dangerous to health may be a permanent effect of sound waves.

    In general, extra sounds shift the balance in favor of Yang, so the radio in the living room can liven up a room that is too gloomy, though his sound is undesirable in the office and into a cozy bedroom. Adjust the sound level in accordance with the purpose of the room and the needs of tenants.

    That music, which sounds in your house, having a profound impact on you and all that surrounds you, it can inspire or bored her. Classical music is always preferable for your home or office. When the violin sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach was broadcast over the wheat field, its yield increased by 66 percent, and wheat grains themselves were larger and heavier in weight.

    At the factory sake in Japan lost record with the works of Mozart, to facilitate the process of fermentation, resulting in a fermentation process accelerated tenfold. When the monks in a monastery in Brittany include music with recordings of Mozart's works for his cows, milk yield increased. From this it follows that playing recordings of classical music in your home or office will have a positive effect on plants, animals and people who are there.

    Classical music and Baroque music is preferable for the office. She, as observations show, enhances the ability of some people to remember unfamiliar material, for example, such as foreign languages. There is a theory that the measured and calm rhythms of this music helps people to achieve a special state of mind, which makes it open to learning. Violin concertos Scarlatti, Bach and Vivaldi, Brahms and Beethoven symphonies, "Water Music" Handel and the symphony "Jupiter" Mozart's musical works are considered to have the most beneficial impact on people.

    Mozart's music may be great for your office. Researchers at University of California recorded a direct link between the music of Mozart and higher intelligence quotient. They found that students play works by Mozart for 10 minutes increased their IQ by 8-9 points. One of the scientists came to the conclusion that the richer-sounding music, the more it stimulates the complex neural structure of the human brain.

    Many generations of monks used Gregorian chants, to deepen its relationship with the spiritual aspects of life. Sound quality of this type of singing can satisfy the spiritual hunger of the soul. These Gregorian chants monofonichny and do not contain repetitive rhythms, which is usually characteristic of the majority of musical works. They have an organic sound that soothes and can synchronize the energy of your home, adjusting it to the deep rhythms of the earth.

    How to observe the manner in which sound affects your home?

    Turn on some music. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel how the air vibrates inside you, as it connects you with the essence of music. Now imagine that you can see the energy and color of music, to see how it flows and spreads to your house and all that surrounds you. Pay attention to what happens with the walls, with some objects in your room, with floor and ceiling, the impact that music has on you. Try to understand what has changed in the room, to improve its energy or, conversely, has deteriorated.

    How noise affects your state?

    Sounds constantly surround us. Some places of our house constantly attack sounds, and although we are not accustomed to the fact that consciously perceive them, they always suck the energy out of us. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, more than twenty million Americans are regularly exposed to such noise levels, which can not be considered safe. In a study conducted in New York schools, found that those students who live in places where they constantly heard the noise of passing trains on the entire eleven months behind in its development of the students who lived in areas where they were not constantly exposed to any noise impact.

    How to clear negative impact of noise in your living environment?

    Add the carpet, because hard surfaces attract noise. Place the seals on the windows. Thick foam gasket material has the property to absorb noise. Hard-rings made of metal or plastic excuse you from the draft, but they do not relieve the noise. Hang the curtains on the windows instead of blinds. Move furniture away from the noise source. In my office you can use sound-absorbing walls to get rid of unnecessary noise.

    Purchase a device for measuring the noise level. Carrier rubber mat under the washing machine, food processor, blender and other devices that produce noise in your home to reduce the noise. Plant trees and shrubs around your house to insulate your home from external noise. Take your home a special room, where all will be quiet. Set in his home soundproof windows.

    Continuous playback of music - is another way to help you cope with the unwanted noise in your home. This is a very effective strategy for creating positive sound environment in your environment, because one of the unique properties of sound is that some sound waves can completely drown out other sound waves. This phenomenon is called "damping of the sound wave. In addition to this one sounds may overlap other sounds, because the frequency of certain sounds dominate the frequencies of other sounds to such an extent that they almost cease to be audible.

    However, this does not mean that cutting the ear sound ceases to exist (as happens when there is a "damping of the sound wave"), just its properties are under the influence of a strong, dominant sounds. You can use these principles in order to deal with unpleasant sounds around you. You'll know you have been able to successfully implement your plans for the improvement of the sound energy in the space around you only when you experience a sense of calm and complete relaxation.

    The quality of sound.

    Each room in your house has different acoustic properties. Some rooms in your home can have a faint echo in some other room, any sound can seem muted or simply absorbed. To really make a difference in the sound, you can ring the bell, turn in all rooms and rooms of your home. If you find that in some parts of your house bell sounds like something is wrong, then you can try to rearrange the objects in the room so that its "sound" has changed. Sometimes even simple changes in the situation room, such as changing the curtains or paintings on the walls, can greatly change the "sound" room.

    In a difficult moment to calm and pleasant sound. Each of us has a favorite sounds. Some people like the ringing of bells, and someone rustling leaves and singing birds. The sound has tremendous therapeutic potential. In person may act soothing ticking of the clock, the rustling of tires on asphalt, etc.

    In Feng Shui to create a melodic background using a tool known as the Aeolian harp. The difference between Chinese aeolian harp from West, which was placed in the garden arbor, quite substantial. It is suspended from the wooden discs hollow metal tubes of different lengths, which are ringing like bells from the blast of wind. She hung up on the porch or in the house. But keep in mind that not everyone may like the sound of this instrument.

    In some cases, the Feng Shui advised to use the eolian harp?

    If directly opposite the entrance door are the stairs leading to the second floor, the flow of qi can rush through it up, do not linger in the rooms of the first floor. In order to stop this flow, the Chinese advised to hang in the lobby of eolian harp, it will ring every time the door opens.

    Another advised her to hang by the door to the kitchen to the hostess, standing at the plate back to the door, could hear when someone enters the kitchen. It can be used to enhance the influence of the element of metal in the zone of Metal. But note that it is not recommended to hang eolian harp in the area of trees, since the element of Metal, inherent in this instrument, is fatal for a tree. Sound of flowing water can also be very pleasing to the ear. Fountain of water can be placed in northern or eastern part of the house.


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